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Where are the best dill pickles in the Twin Cities?

in a jar at whole foods. the 360 brand.

Caribe Closing

That is their new deal. Looks like they are going to go in the old Amici spot in NE.

Amici Pizza and Bistro

Well, when did they go out of business? Not living in the area anymore, I had no idea until I read about this effort:
Anybody know about Caribe?

Where can I find habernero (hot pepper) plants in the Twin Cities?

Gertens Farm Market in IGH has them, I planted some last weekend.

Reactions to City Pages "Best of..."???

What do you guys think of the picks?

What happened to Midtown Global Market?

I had no problems with feeling unsafe. I brought my 1yr old daughter and parked in the ramp. We even rode the elevator up and down about 10 times (she loved it). There were your typicall unhappy people in the DMV area, but they stayed there and certainly don't care about bothering anyboyd. There were also a lot of dogs in the building, a curious amount of people with dogs. They were not in the food area, but it was odd that I had to let my kid pet, or look at about 5 different dogs. I am all for dogs anywhere, so yeah for them I guess.

Would have loved to try Eat Street Social

Being a huge fan of NE Social, I thought we would try the new "sister" of the Social family. Well, epic fail. I don't think they have a sign yet. It was dark and you can't see the place at all, it looks like an out of business building from the front. Only my savvy knowledge of address there (luck) let me know where the place should be. I know they only opened Thursday, but they pushed opening back so many times, I guess they weren't waiting for the sign. I sent in my wife to see if they could seat us and our child (6:00 pm on a Saturday and very cold, didn't want to take the little one out if it was a no go) Well, they said they don't have any high chairs or booster seats! Not wanting to eat with a one year old on my lap, I laughed at the repeated attempts to find the place and eat there (don't get me started on the parking) I am just not going to try that hard to give them my money. Is that wrong? Should they have the basics before they open the doors?

Anybody try Zest in Eagan yet?

Well, I guess Chowhound people don't live around Eagan. I Googled Zest and found a bunch of reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon. I really wanted to hear from fellow Chowhounds, but the existing reviews sure aren't pushing me to try Zest! <---the exclamation mark is hip evidently. They changed the webpage to have actual pictures of the place though, that is good.

What happened to Midtown Global Market?

I visited for the first time in a while this week, and it seemed to be quite dismal compared to what I remember. There are many abandoned/open spaces. I had trouble finding something that looked good. What is the best place in there now? Is it just me or did it used to be a lot better?

Anybody try Zest in Eagan yet?

Not sure when exactly it opened, but it's fairly new. I was just wondering if it is anything special. The pictures on their website front page are obviously not from the joint, so what gives? It sure would be nice to have some good food in Eagan.

Hazel's Northeast

Hazels's is great for breakfast. They serve very good coffee too. (True Stone) The service there is WAY better than Amici. The people at Hazel's will greet you and seat you, or give you some coffee and tell you how long the wait is, where at Amici they won't even look at you and pretend they are too busy to deal with "all these customers". Many breakfasts on that block have proven this over and over.

Best Minneapolis Brewpub

Tried to eat at Barley Johns tonight. NOT HAPPENING. 90 degrees inside with 100% humidity. Stuck to every surface I touched, it was actually hazy in there! wouldn't have sat down for a free beer. How can they find that acceptable? Won't be trying this season I guess.

Crave downtown?

Am I missing something? What does ibew292's post mean? Do I have to have Facebook to get it? I feel lost.

Craving Duck

I second the duck at Alma. It stood out among my 3 courses as being REALLY good.

Where do I get ghee?

Where do I get ghee (clarified butter)? Even Whole Foods didn't have any. Why isn't it more popular?

Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

Exactly! Chowhound frequently censors and deletes posts by users for no particular reason, but eveidentially encourages Bourdain's crass rhetoric. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love Bourdain, I just think this shit, in this context, on this shitty site is hypocritical. Chowhound, you are the ultimate in hollow, insincere, sanctimonious, self-righteous, entertainment.

Jan 13, 2011
princebaal in Features

coffee grinders

Mr Taster is correct. That is exactly what you need. I have one, it is the best. If you do graduate to making more that a cup or two, be prepared for a workout.

Jan 09, 2011
princebaal in Cookware

Travail in Robbinsdale

Travail was a MEGA letdown. I agree with Spurs that V44 is WAY better. I went to Travail for lunch because I was in the neighborhood. That particular area is seriously void of anything worth eating, and I had read this board and seen mostly good things. WOW was I surprised. After sitting down at the table facing the kitchen, five minutes went buy before I was slid a mason jar of water. The jar had old red lipstick on it, and the water tasted horrible! Really bad water. I ordered the pressed pastrami. I got some soggy toast with some weird white crunchy stuff and gross cheese. The meat was actually mostly fat, and the little real meat that was there, was tasteless. So, fat on soggy toast that came with a side of what I am guessing is their fries. The fries were a bunch of tiny burnt bits of over salted yuck. I thought maybe the catsup would mask the ick, but NOPE, they must make that too, because it was just slightly thickened red vinegar. I kept trying to get the taste out of my mouth, but the water just added a soapy/effervescent splash of nasty. So, did I just happen to come on a bad day and order the worst thing on the menu? The hot turkey sandwich from Talula’s was a home run compared to Travail’s fare.

Pop! closed down

I am/was on their e-mail list, here is what they say:

To our community, fans, guests and neighbors.

POP! Restaurant Minneapolis has been sold. The pending sale means we have closed the restaurant effective immediately. The new owners are bringing in a new concept with renovations and are anticipating a late fall opening.

We have also decided to temporarily close POP!! in St Paul in hopes of restructuring.

We would also like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our valued customers!

TWO new coffee places in NE Minneapolis?

Is that the old Columbia Grounds spot? I guess I haven't been there since the change. I will do that though.

TWO new coffee places in NE Minneapolis?

Well darn. No coffee for me if that’s the case. I wonder if some of these businesses realize all the dollars they leave outside or turn toward a competitor by posting that silly little sign? Oh well, vote with your dollar!

TWO new coffee places in NE Minneapolis?

Ok, so I gather the old Audubon Coffee place is being turned into another coffee place called "The Coffee Shop NE" Is this the same owners/people? I never went to Audubon because they had several signs on the window and door saying they didn't want my business. (No Guns Signs) So, what is the deal with the new place?

Also, north on Johnson St. a few blocks, the old Johnson Street Market now has a new awning that says, "Nordeast Coffee Company" Who are they? Are they open? Is it good?

I would love some local, (non-caribou) type places to get great coffee, and even buy fresh roasted beans if that was an option. Anybody know anything about these places?

Porky's is closed?

I am not sure if they are closed or not, but I don't see how they have stayed open for as long as they have. There is NEVER anybody in there even when they are open. After eating there once I know why. Not quite sure how the place turns a profit. I thought the zoning and licensing issues were resolved before they opened. I don't wish them any doom, but I do wish they had good food and good service. They are digging their own grave in my eyes.

Quiet Restaurant in NE/University?

Are you kidding!?? The Sample Room? That is one of the louder places in the cities! I was at the tie breaker game between the Twins and Tigers last year at the dome and it was quieter than The Sample Room. Great food, but great deals of noise too.

Mission: Fish Taco

I have decided that this summer will be the summer of fish tacos. I will preface by saying I hate fish. Yes, hate is a strong word, but seriously, YUCK. I like seafood, hate fish. I am trying to eat more fish however; I’ve heard it’s good for you. Since I can’t stand your basic piece of fish on a plate, I thought maybe fish tacos would be the way to go. My first try was at Zantigos. Not bad. The fish was breaded, and there was enough other stuff in there to keep it non-fishy enough. Tonight I tried Bulldog NE fish tacos. Not so good. Weird sauce and stuff in there, and the fish was WAY to spicy. All I cold taste was, HOT. So, what should I be looking for in fish tacos? Who makes a good one?

Outdoor dining in NE?

The Bulldog has decent "gastro pub" like food and an outdoor seating area. You can park in the US Bank parking lot after a certain time.

Fire and Ice Cheesesteaks and lemonade

I guess, it's not the same food, but if I am in the mood for BBQ it can't hurt. Thanks.

Fire and Ice Cheesesteaks and lemonade

TRIED to eat there today, didn't happen. I didn't get a good feeling in the parking lot, there were cars parked every which way, no organization, nothing, just park however, wherever you want. I found a spot in-between some lines and went in. I was greeted with the angriest bunch of people I have even seen in one place. There had to have been about 20 people standing around and sitting at tables, with no food. I walked up to the “order here” window and asked the gentlemen if all the people were waiting for food. He said, “yeah, there’s a long line.” I looked around again just amazed. People were just sitting around staring into the cooking area, burning holes in the workers with their eyes. I then asked how long it would be before food came out of the “pick up here” window. He said it would be 15-20 minutes. I didn’t laugh because I believed it, by the looks on the people’s faces, they felt it. I don’t know if I would wait 20 minutes for the best Philly in the world! I hadn’t read this post until after today’s experience, but I guess I guess I made the right decision by walking out. Good luck to them, if they can pack it full of people waiting for food at 2:30 in the afternoon, they must be on to something.

Onion rings - MSP

Buffalo Tap in Burnsville has decent onion rings, but Pyscho Suzie's are the BEST.

Buffalo Tap
4990 W 123rd St, Savage, MN 55378

Restaurants You Love - And Nobody Talks About

That is weird! I was just going to post about that place. I had never been there or even heard of it until a couple of weeks ago. I was in the area and met somebody there for lunch. It blew me away! Even for lunch it was awesome. We ended up having wine and dessert with lunch! It just made you want to try everything they had. So, I agree with Café Biaggio and would like to add my place. The Ideal Diner! It is very basic and really good when the mood strikes. Breakfast of champions. Something about the omelets on the grill and the giant pancakes made from neon yellow batter. Mmmmm.