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KETJAP MANIS: Where can I purchase a good one downtown?

yes i agree with mikeb. as an indonesian, only by the ABC brand. ketjap manis is a must for any bbq! makes a great marinate and dipping sauce.

Where to find lebanese style shawarma?

yeah its too bad there is no selection. back in 90's there was a fantastic shawarma place run by a Lebanese family in the Thornhill Square Mall. This was before the big reno. I worked at the mall and had to buy a shawarma every shift I worked. It was that good. I just cant stand the chicken shawarmas that are in the area, its soo bland!

Where to find lebanese style shawarma?

I live in Thornhill and do not like the chicken shawarmas that are abundant in the area. Anyone know where I can get good Lebanese beef shawarma, with the spice, sauce tabouleh? All the food joints in the area that sell shawarma only have the mild boring chicken shawarma (Sofra Grill included).

Engagement Party Recommendations

We hosted an engagement party at Spring Rolls. Though its not buffet, it was only $25.00 per person and they did a great job accomodating. It is $25 for 3 course meal, and a drink. They gave us a private area, and re-booked their usual jazz band to play for our party in our reserved area. It was fabulous! It was a private party without having to pay an arm and a leg. We actually told guests in advance that they pay themselves, so the restaurant was very flexible in providing separate bills, or group bills.

The Spring Rolls we had our party was at Sheppard and Yonge but I think any location can accomodate.

Galleria supermarket or T&T for kalbi-cut short ribs?

H Mart!! They have great meat and its super fresh. If you go on weekends the guy makes it fresh and packages it up for you all marinated.

Recommendations for Vic Park and Sheppard area?

Thanks for your suggestions! By the way, I tried Rasa Sayang, Hakka place before I saw your post and what a disappointment. I am eating it now and just regretting that I bought it. So bland!!! I will have to try Lin Garden, and My Place Fish and Chips. Ooh I love fish and chips!

Lin Garden
1806 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON M1T1H6, CA

My Place Restaurant
2 Main St W, Smiths Falls, ON K7A1M5, CA

Rasa Sayang
2579 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M1T1A4, CA

Good Fish N' Chips in RICHMOND HILL?

I actually really like York Fish and Chips in the Cora;s plaza at Elgin Mills and Yonge. It is pricier than other joints but their fish is light, moist and not greasy. I actually found the Old Gallery to be too greasy. My 3 year old loves the fish at York and can eat an entire halibut by himself.

there must be one good restaurant in Niagara Falls!?

Napoli Napoli Napoli!!!!! I cant say enough about this place. Everthing I ate there is fantastic. I have to eat here everytime I go to Niagara Falls. They have the best pasta, the best risotto (so luscious and creamy) and perfectly cooked steaks. I am so sad I havent found an Italian place as good as them near me in Vaughan. If I am in love with any restaurant it is Napoli!

Recommendations for Vic Park and Sheppard area?

I just started a new job and looking for recommendations for restaurants and take out joints in the Vic Park and Sheppard area. Any cuisine will do, as long as it is cheap and good and quick for takeout lunch

Where to go for fantastic authentic Italian food in Vaughan?

that's pretty disappointing. Of all places, you think that a city like Vaughan would have decent Italian food.

Where to go for fantastic authentic Italian food in Vaughan?

I live in Vaughan and am looking for a great, authentic Italian food that doesn't cost a lot. I am looking for something rustic and authentic and not your typical trendy commercial fare, such as that found at Grazie, Vinsanto, Tresca, Ice Cream Patio etc. I have been to Italy numerous times and have found very few restaurants that are as good as those found in there.

2373 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P2C8, CA

Ice Cream Patio
149 Rowntree Dairy Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L6E1, CA

where to get good risotto in vaughan?

Can anyone recommend where to get really good mushroom and seafood tisotto in vaughan richmond hill or markham? we are looking for a place with both seafood and mushroom risotto. tried the Ice Cream Patio but was disappointed with the quality.

Where to go for 5 Year Anniversary Dinner

Thanks! We will not be bringing our 2 year old, would be nice to get out. That lobster special sounds amazing, unfortunately it ends thursday and we cant get out before then.

Has anyone visited Rosewater Supper Club lately?

I have been there a few times, and everythign I have ever had tasted soo good! It is definitely worth the drive. It is definitely worth it. If you don't want your GC, i'll take it ;)

Where to go for 5 Year Anniversary Dinner

Please help me find a nice romantic place for a 5 year anniversary. We have a 2 year old and don’t get out much to nice placesw. Looking for some place that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (max $150 for 2 people, 3 course, excluding wine). I am almost 9 months pregnant and looking for someplace romantic. Looking for good quality food, but not so fancy that the portions are tiny. Anywhere in Toronto, or the Markham/Richmond Hill/Vaughan area is good. Last "splurge" we had was at La Reserve in Markham, and we loved it. Looking to try another place.