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Best Eggnog

True to the egg nog's history, I started making this recipe when living in Doha, Qatar as an expat. Since normal egg nog was hard to find, I made this every holiday season for 3 years straight and it was legendary among friends. So much that I auctioned off a few bottles when I left the country to return to the US. Now that I live in NYC, it's become a regular part of my annual holiday party and it will be for years to come! I bottle it in smaller liquor bottles now for close friends for presents.

Nov 29, 2012
darbi.roberts in Recipes

Favorite Beer Bar Ever?

Not only is Sharp Edge one of the best beer bars (belgian in particular) I've ever been to, they also have amazing food. They get pomme frites right, even do them in a sweet potato version, and have a burger (called the 'Belgian Burger') that is the only burger I'll ever order in a restaurant. Unfortunately I don't live in Pittsburgh anymore (I live in the Middle East which has one distribution store who's "gold standard" beers are Leffe Blond, Franziskaner Heffe Weizen, and Sapporo) and I miss Sharp Edge (and Fat Head's too!) dearly....

Jul 29, 2009
darbi.roberts in Beer