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Good beer & kid-friendly restaurants?

I realize this post is a little old now, but I feel like you can't forget Franklin's in Hyattsville when this topic comes up. It's the only brewpub I know of with a toystore attached. The food can be hit-or-miss, but the hits are pretty good and they've gotten better in the last couple of years. The beers are all made on the premises (though they have a great selection of other beers in their store) and they are very good, though subtlety is not Franklin's strong suit. An added bonus is the great wine selection in the store. You can buy a bottle and open it at your table (I think there's a small corkage fee).

Looking for Oregon beers (bottles, not on tap)

No Ninkasi or Hair of the Dog. I got some Black Butte Porter and some Mirror Pond from Deschutes. I also got some Bridgeport Blue Heron, which I miss dearly. I thought I'd try something from a brewery I'd never heard of, Dick's, which the mail-order company had listed as being in Oregon, but, only after I ordered, I discovered that was inaccurate. They are actually up in Centralia, WA. Oh well. I wish the shipping costs for beer were reasonable enough that I could mail order for anything other than a special occasion.

I lived my first 19 years in Portland, then, after five years in central PA (college, so I was still going back to PDX a lot), I lived in Seattle for seven years, before coming out here about five years ago.

Looking for Oregon beers (bottles, not on tap)

Thanks, everyone! I started to panic about my time constraints and ordered a cool variety from The shipping cost was more than the beer, but not as expensive as some places I priced. I'm especially excited about the Full Sail Session Lager, it sounds interesting:

Looking for Oregon beers (bottles, not on tap)

Hi All,

I'm trying to find some Oregon beers to represent my state of origin in an annual neighborhood beer-tasting event. It's easy to find Rogue and Widmer, but hard to find just about anything else, and the shipping costs for mail-ordered beer are prohibitive. I'd love to find Bridgeport or Full Sail, but any other Oregon breweries (well, probably not Weinhard's) would be great.

I'm in Hyattsville, MD, and the closest stores with decent selections are the General Store at Franklin's brewpub and Village Pump liquors in Beltsville. No luck at either of those places. I would be willing to go as far as Baltimore or equally far in the Va. direction, but I need to find something by 9/26.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!