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Best dining experience in Pittsburgh?

Loved Nine on Nine the one and only time we ate there, but agree it might feel too formal. Second Meat & Potatoes or their relatives, Butcher & the Rye and Tako. Also The Commoner in the Hotel Monaco, but it's slightly farther from the North Shore.

For a fun lunch, nosh your way through the Strip District.

Aug 26, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Places to eat on trip from Phila to State College?

Double chocolate malt...with chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk. Amazing!

Jul 21, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Places to eat on trip from Phila to State College?

If you like ice cream, then try Meyers Dairy. We actually like it more than the Creamery, and as it was 5 minutes from our house, went there more often. The Creamery is an institution though.

Jul 21, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Places to eat on trip from Phila to State College?

It's actually the Naked Egg and its awesome. Corner Room does a good breakfast and its in a cool building.

The one and only time we stopped at Red Rabbit our food was inedible. But it does get a crowd, so people like it. I'd stick to ice cream.

Speaking of which, in SC you must go to the Creamery.

Jul 21, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Visiting Pittsburgh: seeking bars, sandwiches, and more

Everyone is, of course, entitled to their opinion, and I hesitate because I don't want to confuse the OP...but I would not recommend some of the places noted here for either convenience or as the best representation of what Pittsburgh has to offer.
Pamela's pancakes (more like crepes) can be either delicious or greasy, depending on your luck. Their lyonnaise potatoes are good. Obama liked the pancakes well enough to fly them to DC to prepare them there. But IMHO the best food in the Strip during lunch include Lucy's banh mi, Thin Man, Gaucho Perilla sandwiches and anything from the Mexican stand in the Pittsburgh Public Market. Marty's serves a tasty breakfast.
Likewise, against conventional wisdom, we find Fatheads to be full of bros and tourists, with Cisco prepared foods. IMHO better options are at Pipers across the street (or their Chip Shop) or the Double Wide Grill.
During the week, it's easy to park along Penn Ave. in the Strip. Food vendors are typically only there on the weekends.
Again IMHO the beer and food at Churchworks are marginal, but the setting is awesome. If you like cider, Arsenal in just up the road is amazing. Also amazing are Drai Laag and Grist Mill in nearby Millvale.
If you know and like Caribbean food, Kaya is top of the line.
If you're looking for craft cocktails...well, that's a whole new list.

Really, a beer and bar food aficionado is spoiled for choice in the Burgh.

Again I wish you a great trip,

Jun 18, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Visiting Pittsburgh: seeking bars, sandwiches, and more

FYI, Pittsburgh isn't that big so depending on your plans, Lawrenceville may be an easy fit. It matches up well with the Strip as its basically the next neighborhood up Penn Ave.

Just remembered another place downtown that we love...Bluebird Kitchen. Two locations, breakfast and lunch during the week only. All homemade. We've eaten there twice in the last 2 weeks, everything we had was excellent.

RE the public market, it is open as you note but I think there are more vendors on the weekend.

Have a great trip!

Jun 18, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Visiting Pittsburgh: seeking bars, sandwiches, and more

Lots of info in this thread, including craft beer and donuts.

Without driving or cabbing it, you're limited to downtown, the North Side ( where you're staying) and the Station Square area via the T (our light rail).

In the Strip, the Penn Ave Fish Market is outstanding, but not sure if that works for a vegetarian...Marty's Market serves great breakfasts. If you're there on Friday, hit the Pittsburgh Public Market, lots of food stands and East End Brewery. There is also a middle eastern grocery called Labads.

I'd get my sandwiches from Thin Man or Gaucho but I'm not sure you can bring them into the ball park.

Oh, and don't sweat the sneakers, the Burgh is a super casual town and you'll see them everywhere but the finest restaurants.

Jun 15, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

One night in Pittsburgh...where should I go?

Take the light rail T to downtown and eat at a Meat & Potatoes, a Butcher & the Rye or The Commoner. You can eat at the bar at all three places.

Jun 15, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

In Pittsburgh For a Few Days

Friday night near the Hotel Monaco...downtown area
Meat & Potatoes
Butcher & the Rye
Grit & Grace
(why do so many downtown menus have & in the name?)
Il Pizziaolo
Wingharts for burgers if they have reopened

Brunch (local)
Bar Marco (Strip)
Meat & Potatoes (downtown)
Marty's Market (Strip)
Point Brugges (Point Breeze in the East End, near Shadyside)

Jun 01, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

Justin Serverino of Cure was nominated for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic and Bar Marco for a (national) Rising Star. The no tip thing is fairly new and we were glad to see it as well. If you're into wine, Dominic is great. His selections were unusual but spot on. The wine room seats 8 at a communal table. Reservations for both are advised.

Downtown has several good places, too. Three owned by the same group are all good: Meat & Potatoes, Butcher & the Rye and tako. The newly opened Hotel Monaco has a rooftop biergarten that is fun as well.

What are you looking for in terms of shopping? There are a few places on Carson, but really nothing special and more geared to the younger crowd. Pittsburgh is not great for shopping, but Lawrenceville has some cool boutiques and galleries (as well a zombie shop.) Squirrel Hill and Shadyside are two others I'd suggest.

May 26, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

Not sure I agree with Carson Street, it's good for bars if you're under 30 and there a few good food choices (Dish and Stagioni's are two I'd recommend.) But the East End and Lawrenceville have the best food choices IMHO.

If you're into food the Strip should definitely be one of your activities.

We just had a stellar meal at Cure last weekend and a delicious dinner in the wine room at Bar Marco the week before. Highly, highly recommend both places, and both chefs were James Beard nominated this year. I've been a fan of Bar Marco's brunch for a while, but our dinner exceeded expectations. Great sommelier as well.

May 26, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

State College is a college town so it has lots of bars (try Zenos for tons of beers and Chumley's for LGBT), Wegmans and Trader Joes if your into grocery stores, and the Creamery and Meyer's Dairy for ice cream (Meyer's still sells milk in glass jugs.)

May 08, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

I don't know a thing about Railroad City Brewing, but if you're passing by State College, I'd stop for Otto's Brewery. The have GREAT beer and OK (have heard it's better, but haven't been for over a year) food. You could also stop by The Creamery on the PSU campus for the afore mentioned ice cream.

May 08, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

I can't tell you about Row House other than I'll be trying it out soon...hopefully Moroz will chime in here...

If by Dogs you mean Dee's, its very cool in a total dive bar way. Fun food but definitely NOT healthy!

And East End Brewery has a stand at the Pittsburgh Public Market where you can buy tasters, pints and growlers. Its how we end our weekend Strip District shopping trips. The brewery is growler only.

And in true Pittsburgh karma fashion, the Market is right next to the Harp & Fiddle....

I can't tell if Moroz is indicating that Draai Laag is growler only, but its not. I was there last weekend.

Finally, if you have any good Asian food where you're from, then you will likely find Pittsburgh"s only so so (but getting better.)

May 05, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

Thanks...we have tried our best to get totally into the Burgh food scene, which is why we had to start running...we would weigh 1,000 pounds if not...

Yes,the Chip Shop is affiliated w/Piper's Pub which is right next door. We've only been for breakfast (boxty tots, yum!) but eat at Piper's often. Sometimes just a snack, like scotch eggs or the fries w/Vindaloo sauce. Piper's is across the street from Fatheads, which is why we never go there. Just like Piper's better.

Prantl's torte is to die for, luckily it comes in several sizes. In fact, the bakeries in Pittsburgh are pretty amazing overall. Great buttercream frosting. Every neighborhood has their own, and many have several locations.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Thin Man. Its funny, its right next door to a famous breakfast place, Pamela's (also w/several spots in town and good crepelike pancakes. Obama had them come to the Whitehouse after his visit.) Anyway, people will wait forever to get in to Pamela's and there's Thin Man, right next door. If they only knew...

Also in the Strip across from Thin Man (which, incidentally is also RIGHT next to Peace, Love & Little Donuts) is the Center for Contemporary Craft. Lawerenceville and downtown both have galleries, and the Cultural Center does quarterly "crawls" on Fridays. The next one is July 10. The Three Rivers Arts Fest is June 5-14. Lots of stuff going on, all free (unless you buy some work, obviously.)

Pittsburgh is VERY neighborhood based and they each have a farmer's market. In fact, our town has 2 so other than the one at the Firehouse (next to Bar Marco in the Strip) we haven't been. The Firehouse is all organic. There is also the Pittsburgh Public Market in the Strip District, which has many food vendors, including farmers.

I just noticed you mention cocktails in your post title. Try Meat & Potatoes and Butcher & the Rye (same owners) downtown, Bar Marco in the Strip, The Livermore in the East End and Acacia (like a speakeasy, a little tricky to find) on the Southside for starters.

Oh, and Wigle Whiskey and Maggie's Farm Rum are two local spirit producers. Maggie's products, especially their Queens Share, have won some national and international awards.

Apr 29, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

Welcome to Pitsburgh, we have similar likes...except I'm not sure about the shirts...

Food (I'm making these recs based on your existing list): 
Thin Man Sandwich Shop
Wingharts and/or BRGR over Burgatory...also Tessaros
Blue Dust Inn-my new fave, their mottos are No Crap on Tap and We Smoke Anything (house smoked meats)
Crested Duck
Root 174
Bar Marco (brunch is awesome)

By Pub & Chip do you mean Pipers Pub and the Chip Shop? Both are good.

Urban Tap is not on my radar. Primantis is over-rated but kind of a Burgh must-do.  Only eat at the original in the Strip or you'll think your in a mall chain restaurant. Share a cappy & egg with someone, then go to Thin Man.

Draai Laag if you like Belgiums (also Sharp Edge, not a brewery but amazing selection)
Grist House- check their calendar, they have food trucks on the w/e 
Arsenal Ciderhouse
Churchworks is a unique building, some of their beer is good, food is meh
Spoonwood if you feel like a trip to the burbs
North Country for a short day trip
Penn Brewery and Haufbrauhaus- outside beer gardens and German food

Hotel Monaco is opening a rooftop beer garden in May, there is also one at Sienna Mercato (both downtown)
Independent Brewing Co- not a brewery but great tap list, also near good ethnic eats

NOTE- several on your list are bars (Brillobox, Remedy Fatheads and Cattivo) and Salt is a restaurant

Peace Love and Little Donuts
Prantls- HuffPo's best cake in the U.S. for their burnt almond torte, it's amazing
La Gourmandine

Espresso A Mano
21st Street for pourover
Last week I ran past Big Dog in the Southside, looked good but never been

Cleveland is supposed to be cool with a good food/booze scene. We're trying to get there this summer. We've been in Pittsburgh for 2.5 years and still have many places to try and others we want to get back to.  

For art, the Carnegie (obviously), Warhol and Mattress Factory.   Randyland looks cool, haven't been yet. Lots of amazing architecture in the city, too.

Weekend in Pittsburgh with 3 year old: suggestions?

Info on good coffee in Pittsburgh:
I haven't tried them all but love La Prima, Expresso a Mano, 21st St and Marty's. Missing from the list is Coffee Tree Roasters.

If you're going to Primantis, the original in the Strip is the best in terms of the real atmosphere. The rest are like a typical suburban chain IMHO.

The Strip is a must if you're into food.

For walking around neighborhoods...Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Lawrenceville. Also walk the river trails. If you follow the one along the North Shore by your hotel toward the point and Heinz Field, you'll be treated with a huge Mr. Roger's statue. There is also a Fred Roger's exhibit at the Heinz History Center right now.

Children's Museum is great for a 3 year old.

I'd do Costco and the Grove City outlets on my way into or out of town. FYI there is a "chain" Primanti's at the outlets.

Mar 16, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

In Pittsburgh For a Few Days

Agree to skip Mineos, love Dish. Stagioni's in the South Side is also good Italian.

Jame Beard finalists were just announced, including Bar Marco in the Strip which also had fabulous brunches, for Rising Star. The Big Burrito Restaurant group which includes Kaya, Eleven, Casbah and Soba/Uni is also nominated. Finally, Butcher & the Rye (sister restaurant of Meat & Potatoes) for cocktail program and Justin Servino of Cure for best chef, Mid Atlantic.

Chowrin, where are the Korean and Chinese bakeries?

Mar 03, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Weekend in Pittsburgh

Altius (new) in Mt. Washington has been getting positive reviews and has a great view. For Pittsburghers, it's in the old Georgetown Inn location, but you would never recognize the place. I can't speak for the food b/c we only had drinks but have heard good things. Same chef as Bistro 19 in Mt. Lebanon which we like (good, not great.)

Justin Servino of Cure was just nominated for Best Chef Mid Atlantic by the James Beard foundation. Others in the 'Burgh recognized include Bar Marco for Rising Star (great brunch, too!), Butcher and Rye for Cocktail Program and the Big Burrito Restaurants (includes Soba/Umi and Mad Mex mentioned by others but also Casbah, Kaya and Eleven.)

You may have trouble getting reservations at some of these at this late date. Good luck and enjoy your visit.

Feb 27, 2015
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Cranberry Twp PA dining recommendations

Yes, Aladdin's is a full service restaurant. I think they just have beer and wine, though. FYI, it actually is a chain, but regional. There are several around Pittsburgh.

Dec 03, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Lawrenceville part of Pgh - need place for large group for lunch day after Thanksgiving

Industry Public House would be able to accommodate a large group. Great food, large beer selection and fun cocktails.

Oct 27, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh/Bethel Park area

At the DorStop we tend to get egg dishes or French toast. Pamela's is the place for pancakes, but be advised it's more like a crepe. There is also a Pamela's in the Strip. Waffles Incaffinated is across the river from there, in the Southside. Not that far but just an FYI in case you thought it was nearby. It's a bridge (and maybe a tunnel) away.

There are lots of inexpensive food stands in the Strip, Lucy's bahn mi, Edgar's tacos, etc. The Pittsburgh Public Market has soup, Mexican, cheese and pasta. Plus there's popcorn, coffee, pastries, biscotti...Come hungry.

Never been a fan of the food or beer at Churchworks and haven't eaten at the Oyster House in this century so I can't advise. In Market Square I'd pick Wingharts. If I was in Lawrenceville, there are a bunch of places I'd go over Churchworks. However, none of them will be anything like Armstrongs or the South Park Clubhouse.

Oct 10, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh/Bethel Park area

I don't know too much about this area, but 376/22 would be the quickest. Route 51 is a terrible road, lots of lights and traffic.

If you took Route 30, you could stop at DeLallo's Italian Market in Jeanette along the way. They have a good deli, bread and prepared food, as well as their other products available in most Pittsburgh grocery stores:
Looks like there are some farmers markets on Saturday in Westmoreland County as well:

The nearby town of Ligonier is very pretty and will probably have good places but don't have any personal recommends.

Sep 26, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

anyone been to jade grille? pittsburgh

We ate there a few weeks ago but I can't comment on authenticity as I'm no expert. They did not have the "traditional" Chinese American dishes on the menu, which seemed to indicate they are going for a different crowd than the Sesame Inn. We enjoyed our food, and especially like that they are using sustainable and ethical ingredients. Please try it and report back!

Sep 21, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh - restaurant/higher end bar/pub that can accommodate 150 people!

I think you're going to have a tough time finding a bar or restaurant that can accommodate a party of your size, especially on a weekend. The best bar/restaurants are on the small side to begin with, so they would have to agree to close for the event. Or maybe can't even accommodate that many to begin with.

We had a work event at PNC Park that was awesome, except for the food, which was just OK. Pretty sure they are open year round for private parties. Amazing views.

Engine House 25 in Lawrenceville is another place I've been to for an event. It's a restored firehouse with a photography studio, wine cellar and Roberto Clemente Museum. You'd have to arrange catering here and parking is an issue but it's very cool.

The Heinz History Center does events, too. I think they have in house catering.

Sep 14, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh/Bethel Park area

Glad you liked Else's...that's the owner's name BTW. Hope you checked out the restrooms, they are hilarious.

If you liked Dorido's, the South Park Clubhouse is the same owners. We had good sandwiches there, and they sell a lot of pizza, which looks good, too.

FYI, the portions at Pasta Too are gigantic. We're not fans of the food or the place in general, it's very large, pink and full of families and large groups. But it's obviously popular so YMMV.

A fun place for breakfast is the Dor-Stop in Dormont. Totally a DDD place, but seriously delicious, homemade food.

Up thread Effort recommended several of our favorite places in the south hills...Little Tokoyo, Il Pizziaolo, and Kous Kous Cafe. I didn't mention these earlier because you said he didn't like ethnic and you were looking for burgers, wings, etc. but those are all great, as is the taco stand in Brookline and Pitaland next door.

And then there the rest of Pittsburgh. If you're willing to travel around town, there are lots more great places.

Sep 07, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh/Bethel Park area

Bado's pizza isn't bad and they have a decent beer selection, if that's important. Our favorite pizza places in the South Hills are A'Pizza Badamo's in Mt. Lebanon and Slice on Broadway in Beechview. Both of these are more take out places although Badamo's recently expanded and has a few tables.

For burgers, sandwiches and wings we LOVE Someone Else's Bar in Castle Shannon. It's a cool little place with great food. They have trays that make eating at the bar comfortable and fun candy on every table.

Again, if he's into beer, Sharp Edge in Peters Twp is great for Belgiums and crafts with pretty good food, too.

The fish sandwiches (it's a Burgh thing) at Dorido's in South Park are legendary.

There is a branch of Primanti's in Mt. Lebanon, near the Galleria Mall. Speaking of which, if he's here through the fall, a BRGR is opening there, not sure of the date. This is an upscale burger place from the people who have one of the best restaurants in town, Spoon. They have 3 other locations, including PNC park. Besides the obvious burgers, they have fun apps and adult milkshakes.

Sep 04, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

need help in Pittsburgh !

Agree with these and would add Meat & Potatoes (brunch or dinner), Grit & Grace (dinner) and Bar Marco (brunch).

No NYC branches in the Burgh and most CHers won't recommend chains. Our local food scene is small but mighty!

Jul 24, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Bound

The Warhol is great and currently has a Halston exhibit I can't wait to see. There was a brief write-up in the NYTimes about the opening.

If you make it to Pittsburgh on Friday, they are open til 10:00 PM and have 1/2 price admission (yes, even on 7/4) and a cash bar in the lobby.

Jul 02, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Bound

Besides Primantis (which I agree is a great place especially in the original location at 18th St in the Strip District) I will second Luke Wholey's and add Bar Marco (great for brunch, drinks or dinner.) We've never been to Enrico's but have heard great things.

M & P and their sister restaurant Butcher &the Rye are great, but not uniquely Pittsburgh. More like the Breslin or Little Owl in NYC.

Pittsburgh is known for their burgers and Wingharts is one of our favorites. The Market Square location (downtown walkable from the Strip) is a little divey but very good, fun whiskey selection too.

Unlike Burghfeeder, I would not recommend any of the Mt. Washington restaurants near the top of the Duquesne Incline. The Shiloh Grill, near the top of the Mon Incline has good bar food, however. Either one has awesome views.

Jul 01, 2014
mb luvs SBH in Pennsylvania