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What to make with Duck Confit?

ditto the salad!

Dec 26, 2006
uzzadazza in Home Cooking

How did your Christmas feast(s) go??

My Christmas dinner was great! I was able to eat Mama's home-cooked hoilday meal, something I have not been able to savor for a few years now. Christmas dinners at non-foodie homes really SUCKS! There is no place like home for the holidays.

Dec 26, 2006
uzzadazza in Home Cooking

Au Pied de Cochon OR Le Club Chasse et PĂȘche

Reading about au Pie makes me want to go back there! I esp liked the fact that picard was around and in the dining scene. as a jaded new yorker it was hard NOT to ask him for an autograph!

Farmers Diner, VT

Went there last week and was impressed with the local food theme. The burgers were cooked perfectly medium rare and the ice cream was to die for! cons: SALTY black bean soup, stale fries with the burger and skin on the apples in the crisp! I would def go back for breakfast and give them another chance as the place is so damn cute! for an appetizer I suggest going to the cabot store in the same shopping center and sample away!

Mexican Food Hell.

LOS DOS Molinos in Manhattan ROCKS!

seeking good chinese near Hooksett NH area

Is Cooking Light magazine worth it?

PEOPLE!!!! put your tax dollars to work and go to the library! Most have many cooking mags and a photocopier to makes copies of interesting recipies. Transfer stations usually have big pile of tossed out mags as well

Dec 26, 2006
uzzadazza in Food Media & News

Buy These Now

swing a away can openers rock! and what about those silicone bowl scrapers?

Dec 26, 2006
uzzadazza in Features

Do YOU eat the rind on Brie?

of course! it's the best part

Dec 08, 2006
uzzadazza in Cheese

Chinese/Asian grocery store in NH or VT

If you are up for the drive I highly reccommend the super 88 in the boston area MIND BLOWING assortment of all things asian and some have food courts.