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Pho Hanoi in South Portland

LOL- right back at ya! I travel to Hanoi ( which is in the North) a few times per year for business and in the winter the temps drop down to the low 60's. Perfect temp to eat Pho!!!

Pho Hanoi in South Portland

My wife and I had a similar experience when ordering takeout. The list of ingredients on the menu did not match at all what we got when we got home. It was mostly a huge lack of vegetables as promised which is why we ordered it. I agree- way to hot to eat Pho this summer.
I really do wish this place lots of luck. There are alot of people who live around here who are well traveled and who have tasted the real cuisine. Why do we keep getting fooled?

Good Delivery in Queen Anne?

Is Panda Chinese Rest still in Magnolia ? I lived there many years ago and they did takeout.

Nov 24, 2009
spicehead in Greater Seattle

New Mexican Restaurant in Portland

This place is pathetic!