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Recommendations for St Paul and Minneapolis

Check out the Craftsman in Minneapolis. It's a relatively low-key place with a nice little bar where you can eat peace or chat with the bartender. They have a nice emphasis on local ingredients with solid, well-crafted food. As an added plus, if you're relying on public transportation to get around, it's right on the 21 bus line, which runs between St Paul and Minneapolis. You can make a reservation there if you like, but I've never had trouble just walking and getting seated (especially if it's just me).

MSP: Alternatives to Surdyk's

I recently moved to Uptown, and Whole Foods has become my go-to cheese stop. The cheese selection at the Wedge is incredibly disappointing (unless you are looking for cheddar). France/44 has a nice little cheese shop--high-quality, but limited selection.

Late night eats on a Sunday--MSP

112 is one of my favorite late-night spots. They close at 10 on Sundays, so you might be cutting it a bit close, but it's definitely worth a shot.