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Eating near the Galleria

Thanks for the replies so far some good looking places. The Kenny's places look good but they do look a little chainy to me. Any other chef driven or non Mexican ethnic food places. Thanks again dinner is next Monday night.

Feb 25, 2013
aarong in Dallas - Fort Worth

Eating near the Galleria

We have a friend staying at the Westin Galleria and looking for a non chain restaurant to take him to. Would prefer to stay in that general area maybe traveling as far south as Royal and as far north as Beltline (no Knox Henderson no oak cliff would end up being just way to much driving) thanks for any help.

Feb 19, 2013
aarong in Dallas - Fort Worth

Zinsky's - Outstanding Deli in North Dallas

I've watched this post for awhile and I have o respond now. Zinsky's is not a deli, it is a restaurant that is deli-like. It is not very good at that, the sandwiches are small the hash is undercooked and mushy even when asked for crispy, the fries were just small pieces that when dipped into any sauce you have to get your fingers covered in the sauce as well. the service was ok at best, ok comparing it to a chain restaurant. This place is not a standout and I will not go back and I don't see what the hype is all about, maybe because we have crap for delis in Dallas, but we shouldn't accept more crap because we are just so hungry for something good, still looking for a good deli in Dallas, please help.

Sep 14, 2009
aarong in Dallas - Fort Worth

Grocery Bistro new chef

I was in Chicago last week and debated on going to the Grocery Bistro because of this post. We decide to go. We went on a Friday night and had a bottle of red with us. When we got to the restaurant we found out there was a wine store next door, and what a great charming store it was with good pricing. Dinner was wonderful we shared everything and had a wonderful meal. A few days later our plans fell through and we needed a place to have dinner. Our memory of Grocery Bistro was so good that we went back and had another wonderful meal. Not only was the food absolutely wonderful but the service was warm and hospitable. We only wish we had a BYOB like the Grocery Bistro in our home town. I highly recommend you check out the Grocery Bisro, you will not be disappointed!

Aug 19, 2009
aarong in Chicago Area

French Room Restaurant Week Menu

Has anyone seen or had the French Room's restaurant week menu.

Aug 19, 2009
aarong in Dallas - Fort Worth

Please Help Narrow My Dining Choices In Chicago

I'm new to Chow and I have been doing research for me and my wife'sfirst trip to Chicago. We will be there for a week at the begining of August. We are looking for some good food. I have come up with a list of places that look interesting to us. We will be staying in the heart of the Loop. We don't mind traveling a bit but nothing to far (I do realize Hot Doug's is a trek but It is an execption). We don't mind the type of restaurant as long as the food is good, we will eat in divey ethnic place to nice fine dining and everything in between. I also have a BYOB section we are on a budget so would like to do a little saving there. Please let me know if there are any places on my list I should avoid, I know it is a big list for a week and I am trying to make it more managable.

French what 2-3 are the standouts
Campagne Bistro
Bistro Margot
Café Bernard & Red Rooster
Central Cafe
La Sardine
Le Bouchon
Mon ami Gabi

Sandwiches and Dogs
Jim’s Original Sandwich shop
Pastoral Cheese 53 E Lake St Chicago IL
Milk And Honey Cafe
Hot Doug’s

Wow Bao Restaurant
Star of Siam
3rd Coast Cafe
Hop Leaf
Phoenix for Dim Sum
Ashkenaz Deli Kosher Deli
Manny’s Deli

Mexican and Latin American
90 Miles From Cuba
Taco's Erendira Inc
Arturo's Tacos
El Nandu

Oasis Cafe
Greek Islands

Eastern European
Healthy Food Lithuanian
Laschet's Inn Restaurant

A Tovola
Rose Angelis

Home Bistro
Siam Noodle and Rice
Café 103
Cafe Bella
Café Too
Glenn's Diner
Le Conakry
Sticky Rice
Machu Picchu
Uncle Joe's Tropical Dining
The Grocery Bistro
Spoon thai
Pollo Volador

Schaller's Pump
Old Town Ale House
Webster's Wine Bar
The Motel Bar
The Signature Room
The Map Room
Weegee's Lounge
Kuma’s Corner
The Green Mill
Quenchers Saloon

Thanks for your help looking forward to our trip to your wonderful city

Jun 05, 2009
aarong in Chicago Area