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Montreal Gazette 'Food' Section New Low

Hello Withnail42 so you really pissed of (Lesley )Chesterman about a year ago why aren't there any more activities here, I find this blog started out great ...keep on going, by the way Di Stasio is just a houswife just seeing her cutting onions or vegtables shows it, par contre great is Phillip Mollé's emission -travelling around, he is a real professional chef visiting places all over the planet -has a dry humour just like Burt Wolf had, The Gazette journalists/colummists are a strange bunch and in food usually follow La Presse's lead, Lesley Chesterman is all Joe Beef Joe Beef Mc Millan-mcMillan there goes some credibiltity , also about the Schwartz,s ..I dont know if Susan and the great Monsanto genetically modified food defender PHD-Mc Gill Dr. Joe Schwartz related are or not ??but defending Monsanto and writing a book about healthy nutrition the, defending chemical multis and biodiversity pirates all the way contradicts all the real doctor and inventor of the Budwig Cream Dr Kousmine said and told half a century ago which is even more true today

Jun 09, 2009
yurgy in Food Media & News

best chocolates in montreal?

its a la mode to add all kind of spices into ganaches, even balsamic vinegar and olive oil, traditionally adding hot pepper and vanilla was the Mayan way to drink chocolatl, some chocolatiers try to persuade themselves and others that adding olive oil and vinegars will prove to be tasteful which goes completely against the European chocolatiers ways, which are going back to slow-food procedures doing chocolates the old fashioned way as seen by Confiserie Tschirren in Bern, Switzerland, you can also buy their chocolate here in Montreal on Crescent street between Sherbrooke/Maisoneuve its also Chocolaterie Suisse.

May 29, 2009
yurgy in Quebec (inc. Montreal)