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The Best Cheese Accessories

When I was younger I lived in France and my family had a tupperware version of the above cheese dome - it was plastic, designed to be stored in the fridge but removed before dinner so that the cheeses were room temperature by the time we got to the cheese plate for dessert. I can't fathom spending $70+ on storing cheese but I'm also tired of wrapping up my cheeses separately every night - does anyone have any ideas as to where one can find an affordable, durable "cheese dome" ?

Oct 21, 2008
churchi_s in Features

(PDX) In search of Fresh Ricotta in Portland

I am craving fresh ricotta - you know the kind - its sold in bulk, not the plastic tub variety, from large colanders where the curd drains. When its very fresh its almost sweet.

I used to work in a deli back in Sydney, and from experience I know how quickly it goes bad - so its best to find a place where there's a high demand. Pastworks supposedly gets there's delivered every two week. Has anyone tried their ricotta?

So, on that note, would anyone mind sharing with me your local haunts in Portland where I can get my daily fix?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Feb 29, 2008
churchi_s in Pacific Northwest

Missing link to "Persian Style Rice with Saffron and Lentils"

There is a faulty link to the "Persian-Style Rice with Saffron and Lentils" recipe from the Top 10 Uses for Yoghurt story.

Thanks again for a brilliant site. I can't stay away!

Oct 03, 2006
churchi_s in Site Talk