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Olive Garden's Culinary Institute in Tuscany?!

I had a nice little laugh at this tonight. I went to OG with my mom and dad for my dad's 59th b-day and saw this crap on the top and bottom of the menu about their "culinary institute" in Italy. When my dad brought this up I assured him in confidence not a single one of the Mexicans or junior college students in the back reheating premade food had ever been to Italy let alone this fake institute. We both thought it was completely absurd. Something for top management and that no demi-glace or fresh pasta was being made at that culinary school. I went on to order the pasta e fagioli which wasn't bad. Then for my entree I got the braised beef and tortelloni. The beef and sauce were like something out of a can. Salty and cooked to fuck. The pasta was overdone too. Our waitress seemed like she was tweeking. All wound up coming over every 5 minutes annoying us and spilling wine on the table. Cheap wine she claimed was good "because it was imported." Lots of shit is imported, doesn't automatically make it good. Theres not much to choose from in my little town, but I think my days of going to chains like OG are over. I can make better food at home with the right ingredients and a little time. :)

May 30, 2009
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