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Fenway for Guys Grabbing Beers

I think you pretty much have all the good places covered in that range.

There's also Fenmore but I don't think the reviews on it are very good.

A step lower and there's Remy's and Yardhouse. I would not suggest any of these over your current list.

Feb 20, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Moody's Delicatessen and Provisions

Theory: The store owner across the street put the kibosh on the seats in Moody's provisions in an effort to shut them down. There's only room for one salami business on Moody street....

Feb 18, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Lunch in Chinatown under $10 pp

You can definitely take out the lunch specials from Dumpling Cafe. I've done this countless times, the last being last Thursday.

Feb 18, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Lunch in Chinatown under $10 pp

Most restaurants in Chinatown have lunch for under $10. Good luck finding any restaurant that takes credit cards for under $10 though...

A few of my favorites:
Dumpling Cafe
Taiwan Cafe
Peach Farm

Feb 17, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Yuengling returns to Boston.

Most Yuengling enthusiasts hail from the Pennsylvania area. I think it's mainly regional loyalty and nostalgia as well as a certain myth that gets created when a product isn't regionally available.

I also think it's important to categorize it properly. Yuengling is a cheap macrobeer (although not sure what pricing will be like here.) I definitely prefer Yuengling to budweiser and the like, however if I'm drinking cheap macros, it's usually ___ light, and I'm usually not drinking for taste. If you start comparing Yuengling to a good craft beer, you will be sorely disappointed.

Feb 13, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

inboston: Korean fried chicken and things

Do you mean 4 wings and 2 drums? Or do do you mean drumettes? Or do they really give more drumsticks than wings?

Jan 31, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area


What temp and time do most people roast them for?

Jan 14, 2014
tysonmcneely in Home Cooking

slice of pizza anywhere near the financial district/downtown crossing?

A few weeks ago, I checked out Crush Pizza. They serve you individual sized pizza from a wood oven. A little overpriced at $10 or slightly more (if you get toppings, specialty pizzas) but I thought it was pretty good. You probably get the equivalent of a little more than 2 slices.

Jan 14, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

North End for 18th birthday

Yeah, Nick V seems like just the type of guy you want around a bunch of 18 yr old girls....

Jan 09, 2014
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Shan-a Punjab, Brookline - preliminary review (long)

Ah that's it! Thank you! I tried googling descriptions like "Indian Fried dough" and got nowhere.

One note on these is that they were a little different than the ones shown in the link (as well as the ones I've had previously) as they were triangular in shape, and only puffed up in the middle. Kind of like a turnover or a triangular crab rangoon or ravioli.

Dec 26, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Shan-a Punjab, Brookline - preliminary review (long)

I went here over the weekend and got the lunch buffet. I think they said they serve it until about 3, and it is a steal at $10.
Definitely one of the best buffets I've been too, all the food there was quite good and there was pretty good variety.
Dishes included:
Vegetable samosas, and I was surprised at how fresh they were. Usually when samosas in buffets, they sit there for a long time, these they were rotating in fairly frequently so they did not get hard and dried out,.

A pakora dish (vegetable pakoras in a yellow sauce) that was really good and paneer korma was very tasty as well.

I'm forgetting the name of the dish, but they had the one where it's fried pieces of dough and you pop a hole on them and put a filling in there. Their filling was a chickpea dish and it was pretty good. Can someone fill me in on the name of this dish?

Staples such as Chicken Tikki Masala, tandoori chicken and chile chicken were all solid, although not amazing.

They might have had one or two more dishes I'm forgetting and they also had a mulligatawny soup and rice pudding. The mulligatawny was pretty good with a good hint of cilantro, but the rice pudding was not really my cup of tea. I'm not huge rice pudding fan though.

Oh and also it came with garlic naan, which was very good as well.

Service was very friendly, definitely better than what I expect from an Indian buffet. They said that over the weekends they would try to mix up the dishes they offered. I look forward to trying the buffet again. I only wish that they kicked up the spice/heat levels a bit although I understand why they do that for a buffet. And hopefully in the future they will offer a goat/lamb or other type of meat dish besides chicken.

Dec 23, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

ISO Quiet non-hotel Resto within 15 minutes walk of Sheraton Boston

What about Mela (Indian) in the South End? I haven't been but I've generally heard good things about it. And I can't imagine it would be too loud there.

Dec 12, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Lincoln in Southie, Park, Magoun, Lineage : Amazing Burger ?

I had this last Sunday. It was quite good, especially for $12, although I wouldn't necessarily consider it a "destination burger."

Dec 11, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

What are your favorite Back Bay drinking establishments?

Interesting response by Perlmonk. Foundation Lounge and Saint were both closed multiple years ago, yet Red Lantern (and maybe BBSC too) opened up after those 2 other places closed down and are relatively new.

I'd chalk up the closed ones to being out of the loop, but clearly you are not because you know some of the more recent spots...

Regardless, the more dancing skewed a place is, the younger the crowd it attracts, esp in back bay.
Lots of dancing at Brahmin, but it's basically like a club. There's also definitely some higher end/classier places in Back Bay, but they are short on dancing.

I would definitely agree with the above recommendation of staying at the Liberty Hotel after Scampo. Definitely one of the few places that is classy, not too young and has dancing. If it must be in back bay, try Lolita's. Crowd can be hit or miss, but it's definitely interesting and not too young.

Dec 04, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Best hot & sour soup in Boston?

I love the hot and sour fish soup at Dumpling Cafe. Definitely different from the "regular" fish soup, it has a nice vinegar tang to it (although they don't use black vinegar.) It has snow peas and some other vegetables in it as well.

For "regular" hot and sour soup, I like Dumpling Cafe's version as well. Also, I'm a big fan of Peach farm. Peach farm's is a little corn starchy (but I would not say overly so) and has some good heat to it (not just white pepper.) IIRC, the dumpling cafe version doesn't have much corn starch in it so it's a little thing, which may or may not be your thing.

Dec 04, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

First Timer Questions

I'm a huge fan of Jack's Abby beers (Brewed in Framingham.) Hoponious Union is probably their most well known beer and is my favorite, but I like pretty much anything they put out. Jack's Abbey can be found at most good beer bars around, but they not most "mainstream" bars.

Also as a side note, most Sam Adams beer is not brewed in this state, their brewery in Jamaica Plain is mainly a test brewery. Still worth a tour, but I wouldn't load up on Sam Adams here just because they market themselves as from Boston. They are a national brewery at this point.

Nov 22, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Ribelle: Early Bird Bargain

Wow, that seems like a really good deal. What days is this on, only M-F?

(I'd check there website, but couldn't find one with a quick google. Also, no mention of this deal on their twitter that I could find.)

Nov 07, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Newcomer to Boston...need a list of "must try" restaurants.

Lulz at this comment.

Not only are you dismissing someone elses opinion, but you are comparing apples to oranges... Jalisco has better ceviche than Rincon? And how is their fried seafood?

Nov 06, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area


I was just perusing the post about Ritu Ki Rasoi, and realized that Diwali is this Sunday, Nov 3. What restaurants are doing something special for Diwali? (Bonus point for buffet)

Nov 01, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Guy Fieri allegedly fights with hairdresser

If I was Guy Fieri, I would've fought the hair dresser 10 years ago. The second he put those bleached spikes on me, it would've been on...

Oct 30, 2013
tysonmcneely in Food Media & News

Takusan Coolidge Corner?

Correct. I should've specified, I've only been for Sunday Dinners, so no idea about lunch.

Oct 22, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Takusan Coolidge Corner?

I've been there twice in the past month. The fish there is good quality especially for AYCE. Noticably better than Yamato, for instance. And they offer yellowtail which Yamato doesn't.

There seems to be some inconsistancy in ordering policy and item availability, etc. There is a limit of 6 nigiri/sahimi orders per round. You can always order more though. The first time I was there, they stated 6 piece max per type of fish. The second time, it was 6/person, so a little weird. (You can order unlimited makis, I beleive.) They say they have sea urchin but they were out both times I went there. They have a cold/raw bar that you don't need order from and can just go up and get. They have crablegs, crawsfish, raw fish "salads" and clams and and oysters. However the 2nd time I went there, they were out of oysters.

The first time I went there, the fish took forever. The 2nd time, it came in a reasonable time. You can also order hot items, They have some good grilled options such as eggplant, tuna and beef tataki, shrimp tempura, gyoza/dumplings and the like. Also they have a bon chon wing (3 pieces) which is very good (Still not as good as the real Bon Chon though.) The grilled squid is Huge, it is a whole squid. While not bad, i would stay away from this unless you really like squid.

There is no mention of a penalty for not finishing your food, although I'm sure they discourage it. Also, all the specialty makis we tried were all pretty mediocre to downright bad. (All deep fried and weird "new" style makis.)

Oct 21, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Five Favorite Places to Eat Among Frequent/Veteran CH Posters?

Bowser's (Mushroom Kingdom)

Oct 16, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Fried plantain sandwich? (Not jibarito)

Somewhat of a tangent, but at a food truck festival a few weeks ago, There was a truck serving up fried plantain cones filled with meats and some veg and sauces.

It was quite the novelty, however it was a little bland.

Oct 14, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Broasted Chicken Anywhere?

The only place I've had it was at this diner in Northampton, and this was about 10 years ago. I do remember being intrigued by it, I don't remember it being particularly amazing, but to each their own. They definitely called it broasted, so I assume it is the "brand" you are looking for.


Oct 14, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Boston's best food truck

I heard Sisqo now works in a food truck.


Sep 19, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Yangrou Chuanr at Wow Barbecue

I went here about a week ago and I was impressed as well. I had a lamb, a qual egg and a cabbage skewer. I preferred the lamb skewers from this truck to the ones at Gene's and One of the Kind. They were a little less spicy, but they had just a little bit of fat on it which added greatly the flavor. There was also more "grilled" flavor, which may be because of the fat as well. I've never had grilled cabbage before, but I quite enjoyed it. The Quail egg was good as well, I have no idea how they made it (pre cooked eggs?). The yolks were soft but not runny.
$1.50 / skewer, although I think the shrimp may have been a little more.

Sep 16, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Shanghai Social Club

FYI - Unfortunately, the Avenue no longer has dollar drafts...

The plus side is that they they actually have a pretty good beer selection on tap. It's like $5-6 a beer. Bud Lights can still be had for $3 or $4 though.

Sep 16, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Current taco situation in the area looking for a great taco

I'll stay out of the conversation about semantics, but as far as meats go, Saria is correct IMO. The weakest meats are usually chicken and steak (carne asada) at most Mexican (El Salvadoran) restaurants around here, while carnitas is usally one of the best.

Cultural/regional factors aside, I think one big factor is how the meat gets made. Most (if not all) do not cook the meat to order. This mean your grilled chicken and steak sit in a steam tray before it is served to you. So are the braised meats such as carnitas and cabeza (my favorite, esp from el Amigo.) But the braised meats don't degrade in quality as much by sitting (some would argue it could even improve the flavor.) Also, I will concede that traditional carnitas is often fried, so it can lose some if it's sear along the outside.

I think a good example of the preperations can been seen at Anna's (I know, not a favorite on the board, but certainly an efficient in their model of service.) Steak and chicken are usually pre-cut and just spooned into your taco/burrito/whatever, while the carnitas cut right in front you, same with al pastor. (Of course both are pre-cooked as well.)

Sep 05, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area

Best Fried Chicken

If chains are fair game, I'm suprised I haven't seen any recs for Pollo Campero. One of my favorite fried chickens in this area at a very reasonable price. I might even like their grilled chicken better. And I love their sides, huge fan of their fried Yucca.

Aug 21, 2013
tysonmcneely in Greater Boston Area