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Good Latin Food Shop in PDX? Looking for Arepa flour


looking for Arepa flour, a pre-cooked corn flour. Can anyone point to a good latin foods store, or is this something I can find in the supermarket?


Oct 10, 2010
maryeats in Metro Portland

Ce Fiore in Kirkland

Yesterday I came across Ce Fiore, one of the big hitters in the frozen yogurt craze, and am happy to report that not only is their yogurt more creamy, better selection of flavors and toppings than Crazyberry, but they are soon to have "snow ice," or patbingsu.

One question I have, is that they claim to serve, "Italian Frozen Yogurt." Is that even real? And if so what defines it?

Sep 21, 2007
maryeats in Pacific Northwest

Korean Food Primer

I am looking for a recipe for dakbagi bulgogi, and I am sure I am spelling it wrong. Basically it is bulgogi served in a stone (jjigae or dolsot) bowl over rice with clear noodles, and it is freekin delish. Since moving back from Korea I can't find it in Seattle. Help please.

Feb 26, 2007
maryeats in General Topics