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What Would You Have Done?

Well, what if this was phrased a little differently? Rather than debating whether to spread the word about their rudeness, what about debating whether to spread the word about their tendency to take things that don't belong to them? I mean, yes, in this case it was food that they took, the food is gone, the OP has done what she can. But at what point is it no longer spreading gossip, or bad mouthing people who aren't there to defend themselves, and instead becomes a matter of warning others what might happen if they invite these people into their homes? What if these "guests" instead had displayed a tendency to walk off with one of the shower presents? Prescription drugs from the medicine cabinet? The dog?

This is a bit of a tangent, but this sub-thread just made me wonder where the line is between gossip and the obligation to warn others, since it's a fine one and the OP is trying to walk it.

Feb 15, 2013
Mallomary in Not About Food

Roasted Brussels Sprouts - a bit too 'al dente'

I roasted Brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner, as well. I let them get very dark brown, so they're very caramelized on the outside. By then, the insides are always very tender. I let them go so long, in fact, that my sister actually wandered into the kitchen and said it smelled like something was burning, but they weren't, just getting crispy and sweet.

Dec 26, 2012
Mallomary in Home Cooking

Meat-free New Year's eve for 14: Need advice!

I've always had success with this butternut squash, garlic and rosemary lasagna. I've brought it to potlucks and served it at informal dinner parties at my own place, and always get raves. It's rich and very filling.

Dec 25, 2012
Mallomary in Home Cooking

The Office Pot Luck - What Would You Bring?

I always bring this roasted pear and amaretto trifle to holiday potlucks. Letting it sit just makes it better.

Dec 15, 2012
Mallomary in Home Cooking

Glen Ellyn

Tiffany's Parlor? Was that the place on the southeast corner of Duane and Main with the big purple awnings?

Dec 04, 2012
Mallomary in Chicago Area