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my refried beans are gross-what am i doing wrong?

Would have to see your recipe to know for sure but assuming you are cooking the pot of beans correctly, after that you want to fry up a little onion (and garlic if you want) in lard or oil and start with just a cup or so of beans, using a slotted spoon so it's only the beans, and then maybe half a cup of bean broth. Cook it for a little bit before mashing, then cook some more until it's thick. Keep adding more beans and brother until you've used up all your beans.

If you're just mashing the entire pot together that's too much liquid. Even if you're using a stick blender it's best to drain the beans first and then add back maybe half the reserved broth. In general you should be able to just continue cooking them (at higher heat with lots of storing) to boil off some of the liquid and thicken the beans,

And hopefully your broth is flavorful as well - throw some onion, garlic and bay leaf in there for the initial cooking of the dried beans.

Apr 02, 2010
deddawg in Home Cooking

Papalote-Inspired Salsa

I don't think you can ever really expect perfect replication. Too many variables: ingredients, equipment, technique. In particular you have to wonder what the restaurant uses for tomatoes - do they can their own (or have someone can for them), use commercial cans or go fresh as in this recipe? If the latter, you'd think the January salsa would not be the same as the August salsa. I know the one I made in September was far better than the one I made this week, though I also used a different mix of peppers

Also, FWIW, someone claiming to be from Papalote denied using seeds of any kind on Chowhound.

Mar 05, 2010
deddawg in Recipes

Papalote Salsa -- Has Anyone Tried Recipes on CH?

Not sure which recipes you are using, I guess the green onion one could be this:

Should be very finely chopped, more of a garnish really. Regardless, it's not exactly like Papalote (they also deny using pumpkin seeds but restaurants always deny), but it is totally awesome.

Mar 02, 2010
deddawg in Home Cooking

Bunk -vs- Meat Cheese Bread

Both pretty awesome. Bunk is a bit more over-the-top. Neither place really specializes in the sort of sandwiches you'd want to take back to Salem or eat two hours later at a picnic (though doing so, or even microwaving, still leaves you with a better sandwich than most places I suppose).

Visit their sites, the menus should pretty much tell the story. I love Bunk's breakfast sandwich (which Tommy Habetz also used to serve at Gotham Tavern) so much I don't know the rest of their menu as well as I should, while my favorite MCB sandwich is asparagus, hardboiled egg, parmesan and bacon aioli, which is probably not on the menu right now (until asparagus season).

Jan 30, 2010
deddawg in Metro Portland

Papalote-Inspired Salsa

Any guess on the weight of 5 roma tomatoes? I've got about 3/4 lb of roasted cherry tomatoes - sounds like I might need the same again to make the full recipe?

Aug 31, 2009
deddawg in Recipes

Haute Stoner Treats

You do not have to be stoned to eat a whole bag of peanut butter pearls! (Or the Asphalt mix).

Jun 02, 2009
deddawg in Features

Cincinnati: Gotta get a Goetta

Here's why I originally asked:


Article in Cincinnati magazine:

May 18, 2009
deddawg in General Topics

Cincinnati: Gotta get a Goetta

Anybody still have a family member who makes goetta at home?

Sweet Tooth Utopia

I was super excited to buy this, but ultimately disappointed. Despite what are certainly superior (and more healthy?) ingredients, it just isn't that much better than a Take Five bar for the price.

Dec 08, 2008
deddawg in Features

Strip Club Eats

I am wary of food being served in places where the cooks get naked.

Jul 18, 2008
deddawg in Features

What's so special about Burgerville?

No argument here. I wish it weren't so, and I'm sure Steak and Sheak and In and Out and even Whataburger down in Texas all taste better 'cause their food is junkier, but Burgerville does not excite me like I want it too. Sweet potato fries are probably the best thing on the menu.

Can't agree about Burger King though.

There's a burger drive in place in Vancouver, WA that looked in intriguing. I have never been though.

Feb 27, 2008
deddawg in Pacific Northwest

Philly Food Critic is "Not Valerie Plame"

The Philadelphia Weekly article you cite was written by the same person (Steve Volk) who wrote the Philadelphia Magazine article.

Aug 28, 2007
deddawg in Features

Candy Bars Worth Crossing State Lines For

It's come at the expense of the Goldenberg name and the old-style packaging, but Peanut Chews are rather widely available now. I've bought them at a small grocery in Oregon but some of the big drugstore/supermarket chains have 'em too.

Apr 12, 2007
deddawg in Features