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Gluten-Free Tasting Menu?

Restaurant Eve will provide a gluten-free tasting menu (in the Tasting Room) as well as very good gluten-free bread baked on site, with 24 hours' notice.
Bibiana Osteria Enoteca in DC has many gluten-free menu options, and Chef Stefanelli will happily serve a gluten-free tasting menu, which can include house-made gluten-free pasta if desired.
I've had a delicious tasting menu at Fiola, with substitutions as needed to make it gluten-free.
I can't say enough wonderful things about Dino, as well. The restaurant is very gluten-free friendly and I'm sure that with advance notice they would be happy to provide a tasting menu.

Caramelized Onion Dip

This looks delicious, and it's gluten-free, which is important to me!

Aug 14, 2011
Scotteem in Recipes

Fiddle Ferns

I bought some at the Whole Foods in Springfield yesterday. Looks like they came from Oregon. They were pretty good, but I think I've had better locally.

Crystal City/Old Town Recommendation

I second the suggestion for Eamonn's. The fish and chips are great, and I hear everything else there is also.
If you're in Old Town for lunch on a weekday, consider the bar at Restaurant Eve for the Lickety Split Lunch. Any two courses (or a beverage and a course) on the special menu for $13.50. Most of the courses on the menu sell for more than that price EACH on the bistro menu. Food is all fresh, seasonal, and primarily sourced locally from sustainable farms.

Restaurant Eve
110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

728 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Ramps in DC yet?

I had some, unannounced, in a dish in DC at Fiola on Saturday. I heard they would be at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market last Saturday.

Restaurant Eve (Epic Fail)

I, too, am surprised by your experience at Restaurant Eve. I have eaten there too many times to count, and whether it has been the Tasting Room, the Bistro, or a quick lunch at the bar, the food and service have always been impeccable, and everyone has gone the extra mile to ensure a great experience.

I'm not vegetarian, but I am gluten intolerant. When I can arrange ahead of time, the restaurant has delicious fresh-baked gluten-free bread ready for me. When I can't, I just don't eat any bread, which is fine. For our anniversary last September, my husband and I enjoyed the 9-course tasting menu, and every one of my courses was gluten-free. I'm just saying this by way of explaining the level of service I consistently receive there.

I suggest that you post a copy of your email to the "manager," as well as his response, here on this thread. It sounds like you haven't heard back promptly, which surprises me, so I recommend calling (on a weekday afternoon, not at the height of service) to make sure that the General Manager (Todd Thrasher) has actually received your email.

Restaurant Eve
110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Ramps in NoVa

I got ramps at the Burke FM this past Saturday, from Spring Valley Farm. It pays to get there early in the morning--they open at 8.

Best Soup?

In Alexandria, any soup at Restaurant Eve is wonderful. I've loved Chef Armstrong's stinging nettle veloute, and his corn veloute, and anything else I've had.

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

Were we there the same night? My reaction to the food was the same, but I know Chef Richard was in the kitchen, because I could see him. It was more the service that was disappointing, though, from not being ready for our prompt arrival (we eat early when we eat out) and not bothering to even look up at us at the top of the stairs when they were ready to seat us (we went back down after a couple of other parties went down and didn't come back up the stairs). We prefer not to be rushed, but the wait between courses was interminable. The wine service was somewhat condescending, and the pairings weren't all that. We had recently been to Maestro, and wished throughout the dinner we had gone there instead. I did enjoy watching the kitchen at first, when Chef was schmoozing the diners at the table in the kitchen. But then someone showed up to join that party, and Chef turned his back on the whole table for the rest of the meal. That was weird, and kind of off-putting. Was it the jeans the guy was wearing, or the fact that he showed up about an hour into the meal? At those prices, I wasn't willing to give it a second chance.