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Myrtle Beach/Pawleys Island Louis's Fish Camp

Louis and Marlene are alive and doing well in Nashville Tennessee. He is guiding the opening of a new and really great restaurant, Fish and Company. You can still get the she crab soup and it is still as good as it was at the beach. He is also overseeing the food at Watermark which is one of Nashvilles finest.

Feb 17, 2011
bill schooley in Southeast

Table 3 and Fish & Co. Nashville, anyone been?

I have been three times and it is excellent.Nashville is lucky to have Louis Osteen and his wife join us. Louis' knowledge of seafood will make Nashville the best landlocked place to eat fish. The raw bar is varied and fresh and all the dishes we have had from the kitchen have been wonderful. His shrimp and grits are the way they are supposed to be, just textbook. Looking forward to getting back, tonight.

Fish and Co Louis O"Steen Nashville

I had the Oysters Rockefeller and my son the crab cake. The oysters made me feel like I was at brunch in Commander's Palace and the crab cake was just as perfect. Minimal filler and a great sauce. I tried the seafood platter to have something a little different, and it was perfectly breaded and crisply fried. My son went for the pork chop, always a winner in a seafood restaurant, he's 13 so no foul there. He said he had never had one as juicy as that. Chef Osteen was there and eager to check each table to see how the food was coming out of the kitchen. Can't wait to go back next Friday and they still have not had their official opening which I heard is the 12th.

Fish and Co Louis O"Steen Nashville

Went the first night it opened and Chef Osteen was there and attentive to every detail.He is a nationally respected, known and liked chef. He knows how to cook things that swim. We had a selection of five different types of oysters which is a first for me in Nashville. The trout was perfectly seasoned and cooked, crabmeat stuffing was really moist. The shrimp and grits were exactly as they should have been and that was before the Anson Mills grits had gotten to the restaurant.Going back tonight and looking forward to the real opening of what should be Nashville's next great restaurant.