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Dining near the Aquarium?

Thanks for all of the suggestions and think that I will give Sel at the Waterfront another shot... We did end up in Chinatown at Kaze ShabuShabu and had a fun meal, though it was shabu shabu as I have never seen before, more Asian fusion than traditional Japanese. The food and the service was excellent and the broths were very tasty. The lobster sashimi pieces were a nice touch and I felt as though I was back in Japan when there was movement from the antennae!

I look forward to trying New Shanghai and hope to find a good place for dim sum in the upcoming weeks. Thanks again for all of the help.

Dining near the Aquarium?

Sel de la Terre? Somewhere in Faneuil Hall? Sportello? Looking for a decent place which is walking distance between the Aquarium and South Boston/Broadway Bridge. I don't know the North End very well, and my previous visit to Sel de la Terre was not fabulous but it was a few years ago... and advice?

Valentine's Day

I would suggest any of the 3 restaurants at the Conrad Hotel in Shiodome. China Blue is an innovative Chinese fusion restaurant overlooking the Hama-Rikyu gardens, Kazahana is the Japanese restaurant also overlooking the garden and I think that it serves the best teppanyaki in Tokyo! They have a seperate teppanyaki counter seating area. The Gordon Ramsey is also quite wonderful, if a tad pricey but this is Tokyo... I also like L'Atelier de Joel Robochon but they don't take reservations and you sit at a long bar to eat, but the food is great! Hope that this helps!

Feb 03, 2007
Joanne Fraser in Japan