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Awesome burgers: new thread

Yeah, I've been there once several months ago. I do remember the burger being good, but not really a destination place. I would say it's comparable to Tasty Burger, but better. The toppings are definitely more interesting than Tasty. If you're in the area, check it out, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there. I believe they are open M-F during the day only.

Quick Brighton Center breakfast?

I've definitely had the Irish breakfast at Jim's. According to Ralphie's desctiption, it seems like Jim's to me. Granted I haven't had the Irish breakfast in a few years but they still have it listed on their menu.

Washington Square Tavern in Brookline

Which Bro bar nearby in Washington Square are you referring to? Barcelona Wine Bar or Ribelle?

Best price in Boston on Fernet-Branca?

I picked up a bottle a few weeks ago at Martinelli's in Brighton. It wasn't a steal though, I think around $28.

Drinks near Ribelle?

Agreed. I'll also throw in Barcelona Wine Bar and the Abbey. There's no shortage of bars in that area.

St. Paddy's Day 2015 Corned Beef...What's Your Preferred Cut of Choice...and How Do You Plan to Prepare It? Braised or Baked in the Oven or Steamed/Braised on the Stove Top?

How much is it at your grocery store? $2/lb for point cut (on sale) at my 2 local grocery store chains. $2/lb for brisket doesn't seem like much...

Mar 16, 2015
tysonmcneely in General Topics

Seafood Dim Sum recs

You are very light on recs. Could you add some more please? Also, with that name, I find it very hard to believe you know much about dim sum.

Restaurant Week Winter 2015

Just got back from Smith & Wollensky for lunch.(Downtown/financial district not Castle)

I was ok, apps were good, Entrees were so-so. I got scallops and beef bacon, came with 4 scallops and mushrooms. The scallops were decent sized, but a bit overcooked and not seared as much as I'd like. (Clearly needs less time on a hotter pan.)

Other 2 ordered burgers. One was good, one too rare. Also, it says nowhere on either website that lists the menu, but the one steak entree (Bacon wrapped filet) is $12 more. Very misleading because I specifically looked for this and didn't find that here:
or here:

(Also Burger was the 3rd entree available for lunch not half chicken)

Cambridge Indian Lunch Buffets:Tanjore and Kebab Factory

I like Kabob and Tandoor's buffet, but the few times I've been there, the only meat they've had is chicken. (Like 4 or 5 chicken dishes.)

My current favorite lunch Buffet is Shan-A-Punjab in Brookline (old Cognac Bistro). Good flavors and great selection. They will typically have an interesting meat dish usch as lamb or goat, samosas and/or dosas, a few vege dishes, a soup, and chicken tikki masala and tandori. My only complaint is that they could step up the heat, but I understand why they don't for a buffet.

Where You Go as Opposed to Where you are Supposed to Go?

Quick tip about Miller's Ale house. Their craft beers are not cheap, but can't get much better than their PBR cans, they are only $2.

Top 5 of the past 5

I don't know if I'd rate it top 5, but Legal Harborside has a different menu than the other Legal locations and is substantially better.

Validating South Boston's latest news & rumors

Finally! A restaurant where I can get Tacos and Oysters at the same time. I'm tired of the looks I get when I bring a plate of shucked oyster into Taco Bell.

Best Korean in Allston?

I've not hit up enough Korean restaurants to really compare it to, but Kaju tofu house has a great banchan assortment they give you. Maybe about 8 or so?

Need Turkey Parts ASAP

OP, sorry I can't be of any help here, but I must admit you peaked my curiosity. What are you making?

China King still best peking duck?

Definitely agree with Luther and Black lab. The "Peking duck" served at China King is definitely one of the better Asian duck preparations in the Boston area, but I would argue that it doesn't qualify as Peking Duck. Peking duck typically has air pumped into it under the skin which helps separate the fat. When cooked, this makes the skin paper thin and super crispy. The reason this is such a big deal is that because a lot of the times you will get served just skin or skin with just barely any meat on the pancake. And it is excellent. If you've never had it in this style, please google or wikipedia it, it is definitely different from what China King serves.

There's nothing wrong with the China King dish, except it is not traditional Peking duck. The stir fry that comes with it is great especially with noodles and I really do love the soup that comes at the end. The mellow flavors are really good after the intense duck. I enjoy the duck as well, but it's so fatty that I can only handle so much.

Hot Eastern in Chinatown

I just went here for lunch today. They changed their menu slightly, and the beef Mala Bang is now $7 total. It supposedly comes with a skewer of Enoki mushrooms (as seen in your pic) and another skewer, which I believe is sausages. I ordered a beef, with an extra fried fish ball skewer, low heat (mild, low, medium, and hot were the options.) Low was definitely plenty hot for me and I enjoy spicy foods. It's more of a creeping heat that continues to build. I got mine to go, but unfortunately, when I got back I realized I had no beef in mine and also no skewer of enoki mushroom or sausage. Needless to say, I was disappointed and hopefully this is just an error due to growing pains and not a regular occurrence. Regardless, I would highly suggest checking to make sure you have everything before you leave.

The dish was good otherwise, and it was definitely nice to have something different from my usual Chinatown lunches.

need seafood

If you want to "party with Harvard kids," you'll have to go to Harvard Square. Not sure why this is so high on your list, but hey, to each their own. There's not really a great craft beer scene in Harvard Square, so you are kind of choosing one or the other. I always run into Harvard students at Grafton Street, and you could also try Grendel's, Charlie's Kitchen, or some of the other bars around there. If you're really looking to get after it, be sure to end your night at Hong Kong.

Daily Catch would be a fine pre-Bruins game meal. Pasta and squid are their specialties. As stated earlier, it is definitely not in the same class as Neptune, but I think I'd prefer Daily Catch as a pre-Bruins game meal.

Beacon Hill Bar Crawl

Sometimes my prose on the internet isn't as descriptive as I'd intended. Either way, it's good to see my 5 words invoked an emphatic 4 paragraph response.

What I meant by "watered down Hendricks and Tonic" was that my drink, a gin and tonic made with Hendricks, as a whole, tasted watered down. I was not making accusations of watering down liquor in the bottle. The drink however, did not contain the ratio of gin as I am accustomed to, especially at the price point I procured said libation from. I have frequented many a tavern in the Greater Boston Area, and while most places are not as classy as Carrie Nation, they do produce better Hendricks and Tonics, a relatively easy drink of 2 ingredients if you do not count the ice and lime. Now who is to say what lead me to the conclusion this beverage was watered down? Could it have been the liquor? Perhaps, but that would not account for watery taste in excess that I experienced. Was it the tonic? A distinct possibility. Perhaps the Ice? If it were not of cold enough temperature or if the ice were of small size (too much surface area) than it would melt to fast rendering me a watery libation? Again, a probably cause. However, when I first tasted said beverage, it still tasted diluted, light on the aromatics I usually experience with gin and light on the carbonation and tonic flavor. Alas, this is a mystery that will vex me until the end of time!

Regardless, in the sake of brevity, I vaguely stated that I had a "watered down Hendrick and Tonic." I regret not previously clarifying, as I did in the above paragraph that is was the DRINK, not the HENDRICKS, that I found to be "watery." I pray neither Carrie Nation, nor any other contributors to this fine message board accuse me of libel, nor do they take me to task any further for my previous post that contained an ambiguous description.

Your first-ever Boston T restaurant map

Even worse is the selection of Blu for the stop that is called "Chinatown."

Obviously this map is mostly garbage, but I do like their inclusion of Lucy on the E line.

Declining quality at Costco?

I go to the Waltham, MA Costco. I got a bag of bad avocados my last time there as well. I also got a rotisserie chicken that wasn't cooked through all the way. Just a little of the breasts was a bit under, but a significant portion of the dark meat was not cooked through. Bear in mind, I chose one of the less cooked looking ones as I feel sometimes the chicken gets dried out. No complaints other than these 2 items on my last visit, hopefully this is not a trend.

Sep 30, 2014
tysonmcneely in Chains

Beyond the Frost Ice Bar, Boston

Not too much Chowish food by Faniuel Hall (mostly tourist traps) but about half a mile away you could go to Trade for small plates and drinks. Alternatively, you could go to the North End after. Not too many small plate type places there, but depending on the size of your group you may be able to get into Neptune Oyster or just take a crawl/tour of the North End.

Beacon Hill Bar Crawl

I was at Carrie Nation over the weekend. Good scene, but the cocktails I got there were not good. Watered down Hendricks and Tonic and my friends did not give good reviews of their Whiskey Smashes.

Relative Chinatown novice - need dinner recs

Shojo sounds like a good fit, I just want to clarify one thing. Why exactly are you looking in Chinatown for this? Location? And you mentioned Peach Farm and EOC and they are kind of the opposite of Shojo.

Shojo has Asian fusion small plates and while I've only been there once, I found the food to be good. However, it is definitely not traditional Chinese (or Asian) food. If you are OK with this, then it's a good fit for you. The only other places I can think of that serve cocktails are Little Q as mentioned earlier, which is higher end hot pot/sushi/various apps/chinese dishes (food is good, but again not the most authentic as they span many cuisines.) There is also Empire Garden which serves Tiki Drinks, I've never eaten there, but I've assumed they serve more Americanized Chinese dishes there.

Most tradition cuisine restaurants in Chinatown only seem to serve beer and wine at best. As long as you aren't looking for that or Cantonese/Seafood cuisine,(Peach farm and EOC), Shojo should be a great place for dinner and cocktails.

Restaurant Week Starts Tonight

Agreed, especially since they changed to the new Dine out Menu as it essentially increases the price points to $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner.

A suggestion I would have for you is next time to be more selective about your meals. Large chains such as PF Chang's might be skipped over next time. Try going to the real expensive restaurants that still put out a good menu. Some places I've always liked for RW are:
Capital Grill
Kitchen/Marliave/Grotto (This same restaurant group puts out almost the full menu. Even better value for lunch.)

Anyone else have any good perennial RW restaurants?

Row 34 Sadly Disappoints on Return Visit

I went here for RW last Thursday and it was admittedly my first time there, so I don't have a base line to compare it to. However, I have been to ICOB many times. While I wouldn't say it was as good as ICOB, considering it was an RW lunch, I thoroughly enjoyed it. DC and I both got the lobster tacos for the app. They were good, obviously not heavy on the lobster meat, but I was actually expecting them to skimp more. There was some sort of snafu in ordering the entrees, so they comped us a sea bass ceviche. This was excellent, and to be honest, it wasn't that long for the entrees, I would say we probably only waited an extra 5 mins or so. We split fish and chips and the mussels for the entree. We had no issues with the fry job on the fish and chips, they came out golden brown and delicious. Fish was cooked perfectly, but I will agree that the batter was on the thick/heavy side. No issues with the fries, they were great. Mussels were good too, served with grilled bread and a nice, flavorful broth. For dessert, we both got butterscotch pudding, which was very good.

Best banh mi in Chinatown 2014

Not true, unless there has been a change recently. Mei Sum has always used fresh thai bird chilis.

Omnivore and vegetarian, excited to get time in/around Boston: seeking recs

Interesting that you brought up Burmese food. There's only one Burmese restaurant that I know of, Yoma, in Allston. Generally good, but mixed reviews on this Board, feel free to search it. Definitely on the cheaper end, and will fit your vege/omni requirements. Their salads, such as the tea leaf salad, are very different and quite good. The rest of the food is more hit or miss for me, but ymmv.

Restaurant Week Starts Tonight

Wow, that's a lot of RW meals. Where else do you have reservations?

Best Buffalo Wings!

Obviously I will second Buff's as the top suggestion. But if you are looking downtown, Sidebar has the best buffalo wings. Well not really, but by far the best value. I forget the exact prices, but it's something like $20 for 100 wings. The wings are smaller than normal wings, but you definitely get at least twice as much wing meat as you would for the same price elsewhere. And the wings are surprisingly good (esp compared the the ambiance of the place.)

Prix Fixe Lunch in Boston

Dineout Boston, which the op referred to in her original post, is the new name for Restaurant Week.

OP, are you already going to be near the Boston Common prior to lunch? If not, you could look at other places, such as the Seaport, as it's right on the Silver Line and a quick T ride to the Airport.

Near the Common, Marliave pretty much has their whole menu available for restaurant week, which I've always liked.