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CHOW Reviews: SodaStream Source Soda Maker

I've had a Soda Stream for 2 years and it gives me good service without any problems. I use it for the carbonated water only and go through 5-8 liters a week.

Dec 30, 2013
imfred in Cookware

Good mid-priced French, Italian or Mediterranean Restos from Bethesda to Upper NW

Le Zinc on Macomb St. is excellent!

Txakolina Wines in DC??

I found it @C-W at about $23. last fall.

Bagels in MD

Breads Unlimited on Arlington Road, Bethesda.Great bagels and breads!

Breads Unlimited
6914 Arlington Rd, Bethesda, MD


I read the NYT article and order a 'nduja from Baccalone in SF. Maybe Dean Gold woll consider putting it on the menu???

Hungry Tiger in Tenleytown

I notice the HT has been "dark" for the last few days. Anyone know anything?

fried chicken in d.c.

Marvin's is very, very good!


Paneer is available @ Whole Foods in the cheese section near olives

Whole Fish, DC

Thai restaurant like 4912 in Tenleytown DC offer a whole fish(flash fried flounder) in either a sweet chili sauce or a garlic hot chili sauce.
Pines of Rome in Bethesda usually have an Italian broiled fish( flounder) w/ garlic. Vincino in SS has rock or snapper broiled w/ garlic.

Espresso pods - Baltimore

Espresso pods - Baltimore

what machine are you look for pods? Nespresso can only be bought from the company mail order or online. Others pods are available from whole foods or even starbucks.

Peaking Duck in Rockville

Shanghai Village on Bethesda Ave, Bethesda has the best in the area.

Driving to Durham Sun 8.5.07

We'll be driving from DC to Durham and want to eat a late lunch somewere off of 85 before arriving Durham. Any suggestions? Nothing heavy as we are on the way to Durham to spend a week in Structure House (learning diet and diabetes control).

Aug 04, 2007
imfred in General South Archive

New Thai Restaurant in Cleveland Park (DC)

Ok I'll "bite". Where is it?

New Steakhouse in Bethesda

I saw somewhere online a new steakhouse (non chain) in Bethesda. Any ideas? It had a clever name as does "Ray's the Steaks".

Chevy Chase

Has anyone eated @ Famosa in CC?

Thai in Upper NW/Bethesda/SS

Thai Derm
Bonifant Street
Silver Spring