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Best Oatmeal Cookie in LA?

I second this. It's been a while since I've had one and now I want one! Does he go to an other farmer's markets?

Jun 05, 2007
frantom in Los Angeles Area

Little Tokyo Catering?

Does anyone know any good Japanese caterers who deliver in the Little Tokyo area? Business meeting, 25 people, on a buget, so yaki soba, teriyaki, or bento...not sushi. Thanks!

May 22, 2007
frantom in Los Angeles Area

Mexican Restaurants That Don't Use Lard

Mama's Hot Tamales does not use any lard. They have great tamales, aguas frescas, and a limited number of traditional Mexican dishes. I am not sure if they are open at night, though.

Feb 05, 2007
frantom in Los Angeles Area

What to do with a big oval cocotte?

Mmm, cassoulet and choucroute are great ideas. I've never made them, just had them out. Leg of lamb I'll do, if I can find one. I used to get these great ones from Picard in Paris-so cheap. Why is there nothing like Picard in North America? Thanks for the pointers.

Jan 08, 2007
frantom in Cookware

Why Trader Joe's?

What I get at my TJs that I can't get elsewhere for less:
Barbara's Puffins cereal
frozen fish and seafood
molasses chew cookies
2 buck chuck, in a pinch
prepared lentils and beets (in refrigerated section)
fat free plain yogurt
"Indian Fare"
double roasted salsa
cocolate covered cherries
kosher beef
marinated tri tip

Jan 08, 2007
frantom in Chains

What to do with a big oval cocotte?

I just moved to LA from Paris and have been conditioned to function with a tiny kitchen and minimal cookware. I'm happy to be have a well equipped kitchen in my new place, but I am a little overwhelmed. Then, for Christmas, I received a big oval cocotte (an enamel one from Le Creuset) for Christmas. It is the nicest (and largest) piece of cookware I've ever owned, but I have no idea what to make in it. Huge cuts of meat? Entire racks of lamb? A bird? Any pointers/recipes/links welcome. Also, any tips for care...

Jan 08, 2007
frantom in Cookware

Chichen Itza opening new location

We had our employee holiday party there in late Dec. The paint was still drying and we got to be the first to try out the new space. The food is as good as ever, with a more upscale presentation (not sure if the prices are the same, as we didn't order off the menu...). It's in the space of the old vegan cafe, but they've really renovated it nicely. Mama's and Racha are great, but I look forward to having a new lunch place in the MacPark area.

Jan 07, 2007
frantom in Los Angeles Area

Fiore Yogurt becomes "IF"

I was in Little Tokyo today for lunch and stopped at Fiore. The decor is still the same Pinkberry knock-off, but the name has changed to "if" and they have added two flavors to the original and green tea: sour and blueberry. I tried tried the sour and the original and opted for the sour with blueberries and granola. It was great. My only complaint is that the granola has little too-dry raisins. The fruit was fresh and sweet.

Dec 02, 2006
frantom in Los Angeles Area

Office Food Delivery...Tonight!

Thanks! I went with Tigeorges, which was just okay, but I'll save this one for the future.

Oct 31, 2006
frantom in Los Angeles Area

Office Food Delivery...Tonight!

I need to have edible, healthy food for 15 delivered for a board meeting downtown tonight. Any suggestions for last minute catering/delivery?

Oct 30, 2006
frantom in Los Angeles Area