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gluten free cakes

teatree cafe on the Danforth, just east of Pape is a great bakery that does gluten free/vegan cakes and other goodies. The owner is fantastic and writes a blog about teatree, but I just checked her website and it looks like they need 24hrs notice.

Lalibela Ethiopian on Danforth near Donlands - Anyone tried it?

Used WagJag this week for the meat and veg platter as well. I brought my parents to try ethiopian for the first time and was pleased that the meat platter was nice and spicy! Dukem used to be our go to place, but Lalibela is much closer. We went to Hirut when they first opened and I wasn't a fan. Have you found they've improved since they opened?

Also, I tipped on what our bill would have been without the coupon, but after I got home I realized that they must have included tip in our bill already so I tipped twice!

Caribbean "a la cart" at Bay & King

Went by at 3:30 awhile ago and there was no cart in sight :( I guess I'll have to go at 10:30 to miss the line up.

Celena's Bakery at Woodbine & Danforth opening Sat Feb 6th

Sadly, I agree. The breads are too dense and too short to make sandwiches out of them. The danishes and turnovers are nice though. I was hoping to purchase bread regularly from there to support the store, but we prefer fluffier bread.

Akram's Shoppe updates?

I can't believe Akram's is coming back. We thought that place was a goner for sure with all of the boards up for so long. I loved the Madouce (sp?) and veggie sandwiches. Any idea what the place looks like now?

Caribbean "a la cart" at Bay & King

Anyone know the times that this cart is serving? I'm thinking of making a special trip out there because I haven't had good jerk roti in a long time!

Better Bulk at Woodbine & Danforth - anyone been?

I buy the organic rice cereal/barley/oats from there for the baby. I have a toddler as well and I purchase a lot of his organic snacks from there - sulphite free dried apples, raisins, dried mangoes, fig bars. I usually pick up canned tomatoes, pasta and pasta sauce sauce and natural cleaning products from them. They recently started carrying Rowe farm meats and eggs, so we'll go there instead of the Carrot for those items :) I find prices are comparable, if not cheaper.

Better Bulk at Woodbine & Danforth - anyone been?

I can't say enough good things about this place. It's nice to see them expanding their items. I go here instead of the Carrot for a lot of items now and the customer service is great. We always feel welcomed, which is key to a successful business and repeat customers. And the prices are totally reasonable. I've never seen Seventh Gen diapers for so cheap (sorry for the non-food related point).

Organic meat in the east end?

Better Bulk (Woodbine/Danforth) now carries some Rowe Farm items. I think eggs, beef and chicken weiners, side bacon and I think some other beef items. The guys that run it seem really accommodating and seem interested in carrying what customers want, so if enough people ask for something they might start carry it :)

Rowe Farms
912 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

Sweet Indulgence on Coxwell closed?

Went by Sweet Indulgence today and there's a sign in the windowing saying they owe $$. Not sure how long it's been like that, but the shelves are barren and other than the furniture and equipment it looks pretty empty.

Just curious if anyone has heard anything.

Sweet Indulgence
1040 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4C, CA

Fresh tempeh in Toronto

I've never seen it sold fresh, only frozen at the Carrot and at St. Lawrence Market (soy store downstairs).

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

Where can I find Tiger Tail ice cream?

Spotted Tiger Tail at Superstore as well!

Another new cafe/bakery at Danforth and Woodbine

Good to hear that they'll be changing the name and sign. The sign gets lost in the neighbouring signs. I hope this place does well. First Better Bulk, then Celena's and now Coffee Coffee - looks like Woodbine and Danforth is being slowly revitalized :)

Hirut...oh dear :(

Oh no! We were actually going to go there for dinner tonight, but since I hadn't heard any reviews decided not to. I was really hoping it'd be our go-to place for Ethiopian because Dukem is close, but not close enough. Hopefully they get it together.

Small World Cafe closing

Signage up for the Lazy Hour Cafe where Small World used to be.

Celena's Bakery at Woodbine & Danforth opening Sat Feb 6th

So looking forward to this. I'll be sure to check it out!

Taco King at Donlands and Danforth

Ooh, thanks for taking a hit for the team. I was going to try it out next week, looks like I don't have to now.

Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt - 2 for 1 sale

Thanks for posting the Liberte 2 for 1. Love this stuff!

Dried olives - chinese tea ceremony, where to buy?

I've never noticed dried olives anywhere, but maybe one of those chinese herb shops will carry dried olives. A lot of those stores sell preserved/dried items aside from herbs.

Small World Cafe closing

I can only speak for myself, but after I stopped being on maternity leave the place didn't really suit my needs. Their early closing time of 5 pm meant that on days where I didn't want to go home right away after work, I would take my son elsewhere to hang out. It also meant that getting together with friends for a chat after the kids were asleep would have to take place elsewhere, such as further west on the Danforth. Small World was great while on mat leave, but the key to a successful business is repeat customers. Li'l Bean and Green on Queen has the same idea, but it's done so much better. Even though it's a jaunt for us, we go there occasionally and the vibe is totally different.

I'm jealous of your Vietnamese soup!

Broken rice is literally rice that was broken during the harvesting and processing or so I was told on a visit to a rice company while travelling through Vietnam. Perhaps there was some info lost in translation. I think it used to be considered 'lower grade' quality, but not sure now if that's still the case. We use it a lot at home because I prefer the texture, even though my caucasian husband is the one that actually cooks the rice!

Small World Cafe closing

Sweet! Any idea what kind of a bakery it'll be? ...Hopefully not the kind where strange men are sitting around with nothing to eat or drink front of them. We have enough of those in the area!

I'm jealous of your Vietnamese soup!

Speaking of broken rice, I'm finding it harder and harder to come across in Vietnamese restaurants. Pho Linh in the west end had broken rice, but we've since moved to the east end. Can anyone recommend a good vietnamese place that serves broken rice? Downtown or on the subway line, if possible.

Small World Cafe closing

A bakery, really? This is exciting news!

Small World Cafe closing

Apparently Small World Cafe, where I spent much of my maternity leave, is closing and is for sale. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything. It was a great place for parents to meet up and for the little ones to play in the area.

TTC Subway Dash & Dine 2010

South Indian Dosa Mahal closed down :(
There's always Vena's Roti on the south side.

Carter's ice cream - new on Woodmount @ Danforth, West of Woodbine

They didn't have milk for a milkshake so the owner went to get more, but didn't tell me so I was left just standing there. I would have just ordered a cone instead had I known. Then when the milk arrived another customer was served before me and my original server was just hanging out.

Carter's ice cream - new on Woodmount @ Danforth, West of Woodbine

Unfortunately we had a really disappointing first experience. I'm hoping the customer service will improve over the summer season when we give it a second try.

Bonjour Brioche - shouldn't they know the price of a brioche??

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience at Bonjour Brioche... I've been several times for brunch, but this time stopped in for just a brioche on Sunday.

However, when I ordered my brioche the cashier didn't actually know how much the brioche cost. She said "I think it's around $4.50." I asked if she could find out the real price and she proceeded to ask a few other servers near the cash, but no one knew. She then left to find the manager, but couldn't... she came back and said "Everyone else says it's at least $4, so I'll charge you that." I was surprised that no one knew the cost of a brioche at Bonjour Brioche! Is this a common occurrence there?