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Tricky Logistics! Help!

Something within that boundary. Ideas?

Tricky Logistics! Help!

I have a friend that works there, so that could be perfect.

Tricky Logistics! Help!

Excellent ideas!

Tricky Logistics! Help!

Alright, fellow CH-ers, here's one for you to sort out for me. The SO and I are meeting two other couples for dinner this Saturday. We are in Columbia Heights, another couple is in St Louis Park, and the third is in Circle Pines. Any ideas on a resto that would make all travelers happy?

Pho Emergency in Columbia Heights!

Will do!

Pho Emergency in Columbia Heights!

I knew my chow-peeps would come thru. Cheers!

Pho Emergency in Columbia Heights!

Looks good! But I was hoping for something a bit closer to home. Appreciate the suggestion, tho!

Pho Emergency in Columbia Heights!

Help! The SO is craving pho for dinner tonight, and I know of nothing in the Columbia Heights area that has pho. He doesn't want to travel far, so Eat Street, where I work, is out. Ideas?

Personal "go to" place shares.

Que Viet for egg rolls and hot & spicy chicken. Hmmmm.....I might have to get myself an order now....

Minneapolis-St. Paul Dish of the Month (Nov 2012) Nominations


A Big Bravo To Taco Bell's Cantina

Had the steak version the other day. Terrible. Just awful. And I love taco bell. There was zero flavor in every component. I had to add salt, pepper, and a few salsas to make it decent. And I still only ate half.

Jul 27, 2012
fudgeyburke in Chains

kerrygold irish butter

i just saw it at trader joes the other week. i think it was the maple grove tj's. according to my sister, it was far cheaper than it is elsewhere.

mankato eats?

a friend of mine is heading to mankato soon, and is in need of suggestions for tasty eats. i've never been, so i am of no help. any type of cuisine is fine, but he would probably like to go for something in the inexpensive range. any thoughts?

Apr 21, 2011
fudgeyburke in Great Lakes

Pop! closed down

I don't have a lot of details to share, but I just found out tonight that the nordeast Pop! has shut it's doors. Apparently, the space has already been sold, but no word yet as to who bought it or what will happen to the space. It's sad to see a beloved local restaurant go under so suddenly.

Christmas Pudding Emergency! (MSP)

$37 is a small price to pay to have the experience of dousing a dessert in alcohol and lighting it on fire :D Thanks for the info, quince! I shall give wuollet a shout in the am. I knew my chowhound community would help me out!

Christmas Pudding Emergency! (MSP)

thanks much for the suggestions, soup. i hadn't thought of patel's, tho i am there quite often. looks like my mom got a couple byerlys puddings as a backup. hope we can top that ;)

Christmas Pudding Emergency! (MSP)

that would be stellar advice, except that i am in minneapolis, and have no access to those stores....and i wouldn't buy an asda one, even if my xmas depened on it. :D thanks, tho :D

Christmas Pudding Emergency! (MSP)

This is my first post on chow, and it of the utmost importance! Every year my family gets a christmas pudding fron Irish On Grand, but this year they are out. Yikes! Does anyone know where I could acquire this Christmas necessity?! Byerlys and Rainbow carry small ones, but I am looking for a larger size. Help!

Hot for Hotdish

I have not yet had the opportunity to taste this magnificent invention, but I have read that it consists of alternating meatballs and tater tots, battered and deep-fried, and comes with a cram of mushroom dipping sauce. Genius!

Sep 01, 2006
fudgeyburke in Features