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Where can I get shabu shabu take out

I get all my stuff in chinatown.

Fin Izakaya

oh dear. Thanks for the update!
So perhaps now not worth another visit, guess I will take my belly to GUU where it has not been yet!

Fin Izakaya

Meh, Mister Yu. I was all all over except for Hokkaido, not just Tokyo. We have relatives there.
I ate everything from alley food to home cooking. So I am IMO also lol. It could be that I am overdue for another visit to the east as I seem to miss it enough to apparently mistake Fin for good food...?? (Love it so there!! )Also we did partake in the flights of Sake at our visits to Fin. Time to go again lol.

Perhaps one day I will get to France so as to also fully comphrend your Boullabaisee analogy.
You are truly lucky to be so well travelled!

Shawarmas in Toronto

Previously I have been eating my way through the ones on Yonge st and nothing fantastic to report untill now:
Paramount has has now opened a location on Yonge across from the Eaton Center!!

2010 closings

^^i dunno. There were no "timmie's" in the Eg west loc. However there are 2 starbucks,. a timothys, a Second cup and 2 or 3 independents so far have survived much longer than they did..?

2010 closings

ugh. so far away now..

Best Dim Sum to bring a friend for her Birthday in the GTA?

Have you got a car? If so travel out near the airport to Grand Chinese Cuisine.

Grand Chinese Cuisine
655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON M9W1J3, CA

Peterborough to Kawarthas: Food Finds?

^^that is not really a fair statement. Chains are everywhere, but there are lots of great little spots there.

Fin Izakaya

I really don't think we were at the same place. I've been to Japan where I ate tons of bar & street food there and this place was pretty damn close. Please also see the reviews here

Ha Long Bay at Avenue and Eglinton

We went a few months ago- lovely decor, good service, good prices!

I would almost call it a fusion restaurant. We had the pancake which was filling, but a bit tough.
Also the quail, naturally a bit of a pain to deal with, but very tasty.
Bignets a bit tough also, but also very tasty. Great presentation, too.

We'll be back!
Hopefully they can fill a bit of the void that Xaphire has left in the interm

530 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N1B4, CA

Hotel Gelato on Eglinton West

Yes, it is fantastic. Great website too!

But not so fantastic is the colored plastic spoons and dishes I now see littered in the hood.

xaphire on eglinton

Xaphire is now closed, apparently due to the complications of renting. They hope to reopen elsewhere soon. I hope they do.

530 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N1B4, CA

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

Eglinton W location now closed.


^^same here- always walking by, but never going in, till the other day..

We went for a delightful dinner after a disasterous outing to Quince (more on that's painful and more than likely to raise a few hackles, I imagine)

Keeping in mind that there were only 2 other tables seated and it was 9pm, and that we didn't order too much ( already had appetizers at the aforementioned Q) what I can tell you is that we were astounded to find both the service and food was excellent- fresh, fresh, fresh.

Lovely crunchy in all the right places veggie tempura. We even had 3 servings of uni ( it was that good!) and a big bowl of hearty seafood noodle soup (sunomo)

It was a great turn-around for our evening-can hardly wait to go back again!

Where to get "Dutch processed" cocoa...

I just watched the Alton Brown episode (on youtube) about cocoa and am much relieved to discover that Fry's * is indeed* dutch processed ( which I also believe I got at Loblaws, Forest Hill location)

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

and so does village post -! (Bruce Geddes)

"...yes maybe the the majority of the people that live and work around this location those planned aren't the kind to second-guess an overpriced sandwich or salad. That doesn't mean they want to be taken for suckers."


Coffeeholic-New "Handrip roastery" opening on Eglinton W

Ok so I stopped by for a coffee, and it was excellent- very satisfying- *almost* up there with Ezras ..

The assortment of beans available for roasting look enticing, too.

..still wishing to correct my subject topic typo,

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

Dropped by for a brioche, coffee and a bagette.

The only thing that maybe impressed me was the brioche, though I imagine it may taste better warm. The coffee was ok. Had a sampling of some other dessert, which was also just ok..the bread was nothing to write home about, in my mind.

After reading dragonfly's comments, I can't help but wonder if all the items are also "finished".

I feel like I'm missing something ..but I was reminded by my other have that it' *is* a chain, after all..

Newly opened: La Tortillaria

lol- I used to live in that building- it was all apartments at one time..

Boujadi - still in business?

thanks deblite, the sign is gone now and the as it seems the pic I took of the sign was removed from this thread..

goodbye boujadi!

Lunch downtown for important client

Really? i don't believe I've ever made reservations there.

Lovely food though-there's something I just love about the impromptu-ness ( is that a word?) about eating crunchy french bread in a hall with book lined shelves on pressboard tables and chairs

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

Good to know it's ready to open soon- I got excited when I walked by today and saw the new store front...

Hidden Treats and Secret Gems Near Dundas and Bay?

^^Coronah- re- red charcoal-no kidding! On my list of places to hit next time I'm in that neighborhood!

Hidden Treats and Secret Gems Near Dundas and Bay?

^^ I've only ever been upstairs at the library pub, and now that I see the menu, Coronah-can you (or anyone else) comment on the food?
5 kinds of poutine(nacho, Italian, la belle nation??) as I'm always one for good pub grub, I'm intrigued!

Tandoori Flame--Holy Cow!

My goodness where do I start?

Well for some reason the Indian relatives really liked it, but my partner and I( he's the Indian side) thought it was the worst Indian meal we've ever had.

Sure, the food looks great, and the bathrooms are nice, but the service is abysmal and the food severely dull. 20-30 minutes to get coffee /tea that still managed to arrive cold for several diners. Dirty plates piled up until I started to clean them up myself. Not sure what the issue is there.

On the food- zero flavor-the"raita" reminded me of mayo -agree with gimel- really lackin in the pickle/condiment area- just that stand in mango jam.
I *really* did try to find something that was decent- but i only found some dessert item I cannot even now recall, it was so forgettable.

Thank goodness I made of for it at Chef of India, and Mount Everest ( excellent desserts there!) recently-!

Inexpensive, yet impressive eating spot at Spadina & Bloor

Mount Everest might just work for both of you- inexpensive, all you can/can't eat, great service, wonderful, wonderful food( as yum2 says it's more on the Nepalese/tibetan side rather than Indian).

What about by the way cafe, too?

Little Italy/ College resto for group of students

So, she's paying?

I'm asking as *most* 18 yo kids do have a college budget...

Fat Phil's Marlee no more-R.I.P

..and here me and my other half were contemplating going there this past sun-!

Healthy Butcher- New Location- EGLINTON W!

I am so excited! (I hope this is still news around here- I did a *really* quick scan for posts)

I was sort of sad when Nicolas (302 avenue road- next to the fantastic family -run Avenue Seafood) closed, but I was really intrigued when I saw the blue tarps go up immediately.

Day after day I looked for an inkling of who jumped on the location- I really couldn't imagine, as although I always thought this end of town needed a cheese store, I just didn't know where people would park (case in point- forest hill Shoppers Drug mart).

But what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Healthy Butcher sign, freshly installed.

Oh, Eglinton, you surprise me oh so much, perhaps I *will* stick around..

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

Eglinton update- construction now expanded to the front facade, and I witnessed large grey stones being hauled in, fire brigade style ( by hand, from one person to the next..)