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Has anyone tried Shatin 18?

Thanks for the response, esp the impression on the duck. I have tried the SH and BJ versions, so I would be keen to compare the one at Shatin 18. Agree if they charge $70 for a beer one should deserve better service, but I think I will be less demanding on this front given your comments.

Best sushi in Hong Kong?

Thank you for pointing out my memory lapse - I may be mistaken on the glass point perhaps due to the "promotional connection" in my mind with Kyubei.

Sushi U does have a glass-less counter (in the back room at least), although it wasn't manned when I sat there for lunch last week. Would be interested in comments about dinner quality there.

Best sushi in Hong Kong?

I went there a few times before its re-opening. Would love to know what you think.

Small caveats - I have only tried lunch there, and portions are smaller and more expensive than other places in town.

Has anyone tried Shatin 18?

Has anyone tried Shatin 18 at the new Hyatt Regency in Hong Kong? Heard that it has a show kitchen and serves peking duck as well. How does it fair compare to "Made in China" in Beijing and "Xindalu" in Shanghai?

Best sushi in Hong Kong?

Hi HK Traveler, I ate with Golfess at those establishments, so if I can offer my humble two cents:

Qube appears authentic because 1) like many Ginza sushi shops, there are no glass cabinets displaying various slabs of seafood in front of diners - uncommon in HK. 2) the sushi is also served at warmer temps like it should be, which some but not all shops do in HK 3) the emphasis of white fish is tended more towards the taste buds of the Japanese, whereas HK people's core favourites have more "red" emphasis.

Hard to say if Qube offers the "best" sush thoughi: there are many definitions, but I think ambience and refinement can be relevant factors because of sushi's artistry.

On the size point, I agree with Golfess that at Kenjo, and definitely Shota, the "sashimi piles" syndrome is evident based on several visits.