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Palm Beach County Openings 2012

Next door to The Office -- where the meatball shop was going to open-- is going to be something related to Luigi's Coal Oven on Las Olas. Bob the partner at Luigi's who owns that space said the meatball thing fell through.

fort lauderdale happy hours

pelican landing

DC Chefs Magazine: Chefs' Best of Washington

suit yourself. I killed myself this summer gathering the responses and, frankly, as a journalist elsewhere, I wouldn't jeopardize my reputation by putting together a suspect list or allow myself to be influenced by advertisers. I had to call some chefs five, six, seven times to get their responses. Maybe it's not the most objective list you've ever seen, but it's what chefs submitted. Feel free to email me directly if you'd like more information:

DC Chefs Magazine: Chefs' Best of Washington

Hi, Joe. I was the writer for the whole project and Scott Reitz, who has a piece in tomorrow's Wash Post, tested all the recipes. It was originally supposed to include 12 chefs, but 22 signed on; it was a fairly large project. Regarding the chef's recommend: not every chef in the mag filled out every category. But I also got the sense that many just didn't have the time to explore the best of what DC has to offer, particulary in burbs far from their work or home. If you have any other question about it, feel free to ask.

Toss Your Measuring Cups

Good article. I just read this in Ray Sokolov's How To Cook from '86 yesterday, "Flour. . .settles in a bag and may require sifting if it is to be accurately measured in a cup. Eggs come in different sizes.. . . Individual cooks will load tablespoons differently. . . .Such quandries vanish when you use a scale" (19). Makes sense, almost weirder that we don't.

Feb 20, 2007
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