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Copenhagen on Student Budget

I'm moving to Copenhagen for my Bachelor degree and I have no idea where to eat. I'm in need of some advice and none of my Danish friends are foodies. I'm on a student budget, so I'm only going to splurge on insider recs. Without further ado:

- breakfast / brunch places? preferably around the University
- I heard rumours about a place in Christiania where they serve one dish a day made from all-organic ingredients, any idea what it's called?
- good sushi?
- a great cafe that serves pastry as well? I'm willing to go anywhere in the city for this one and I'm not picky about rickety chairs and the like
- a tourist-trap to take relatives from back home to for dinner - someplace with a nice view and stereotypical Danish fare, nothing shocking on the menu, nice decor, close to Nyhavn?
- last but not least, a nice little pub with a good variety of alcohol and light snacks? anywhere in the city

Basically, any food tip you might have will be much appreciated, even if it's not an answer to a question on the list. I am currently living on supermarket ready-meals for lack of inspiration.

Eagerly waiting for your input,

good local and caucasian: ukraine/moldova/romania/poland

In Maramures, it being up north and very rural, you aren't likely to find too many "proper" restaurants. If you're staying at an inn ("pensiune") your best bet is eating something made in their kitchen. It will be traditional Romanian fare, but the quality varies. If you manage to catch a meal at a local's house, jump at the chance, it will probably be heavenly. You're very lucky to be visiting that particular area as it's the province of Romania where traditions are best integrated into everyday life, food included.

I'm sorry I can't provide you with a restaurant name, but I haven't been there in a couple of years. As for tips: if the place is too done up in traditional decor, they're scrimping on the food. If the staff is young and emulates French waiters, the food will be too greasy or fusion cuisine. If there's traditional live music, expect large portions of passable food with one outstanding dish (family recipe). The locals there are very proud of their heritage, so trust their directions and advice on local establishments.

Have a safe trip!