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Dishes at Rod Dee Thai

which Rod Dee are we talking about here? arent there two left after the fire burned down my favorite Rod Dee outlet by Fenway? Another question, of the two remaining, which has the better kitchen?

Heaven Held By Chopstix: Mary Chungs Again!

the hell with the apostrophes, her dun dun noodles have rocked for twenty years. that is, Mary Chung's Dun Dun noodles. I take mine without the chicken.

Trattoria Il Panino Express - Cambridge is closing Friday 7/24

yeah, roka was actualy below il panino. the first or one of the first upscale japanese restos in cambridge. also there was a cvs next to il panino which was the only drug store between harvard and central sq. of course, the orson wells theatre was in the roka/ il panino space years ago but im dating myself. il panino didnt show repo man, but it was tasty enough for a long time.

Trattoria Il Panino Express - Cambridge is closing Friday 7/24

real bummer- nice lady worked the register there for years and years. tasty chicken parm, pizza....

Kebab Factory lunch buffet, is it still good?

kebob factory is still good. i eat there all winter-- laying off it in the warmer weather because , well, im a glutton at the buffet table. basic curries, fresh bread, salad and soup, chutney... all more than servicable.

Rosenfeld Bagels, Newton Centre

oh daddy, got all worked up in a bagel lather just reading this yesterday. grabbed mrs. whiskers and headed out to newton. only problem was i misread the address as 120 Centre intead of 1280 Centre. needless to say, we didn't find it and ended up back on the mass pike to cambridge empty handed or empty-bagel-handed.

I'm looking for good NY Style Knishes here in Boston

beg to differ, but the traditional ny knish, was always round or square, never softball-shaped. I grew up in brooklyn and remember going to this place (can't remember the name) in brighton beach when it was still a largely jewish neighborhood and getting square knishes that were cooked on a sheet pan like sicilian pizza. amazingly good, and as you say, amazingly bad for you. aside from the shape though, it is the crust/ outter shell and filling that matters most.

I'm looking for good NY Style Knishes here in Boston

Tell me something other than good luck. I don't want those pastry puff things filled with potatoes but rather the sort of flat square with a crust made with schmaltz (sp?). Or does anyone know where I buy frozen NY ones? Thanks!

The Place f.k.a. Smile Thai Cafe in Harvard Sq.

sadly, there isnt good thai food in the square. tamerind bay is servicable but not in the square. better off having something else if you're stuck there.

Native Corn

in fact, corn will do as poorly in abnormally dry weather as it will in abnormally wet conditions. trees have much deeper root systems and will "maintain" longer during extended bouts of drought. ideally, for a corn crop, farmers like to see a nice balance of warmth and seasonal rain averages. typically, this can be applied to most other crops as well. you must be a city slicker, karl.

The Death of 24hr food in Boston

restricted? how so? there is still a vibrant music "club" scene here. dance clubs, not so much. i think you have a rather outdated notion of the club scene and undervalue the popularity of the area's hundreds of bars.

Help Out! Looking for the best pizza in Monterey.

Any tips would be great. Visiting hound here. Thanks.

Jul 05, 2009
mrwhiskers in California

The Death of 24hr food in Boston

surely what Karl describes is true, to a degree, but the puritan bent actually didn't extend to drinking. twenty or thirty years ago, when people really drank you could walk into any bar in the city, including the Ritz at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and find the bar lined with people -- not just barflys either. Postwar Boston was a hard-drinking town with few exceptions. Even our politicians were known for being heavy drinkers. Tip O'Neil, Ted Kennedy, and Ray Flynn come to mind. When Ronald Reagan visited Boston he went to the Eire Pub. The most popular television show set in Boston took place in a bar. Sure, Bostonians might not have stayed up as late drinking as New Yorkers but only because they might have started drinking earlier.

Cheesed-Off at Armando's

What's the deal with the sicilian pizza at Armando's in Cambridge lately? Last few times I've been there, including just an hour ago, the pizza has been smoothered in cheese and utterly second-rate. This used to be one of the best pizza joints in the Boston area. What gives?

Annarosa's Bakery in Newburyport!

to my mind no comparison. annarosa's is a better bakery than anything here in boston, albeit with a limited selection. they seem to focus on a more rustic type of baking--baguettes, rolls, hand-crafted pizza, focaccia... and i say this while maintaining that a Clear Flour baguette is a damn fine thing.

Annarosa's Bakery in Newburyport!

agreed. and there isn't a bakery in boston as good. not even close. now, why won't they open in boston? better yet, cambridge, right down the street from my house.

Annarosa's Bakery in Newburyport!

This small commercial (no frills) bakery tucked into the back of a rather upscale strip mall might just be making the best bread and rolls in the area. We bought 20 sea salt and balsamic rolls the other day and they're all gone. Amazingly good. Also, terrific small pizzas, baggettes, and foccacia. No Boston bakery is coming close. Luckily this place is on the way to the beach. Anyone else been there?

Let's talk Cambridge

Royal Bakery for cheap and tasty square pizza at lunch
City Girl Caffe in Inman- soups and sandwiches
Olecita for burritos

Zagat's Fast Food Survey--- Best Burger? In and Out.

Jun 12, 2009
mrwhiskers in Food Media & News

North End Bummer

i said, in this case, that it was too fine a distinction to make. i just dont see the point of defending a bad meal based on 'what you should have had" instead of what you ended up getting. plus, carbonara is a simple dish elevated by the quality of the ingredients, just as a red sauce is. the problem is indifference, not cultural nuance.

North End Bummer

seems like too fine a distinction. and the reasons then for the antipasto being as described? is that an italian-American thing? Come on, there is a difference between quality and tradition, and in the case of a lot of NE places--cooking chops.

North End Bummer

i can't see how you can defend the meal described above, even half-heartedly. Carbonara in any Italian kitchen isnt "a high risk" or at least shouldn't be. The larger point is that most kitchens in the North End are rather pathetic, red sauce, or not. Blaming a meal like that on poor menu choices is missing the point.

Grendel's, Redline or someplace else in Harvard Sq

charlie's kitchen, since most unpretentious things in the sq. are just decent, charlie's isnt a bad choice, and cheaper than whats been mentioned.

Restaurants everyone seems to love but you don't

ah, heard about those rosenfeld bagels-- went and wondered what all the fuss was about. brueggers makes a better bagel

Healthy lunch options : 20 minute walk from Kendall Square

is the grill out yet at the Blue Room? Tasty grilled fish and meat. Healthy, too.

What's the deal with that place across the street from Target in Somerville. The one that has a sign for both fresh seafood and bread?

I've driven by a million times but never went in.

GQ Magazine's Top 25 Pizza Places in USA [split from Boston board]

and no spumoni garden in brooklyn, or difario's?(sp)

Jun 03, 2009
mrwhiskers in Food Media & News

Ok, I'll give you 4 dollars, where are you going to spend it for lunch. And here's the catch- no pizza.

i'd guess there is no silverware

Restaurants everyone seems to HATE but you love

i ilke il panino ok too. even the one on mass ave in camb. has servicable pizza. no, i take that back, more than servicable pizza in a pizza wasteland.

Ok, I'll give you 4 dollars, where are you going to spend it for lunch. And here's the catch- no pizza.

yup-- very tasty!