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Addis Red Sea

Aha! Thank you; we didn't know that, and were startled by the obviously non-teff injera. Maybe we'll try again, though only half teff is still less than ideal.

Jun 16, 2007
jkrossner in Greater Boston Area

Fasika, Somerville

We went there a few days ago and--well, maybe we were just there on an off night. If not, Fasika's deteriorated hugely since the move to Somerville. New management? New cook? I don't know, but the old place was one of our favorite restaurants, while Monday's meal left us cold.

We don't live in the Boston area, and it's enough of a trip that we hadn't been to Fasika since the last time we ate at the JP location. Having really missed it, we ordered both huge samplers (meat and veggie) and ate, if I remember correctly: Yebeg tibs, Minchatabesh, Key wet, Yemisir wot, Yekik alicha, Gorem wot, and Yatakilt kilikil.

Alas, the food was mostly BORING. The Yemisil wat was, as my husband said, "hot without being spicy"; everything else was just pretty bland. I don't mean mild, though it was that, but without much flavor at all. (And yes, as other people have said, even the injera was dull.)

No doubt it was worse by comparison with the Ethiopian food we'd had recently on a visit back to Berkeley (oh, how I miss Cafe Colucci!). But that wasn't the only problem. This is the only time within memory where those leftovers didn't even come home with us. What a pity; it used to be such good food...

Jun 16, 2007
jkrossner in Greater Boston Area