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Cooking in a hotel room

I'd love to know how this turned out. In about six weeks, I'll be cooking for approximately 120 out of a hotel room via crock pots and a couple of quesadilla makers. (I'm feeding the security detail at a comic book convention.)

Apr 05, 2012
slackferno in Home Cooking

Super Tuesday Eat Sheet

I bet Dennis Kucinich makes a mean tofu scramble. On second thought, it's probably not mean at all. Probably pretty compassionate and forward thinking.

Jan 30, 2008
slackferno in Features

"By the Way, I'm Vegan"

It depends on your allergen, I guess. Mine is saffron, and I pretty much expect it to be listed on the menu in the description of the dish. But if I had Celiac and had to eat gluten-free, I'd have to question my poor server within an inch of his/her life. And I probably wouldn't eat out much.

May 13, 2007
slackferno in Features

Pop Will Eat Itself

Blues diva Candye Kane has a song about Ruby's BBQ in Austin called "All You Can Eat (and You Can Eat it All Night Long)"

If you want that jumbo platter
If you like your servings large
That don't fill you---it don't matter
Seconds here are free of charge
All you can eat and you can eat it all night long

Apr 20, 2007
slackferno in Features

Eating Rachael Ray

As long as said burger joint doesn't have a "stoup" and salad bar...

Nov 08, 2006
slackferno in Features

Little Ray of Loudness

Perhaps the silence is what inexplicably draws me to her magazine. Still not making the food though.

Sep 26, 2006
slackferno in Features

Sparkling Campari Cocktail

Anything to remind people of the existence of Campari. I've been trying for three years to make Negronis the It Drink of the Moment.

Sep 26, 2006
slackferno in Recipes

Ham Twinkies

You might consider leaving the ham reference out of the Twinkie recipe.

Sep 13, 2006
slackferno in Site Talk

Snackie Cakes

I make a dessert cheekily called "Twinkamisu." When people ask about the wonderful texture of my tiramisu, I reply, "The secret ingredient is pre-filled spongecake."

Sep 12, 2006
slackferno in Features

Cubicle Cuisine

A little ingenuity can lead to surprising results. Vaccuum-sealed salmon plus instant tomato soup plus half a seasoning packet from a ramen brick plus a few thimble containers of half & half led to a surprisingly tasty "bisque" one day when Day Before Payday Syndrome forced me to scrounge in the breakroom.

Sep 01, 2006
slackferno in Features