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Los Angeles - Local

Pasadena-Bistro 45, Maison Akira, or Parkway Grill

Ike's Place Westwood


Italian Dinner-Los Angeles (Decisions?)

Angelina Osteria

Flying into LAX -- one special dinner . . . suggestions?

Downtown: Rivera is great two different food menus. Or Church and State French.
If a real celebration Cut (Wolfgang Pucks steakhouse) in Beverly Hills

Sunday Night- Wilshire and Sepulveda area- need recs please.

You'll love The Six. Pico just East of Overland. Wine and beer only. Parking in the back.

Did chef at Wilshire in Santa Monica open his own restaurant?

Found it. Tar and Roses on Santa Monica Blvd in SM

Did chef at Wilshire in Santa Monica open his own restaurant?

I think I read that the chef at the Wilshire opened in SM. Anyone know name or address?

Dinners in theater district. Near 45thSt on West side

Going to NYC in August. I know HOT. Need suggestions please. Price not a problem.

Jun 02, 2012
Motherhubbard in Manhattan

It's Artichoke Season - Who's Got 'Em?

Gulfstream across from Houston's in Century City Mall has great artichokes.

10250 Santa Monica Blvd 656, Los Angeles, CA

Sherman Oaks Question

I suggest Giorgio Cucina on Ventura near Laurel Cyn in the shopping center behind Dupars

sheet cakes from Pavilions or Costco...are they any good?

Ralph's makes great cakes, reasonable, and decorated

Need a recommendation near Arc Light Hwd

Need someplace casual and good near Arc Light Hollywod (Vine) tonight after movies.

HELP in Sherman Oaks

I read about a new restaurant in Sherman Oaks about a month ago and cannot remember anything about the name except the it was hyphenated. Like X-something.
Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

Recommendation in Hollywood pre theater

Thanks, I knew there was someplace I had just read about wanted to try and couldn't remember the name-it was the Loteria Grill.

Loteria Grill
6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Recommendation in Hollywood pre theater

I need a recommendation in the vicinity of the Pantages Theater

Need a birthday cake shaped like a basketball -westside

Try Carvel on Santa Monica and Sepulveda, they make Ice cream cakes and may make custom cakes. Otherwise, Cake and Art on Santa Monica (expensive) or another great cake bakery is The Cake Place on Barry Ave near Barrington and Olympic

Cuban roast pork with crispy skin?

La Terza on Third St near La Cienega used to do a pig one night a week. Don't know if they still do.

La Terza
8384 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Marche on Ventura

Has anyone been to Marche formerly Max on Ventura? Comments please. Have heard the plates are small. How are the prices?

Best Produce and Bread In LA

One of the best-Breadworks at the 3rd St. Original Farmer's Market (by the Grove)

Where would you go for a romantic special occasion (anniversary)?

Here are my favorites for occasions-in order
Wilshire restaurant at 24th and Wilshire Santa Monica-310-586-1707
Ask for a table outside in the Bar Patio
Foundry on Melrose - outside 323-651-0915
Lastly Melisse- in Santa Monica 11th and Wilshire 310-395-0881
Wilshire is definitely the hippest.

Best outdoor dining with a view?

Wilshire Restaurant at 24th and Wilshire has gorgeous outdoors dining and the food is wonderful. No view, but if you are considering dinner, it is dark anyway. As for a table near the outdoor bar. Or on the upper lever is a lovely fireplace.

Best Pancakes Ever? (For Dinner!)

Kate Mantilini on Wilshire and Doheny in Beverly Hills has marvelous crepe-like pancakes and I think they do serve them at dinner.

Westwood - nice special occasion restaurant?

I recommend Osteria Latini on San Vicente in Brentwood. Five minutes West of Westwood. However they do not have a full bar.
Matteos on Westwood Blvd. is somewhat redone with new ownership and a new chef. Have had a couple of good meals there.
Skip Napa Valley Grille and Tanino is just OK. Dark.
If you like Japanese, Tengu on Lindbrook is very pretty and quite good.

Unpretentious Saturday lunch in late June-where?

The Grill in Beverly Hills-great for lunch. Dayton just West of Rodeo Dr.
Or La Scala-Canon between Santa Monica and Brighton

yum yum yum - Steak Tartare - Comme Ca

Where is Comme Ca please?

Father's Office-Culver City

Has anyone been there and what is on the menu? Would you recommend it? Thanks

Good Restaurant in Burbank?

Thanks, will check them out

Good Restaurant in Burbank?

I just read somewhere about a great new restaurant in Burbank. I cannot remember where I saw it or what it is. HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions for other good restaurants? I need a reservation for Fri. the 23rd.

Sushi Zo, somesaid going downhill???

Where is Sushi Zo?

Coming from SF for 25th Anniversary...

Craft or La Cachette-both in Century City. Five minutes from BH