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The Ever Elusive Lucky Peach iPad App...

Does anyone know where, when and how to find this? I've seen screen shots of it just about everywhere, but can't seem to locate it for download, or IF it's going to be avaliable at all...

Aug 26, 2011
oracle347 in Food Media & News

Lucky Peach magazine

I got my copy at the CookBook Store on Yonge in Toronto. I had actually pre-ordered mine at my local Chapters, but for some reason, they cancelled my order!! GURRR!! Thank goodness I put my name on the list at the CookBook Store too!! :)

Loving the read - thank goodness, an edgy, foodie type magazine!! :-D

Aug 06, 2011
oracle347 in Food Media & News

8+2 kids near th ROM!

Hello fellow Chowhounds!
Can anyone suggest a (reasonably) kid-friendly resturant near the ROM for Saturday night for a group of 10? I can think of plenty of places, most of which are either great for adults only and waayy expensive....

Thanks guys!

Suggestion for Chinese New Year's Eve!

Hey CHOWers!
Hope everyone is well!! I could use a suggestion (or three!)
My mom is flying in to surprise her family for Chinese New Year's, and I would love to book place for dinner for "Tuen Leen" for my mom's family, but sort of at a loss - I'm not familiar with that many Chinese resturants up in Markam!
I have a reservation at Casa Victoria. How's the food? Should I change it to somwhere else??

Thanks guys!

Baked Chinese New Year Cake

wow... editors of CHOW i'm kinda dissapointed. This recipie is REALLY off the mark for Nian Gao - which has stickly rice flour, peen tong, sometimes red dates and is steamed. I'm not sure what this is, but it's certainly not chinese.

Jan 31, 2010
oracle347 in Recipes

All -Night Dim Sum....

Hello CHOWers!
Looking for an all night, post-party (like 6am) Dim Sum place somwhere downtown for next Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning. The food does not have to be spectaular, just have to be open early. Any suggestions? Close to chinatown would be great - Unfortunatly only know places like that in Hong Kong - do they even exsist in Toronto?

Unexpectedly good Miso-glazed Black Cod in TO!

There's a fantastic version of miso back cod to be had from the refrigerated of Toro Fish. it comes pre-marinated and vaccumed packed, so you take it home and broil it for about 5 minutes a side. That's been my favorite version in T.O.
Never been to Nobu, but I have had the Miso Butterfish at Blue Ginger :) The Toro version is pretty good!!

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

Oh my gosh!! I thought only my best friend's mum did that, except with was with cream of chicken, and she would throw frozen peas in there!!

Another gem of a recipe - my mom used to make friend rice with ketchup and frozen mixed vegetables, and for my brother's sake -cubed ham and pineapple.... she was convinced it was the only way we'd eat fried rice, and for the longest time, I really thought that was what fried rice was! I used to get teased for breaking out a thermos of fried rice at lunch, but let me tell you, I prefered that to baloney!

Sep 02, 2009
oracle347 in Home Cooking

Chinese Resturant around Pacific Mall

HI CHOWers!!
I know this is a "no-duh" question. But I need to take my (Chinese) grandmother to lunch in the vacinity of Pacific Mall on Monday. Is there a place NOT IN Pacific Mall for DIm Sum (or somthing) you guys can recommend?? (My real fear is actually trying to park at Pacific Mall on a Public Holiday).
Does anyone remember the name of the chinese resturant that's almost across the street from P.Mall that's like in a Mansion or somthing??)


What is it?

It's a cuttlefish. It's been slow braised in a soy mixture. It's supposed to be brown if it's done without food colouring, but for some reason people think they like the creepy orange-yellow. It's chewy and a little salty, not much else. It is most definatly texture food.

Korean on Yonge between Sheppard and Finch...

Hello fellow CHOWers!!
I aplogize if this thread has been done before but I'm curious about what everyone thinks....
There seem to be a million and one Korean eateries on Yonge between Sheppard and Finch, namely because of the large Korean poplulation in the area. Some seem authentic, and others not so much. Authentic or not - which one is the best of the bunch? Better yet - which resturant should I go to for which dishes? I noticed that one or two places seem to specialize in Soon To Fu, and another for Pork Bone Soup....


Help - special occasion brunch

I really emjoyed Fire on the East side. Not as elegant as somthing like the AGO, but it is intimate and great food.


For the Canadian's out there - President's Choice has a grapefruit soda that works really well. I mixed a little chili with salt and rimmed the glass with it..... it's the prefect BBQ drink!

Apr 28, 2009
oracle347 in Recipes

Best Peking Duck in Toronto?

North West Corner of Finch and McCowan. I like to Dim Sum there... not the best, but a nice atmosphere

Canned Smoked Chinese Herring in Black Bean - Missing in Action?

I hope this is a little solace... I was in T&T today and and saw SARDINES in Black Bean Sauce by Galong Brand. Now I have no idea what they taste like, but it may be a safe (?) substitute.
I so miss the fried dace though....

Foie Gras in Loblaws?

I saw then yesterday at the Empress Walk Loblaws. Didn't stop the check the pice though - but they're there!!

Tomato and Egg Dumpling....

Yeah it's excatly like that. I was skeptical when my mom ordered it in Shanghai, but she was totally righT! They're delicious!

Tomato and Egg Dumpling....

Hi CHOWers!
I am obsessively trying to find the Tomato and Egg Dumpling I had so frequently in Beijing and Shanghai. I've never been to any of the dumpling places my fellow Chowers seem to love to debate about. Does anyone have any suggestions?!


Beijing for Beginners!

Pepper Mill and Four Season :)
Thanks! Much apperciate the recs! We'll check out the food street and report back!
My Hubby and I are actually taking a three week vacation in Hong Kong right now, so Beijing is just a side trip. ( We're in HK for business, family and the Rugby 7's as well). Needless to say, we're eating well here!! but I have to admit I'm looking forward to the Jian Bing and the Soy Milk up there!

A glowing review re: my wedding banquet at Lai Wah Heen.

I actually had my ceremony inside the ballroom, after everyone was seated for the banquet. My hubby and I actually just had a non-dimentional minister marry us, so there was no need for a seperate venue. It saved us a little time and money :)
As for the pictures, we had originally planned for pics at the ROM, but we ran out of thim and just did them in Nathan Phillips Square. They people at LWH also suggested maybe the Textile museum, and of course, you're literally around the corner from Old Osgoode Hall and the new Opear House. :) Very Toronto-Centric choices. Good luck!! Tell us what you chose!!

Beijing for Beginners!

Hi fellow CHOWers!
My hubby and I are heading to Beijing for the first time on the 17th on a slightly-more-then- shoestring-budget and we're looking for places to eat! It doesn't have to be fancy, but we do travel on our stomachs, so as authentic as possible would be nice. We're staying near Tiannimen Square if it will help with the recs.

thanks in advace!

Unique Toronto Breakfast Recs.

One of my best friends in introduced me to the Crab Cake Benedict at Firs on the Eastside. I love crabcake, and I LOVE Eggs benny, so this was heaven for me. they ahve a rockin' mimosa too

A glowing review re: my wedding banquet at Lai Wah Heen.

Hi Pucci!
I'm afraid the $130 quote did not include the taxes and gratuity. But what WAS included that I know other places charged for were things like the hall rental, the linens, Chair covers, all sorts of other rentals, The bridal suite (huge bonus! Trust me!), great staff and of course, really great food. I would say if you're trying to save a buck here or there it would be on the bar bill. You have options of what kind of liquor you'd want to serve. We chose to serve only beer, wine, and your basic bar brand alcohol, with none of the top shelf liquors avaliable to our guest.
I'll say it again :) The Most Valuable Service that comes with the Hotel is most definately Wendy. I would say call and talk with her- she should be able to help you on the budget side too!
Good Luck!

Wedding venue...HELP!

I planned my own wedding (with my mom and one bridesmaid far, far overseas) at the Metropolitian Hotel with the help of their amazing staff. Food was AMAZING , the service was impeccible and the hotel helped me out with just about everything. I've reviewed them elsewhere on CHOW, and I highly recommend you give them a call to see if they suit what you need!

Knife Sharpening in Toronto

I own a Henckles Santoku that needs some work, and I'm thinking of taking my Shun Chef's Knife in as well..

new to the beach

I just moved out the the beaches and the Hubby and I REALLY miss the wings at the Grover Pub and Grub, a little further north at Kingston and Main.

Knife Sharpening in Toronto

Hi CHOWers!
After some heavy duty rotation this Holiday season, my knives need a little TLC. Where does one go to get your knife professionally sharpened in the city?


Dark restaurants in Toronto ?

Alice Resturant on College West. It's moody without overbearing, and the food was pretty good too!

Wedding catering at various venues in TO

I know I sound like a commercial for these guys, but the food and service at the Metropolitian Hotel on Walnut was impeccable when I got married there a few weeks ago. I really feel like I got great value for the money. It's not the cheapest, but it comes with honestly great service.

I'd advise against the Liberty Grand. I've been there for a few times for functions and while it wasn't awful, it wasn't great either.


Deeply offended by the new 'Whopper Virgin" TV Ads. Am I totally crazy?

*L* I'll take it!

Dec 16, 2008
oracle347 in Food Media & News