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My family and I went to Bamburger last night based on a friend's recommendation. We ordered the Bamburger, the burger was reasonably priced, and it was pretty tasty. They had a nice selection of toppings; grilled, cheeses, spreads (we tried the spicey chipotle and garlic mayo- both good).
The burger itself came with a slice of tomato and lettuce, a small portion of fries, which you can upgrade to onion rings, sweet potato fries or ceaser salad for $1.00. The toppings that you could order on your burger were a little pricey, $1.75 for cheese...$1.25 for pickles, however, they were a generous portion and very good quality.

We tried their dessert trio, a small sampling of apple betty, chocolate brownie a la mode, and a mini sundae. It was $3.00, and I thought it was really good.

Overall, I thought it was ok, but not something I would rush back for. It's located on Yonge St. between Eglinton and Davisville on the West side.

MAGOO'S - 1 Tasty Burger!

My husband is a huge carnivore and of course if always seeking great burgers, steaks, ribs etc. A friend of ours told us to check our Magoo's, in Etobicoke. We made the trek, took us about 30 minutes from Toronto, and it was well worth the drive. The burgers were excellent, moist, tasty and the bun was a perfect fit, light and delicious. The condiment selection was fresh and they had about 3 different types of mustards to choose from, they even had bruscetta to add to your burger. The staff was very warm and friendly, and the place has been around for 19 years but it looks really nice, clean and welcoming. They also have frozen yogurt/ ice cream im not sure which one, we were too stuffed for dessert.
We got the homemade fries, poutine, onion rings and everything was terrific. There is a Bruno's in the same plaza as Magoo's and from what I understand that is where they get their fresh beef from everyday.
I would have to say Magoo's is exactly what you would hope/expect Lick's would be like but always falls short. So, anyone looking for an excellent homemade burger, I strongly recommend making the trip to Etobicoke.

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

I was super excited to try Le Pain Quotidien when it opened (Eglinton location)..I was surprised at the pricing, I thought it was extremely expensive, but I thought it would be worth the money. Unfortunately not, I was so dissappointed - my tuna sandwich was dry, tasteless and to top it off, the bread was stale.

Best almond croissants?

French Quarter on Avenue Road...amazing Almond Croissants!