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Roast Beast (Allston)

Just stopped by today (Friday April 8th). They are open and are GREAT! Met DJ (owner) and Sam - just like others reported, very friendly and really trying hard to please (free samples, free brownie bites, shaking our hands and remembering our names). Roast beef sandwich is the best we have had in the area.

DJ mentioned that it took him 9 months to open the place because of the Boston govt, so maybe we should give him a little bit of a break about the lettuce and tomato - I bet he only has very thin profit margins and had to reconfigure his business plans due to the delay.

And DJ mentioned he will stay open later, as soon as he gets permission from the city of Boston.


Roast Beast
1080 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

Apr 08, 2011
spkldhnd in Greater Boston Area

Searching for Chile Relleno Burritos

I am craving a Chile Relleno Burrito in the Boston area!

After falling in love with these in LA, I've found none of our usual local joints make one.

Can any local hounds help me out?

May 27, 2009
spkldhnd in Greater Boston Area