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NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

its kind of ridiculous, DC's 'best' 2 pizza places and Loudon Countys 'best' 2 pizza places are both coming to arlingtonalexandria. You think one of them would realize there isn't a fancy/good pizza parlor in the entire restontysonswolftrapviennafairfaxburke corridor and expand there instead. There are 3 or 4 buildings in oldtown fairfax right now that are just begging for a quality restaurant right now, sigh.

NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

nope, they only have the one size. Pizza is meant for sharing and/or leftovers! :D

Philly Cheeseteak in Houston?

South Philly Steaks next to UH was the best cheesesteak i've had outside of Philly. Could get whiz and prov, plus it was the only place in houston you could buy tastykakes (Hows that for realness?) Sadly this place closed down in the last year from what i've heard :(.

Dec 14, 2009
Crocken in Houston

Local/Sustainable/Organic in Houston?

Hi, I'm moving back to houston from DC, and am wondering if in the past 4 years any restaurants have opened up that tout being locally-sourced and/or sustainable?

Dec 14, 2009
Crocken in Houston

NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

jeremy, go to american flatbread. the new virginia sausage is divine (though the sundried tomatoes can overpower it a bit)

NoVa Pizza inside the beltway?

you just got American Flatbread in Claredon and Fireworks (leesburg) just put up on their website that they're expanding to Arlington. Soooo... you are lucky. its us mid-NoVA people that keep getting screwed =(.

Are there any 90%+ local/sustainable restaurants in the DC Metro?

you'd have to ask about that 90% figure, but i think the american flatbreads use as much local/sustainable produce as possible.

Any great Food & Drink in Harrisonburg, VA?

its not tapas or sushi, but it is awesome vegetarian-friendly homey cuisine. It oozes more character than any other place I've been in Virginia (sit in one of the booths on the far wall and read all the postcards for daaays). its my must-stop if i'm ever in the area. They usually have a couple local-ish good brews on tap too. :)

Frederick Maryland

lovely. my favorite town in america.

theres a great vietnamese place uhmm lucky corner? at the very end of Market st. Nigrils is an indian restaurant with awesome goat on the weekend buffet.

Cafe Nola is great for healthy-ish vegetarian-friendly fare.

Volt is... well... TOP CHEF AWESOME FOOD.

The pizza and pretzel creation place has maybe the best calzones ever.

the cuban place is authentic

uhmmmm..... oh! Black Pig is great for BBQ....

brewers alley and barley and hops both have good made-on-premise beers and above-average barpubamerican food.

etcetcetc. :)

Christmas in Washington DC

lol, i know language barrier eating, but a whiteboard of roughly scribbled japanaese characters is a bit beyond me.

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

there new virginia sausage pizza is my favorite pizza ever.

their beer selection is sublime.

the prices are high, but you're also paying to keep virginia farmers farming. thats worth 4-5 dollars in my opinion.

Balliceaux - Richmond

I loved the eclecticisiasciiticty of the menu, my date (nearly a vegetarian) was able to get something decidedly different (tandoori cauliflower and lentil soup) while I was able to get something that made the foodie/localvore in me super happy, in a setting where I had a perfect selection of local beer on tap and yea... i live in fairfax, which is devoid of anything even remotely like this.

Nov 15, 2009
Crocken in Mid-Atlantic

Christmas in Washington DC

yup, theres a couple of big whiteboards that are japanese-only and seem to be changed alot, sadly they give no english translation :(

Balliceaux - Richmond

absolutely amazingly yes.

Wonderfully broad-yet-succinct menu.
Ridiculously reasonable prices.
Non-stuffy staff/atmosphere (yet still chic



Nov 02, 2009
Crocken in Mid-Atlantic

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

I'm a poor grad-student foodie (who has no issues about driving for food)

mondays at Capital Alehouse in Fredericksburg - Dollar Burger Night!
American Flatbread in Ashburn - everything about the place is perfect.
Bombay Cafe ( 11213-E Lee Hwy. Fairfax ) - $5dollar all-day indian buffet = WINx2000
Volt in Frederick - Express Lunch pick3-for14

701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Why is NoVA so devoid of good homey fair?

belliceaux in Richmond is my new favorite restaurant and also the exact sort of place I long to exist in the 123-corridor.

Where Is Your Food Find This Week in DC? Do Tell ...

co-sign the AMAZING onion rings at Dogfish Alehouses, HOWEVER! the actual brewpub in RehoBeach,DE has completely different and notsogood onion rings.

Ive been to the American Flatbread in Ashburn a half dozen times, always a pleasure, pissed they brought one to the Other side of NoVA and not to the middle. 123-corridor loses out again, sigh.

Between National Archives and Ave. H

Penn Quarter has LOTS to eat.

Teaism is wonderful. Cafe Atlantico's deconstructed feijoda is a revelation. Zaytinya is my favorite restaurant in DC.

Man Vs. Food

wait wait wait, a huge milkshake and a pound burger? i got that. easy.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

I'm also a transplanted texan. Here are the only two places I get ribs from

1) the smoked meats section of the Whole Foods in Fairfax. (seriously!)
2) Redneck Ribs in Hagerstown MD ( )

Sunday lunch near GMU

lol, short answer: nope.

Restaurant advice -- 3 nights in DC; first visit ever

don't miss out on Mitsitam at the Indian museum on the mall for a lunch.

Why is NoVA so devoid of good homey fair?

true :(.. its the lack of 'oldtowns' as they say here in virginia. Fairfax/Vienna/Herndon all have the type of older buildings that could host a place though :/

Fun restaurants in central DC, for teens and moms

i'll third the Thinkfood suggestions (Zaytinya, Oyamel, Jaleo) and second Teaism in Penn Quarter.

Best All You Can Eat in DC/Nova/MD?

Bombay Cafe in Fairfax. 5dollar buffet ALL DAY. 7 dollars on weekends. Best/Cheapest buffet in the region. It can be hit or miss, but usually the butter chicken is ridiculously good and the naan is fresh, they always have 3 chicken dishes and 3 vegetarian dishes + usual indian extras.

Westminster Maryland

the irish place in the middle of town doesn't suck.

Why is NoVA so devoid of good homey fair?

OMG Chowser, that place is exactly exactly exactly what I'm talking about. I'd go twice a week if something like that existed here.

Why is NoVA so devoid of good homey fair?

Yes, Ktmoomau, you're right... my first post was unwieldy at best, and there are a number of places that fit the bill in Arlington/Alexandria/DC....

American Flatbread is EXACTLY what I want. But... is prohibitively far away, and frustratingly enough they're opening a second location... in Arlington. Both locations are out of the area i'm really talking about (Basically within the 123 corridor ( Burke/Fairfax/Vienna/Tysons ).

Vegetarian suggestions for Houston?

HUNAN VILLAGE on uhmm.. Shepard. VD2 (general tsou's vegetable chicken) is really really amazing.

Sep 07, 2009
Crocken in Houston

Why is NoVA so devoid of good homey fair?

Amphora is awful and only worthwhile because of its hours. 29 Diner is horrible food and over-priced for what it is. I mean, yes... we have the eastern meditterearean owned diner thing on lock (I personally prefer Sparta down in Burke). but... none of these places are of the type I want... a new-ish place with a smart beer list and decent american food.

anyone wanna open one with me? theres a few buildings a block or two from oldetown fairfax that'd work nicely.