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NYE - Gotham Bar and Grill?

Thanks for all the recommendations (and to everyone for their input). We actually ended up scoring a reservation at Babbo for NYE...we've been there before and enjoyed the pairings especially so it should turn out to be the nice, low-key ish type of evening that we shoot for every year. I hope. I am going to try for some reservations at some of the other places mentioned though on the other handful of nights we'll be there. Wheeee...:D

Dec 02, 2011
ggjj27 in Manhattan

NYE - Gotham Bar and Grill?

We're coming in to NYC from Chicago for a few days before and after NYE. I don't really want to spend the $4-700/person at places like Per Se, Daniel, etc. We'll try to get there another night. Oy, is it hard to see those prices when Next is a right around the corner and a quarter of the price. Anyway, I've been searching for some alternatives and got a rec for Gotham. It's booked...and I'm looking for similar type places. Great food, pricey but not silly expensive, fun (and/or very unique) atmosphere. Early 30's...no restrictions dietary, preference, or otherwise (2-300/person is feasible)...have zero interest in being around Times Square or standing in or anywhere near a bar. We'd like to get dressed up, eat some great food late, drink way to much booze, and cab it back to the hotel after a toast at the table. Any thoughts?

Nov 30, 2011
ggjj27 in Manhattan

New Years Eve 2012

Hi everyone,

We are coming to town again for New Years Eve. We have done Times Square in the past and we definitely don't need to be down there again (brrr...). We've also done a lot of the good restaurants in the city - Babbo, Madison Park, etc. We're looking for some good ideas about what to eat and where to go that night. Are their restaurants nearby where you can see the hoopla without being in it? Alternatively, what would be some good food + lounge or 'party' options? I don't necessarily want a club type atmosphere, just somewhere to go where the drinks and music will be good and hopefully nearby to wherever we eat. We'll be staying on the UES in an apartment, but don't have any limitations in terms of location or cost.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

Oct 03, 2011
ggjj27 in Manhattan

Romantic dinner in 7th?

We will be coming in next week for a week. I really want to start the trip off right with a nice low-key, warm, traditional French meal. I would prefer not to blow our entire budget in a night, but I can be flexible with this. What is most important to me is that it's quiet and non hectic as we will be fresh off a very long day of travel and I know she will just be hoping to unwind over very good food and drink.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Dec 23, 2009
ggjj27 in France

Drinks near degustation...

Any suggestions? Would prefer wine bar...or at least somewhere with a laidback atmosphere. Cool but definitely not loud or clubby. A seat would be awesome!

Jun 01, 2009
ggjj27 in Manhattan

4th of July fireworks

Any suggestions where to view from a rooftop bar/restaurant/hotel/club? We would like to make reservations somewhere if possible. The info link indicates for the first time ever it will be moved to the Hudson River...between 4th and 50th Streets on the Hudson River. So I guess that is the search area! Not worried about price or anything - just would prefer to know in advance where we could/should be going.


May 31, 2009
ggjj27 in Manhattan

romance and champagne

brand new to the board. planning an anniversary trip with my girlfriend...we come to nyc fairly frequently - usually just to dine and shop! anyway, i was just wondering if anyone could provide recs for some romantic places within a close proximity (or a short cab ride) to a champagne bar? we like extremely creative food, are not scared by much - either in content or portion size. just something 'cool' and different and maybe not on any top 10 list. price is not really a concern.

also, any recs for a good champagne bar would be appreciated....

so excited to plan this so thanks in advance!

(oh and i should mention that we're staying near 57th and 11th or so...i forget. we usually travel out of the area for dinner though so no major geographic limits...will travel for good food...)

May 28, 2009
ggjj27 in Manhattan