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Looking for muffuletta bread

Hi I am looking for muffuletta bread or substitute to make muffuletta at home, any suggestions?

Looking for pig cheeks

Anywhere in the Broward/Miami Dade area, I know where I can get beef cheeks but never seen pork any help!!!!

Szcheuwan/Cantonese chinese restaurant 'near' Aventura

I agree with Frodnesor, Yakko-San's it's a lot more creative, and it is not really a Sushi place, but Sushi Deli is great if you want sushi

Szcheuwan/Cantonese chinese restaurant 'near' Aventura

I have not had anything else only the fried rice which is o.k. but the ribs are really meaty, they fall off the bone and really tastey

Szcheuwan/Cantonese chinese restaurant 'near' Aventura

There is also a place called Litchie Gardens on Hallandale Beach Boulevard and US1 that has the best chinese BBQ ribs

Pig wings, anyone knows where to buy them?

I had some at The Federal last night and they were great, I love to make them at home. Any suggestions?

bomba paella rice

Also Williams Sonoma carry it, or Marky's caviar on 79 St off Biscayne Boulevard has it.

Looking for great dessert for Thanksgiving

I am looking for great dessert for Thanksgiving any suggestion, Miami Beach, Aventura, Hallandale or Hollywood any suggestions, does anyone is Sakaya might be taking orders for the Baketress?

Best Organic Produce - Farmers Market in Miami area

Never been to Coral Gables, but I have been to the Overtown Market, and Pinecrest there is also the one in Liberty City I am planning to this Thursday. Overtown is great but more limited than the Pinecrest one but the veggies are great.

Best Organic Produce - Farmers Market in Miami area

I don't know where you are, but the Pinecrest Market is excellent also, there is a great variety
of vegetables, also fresh and dry pasta, cheese, seafood, it is a really great experience.

Heritage turkeys Miami Dade Broward County Area

i am looking for a Heritage turkey for Thanksgiving, I have found many organic but not Heritage breeds, anyone knows any place?

Kosher in South Florida?

In Miami Beach in Arthur Godfrey Road which is the same as 41st Street there are a series of Kosher Restaurants, there is a Sushi Place, a Chinese, an Israeli and an Steakhouse

Where to buy Jamón Iberico in Broward?

The Costco at Pembroke Pines has it

Where can I buy soft shell crabs?

I bough them las weekend at Delaware Chicken Farms they were live and excellent

Local source for specialty herbs--looking for chive flowers

No in my garden every thing is beginning to wilt is too hot

Local source for specialty herbs--looking for chive flowers

I had them in my garden they are beautiful, I don't think you will find them commercially your best bet for edible flowers would probably be Nasturtiums, or Pansy. I don't know where you are at but usually the Fresh Markets carry them and there is also a very good fruit and vegetable stand in 441 between Sheridan and Stirling next to Delaware Farms

Fresh Market
2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

French Macaroons

i would love to serve French Macaroons on Mother's day, anyone knows a place in Miami Beach, South or Southwest Broward? Please help!!!!!

Sweet Rice Flour

Someone gave me a box of sweet rice flour I have no experience with it, any suggestions?

May 02, 2010
lulydonikian in Home Cooking

Black Sapote or Zapote Negro.

I live in Florida this is the season so it is every where, but there is a place called "Robert is Here" in Homestead, Florida and I think the ship this is their link Good luck!
I am making a cake for tomorrow

Jan 09, 2010
lulydonikian in Manhattan

Making gravlax

I saw this recipe with gravlax and citrus fruit, it sounds great, but I figure lets take it totally local, and make it with a local fish any ideas?

Dec 12, 2009
lulydonikian in Florida

Substitution for Chifa

We are into fusion food or pretty trendy cuisine, also love Chinese food and Indian food, pretty much all kind of ethnic food, and if is spicy much better . I guess I am still fool questions



Jun 05, 2009
lulydonikian in Pennsylvania

Places to eat Downtown Philly

I am glad you all enjoy my fool of questions remark, I might drop Chifa there is plenty of Peruvian restaurant where I live, any suggestions for a substitute?

Jun 05, 2009
lulydonikian in Pennsylvania

Places to eat Downtown Philly

We are going to Philadelphia first week of July we are staying on the Rittenhouse Square area in a hotel we kitchen. Any recomendation where to food shop? Also thinking of eating at Chifa and Tinto, are this good choices? Also any good cheese steak places? I know I am fool of questions.

Jun 04, 2009
lulydonikian in Pennsylvania

Going to Philly

We are going to Philly the week of the 4th of July, we are staying in the Rittenhouse Square area any restaurant recommendations? Not very expensive $ 40.00 per person maybe one night, love ethnic food spicy

May 11, 2009
lulydonikian in Pennsylvania

In search of Farmer's Markets - Broward /Dade County

I live in west broward county the best thing then is take US27 and head south to Krome Avenue and go south on Krome through the Redlands, a lot of fruit and vegetable stands alone the way, and also some Mexican Markets also

Authentic Mexican in Miami

My vote for Chapultepec and Cheen Huaye

Farmers' Markets in South Florida

It depends where in South Florida I Know there is one on 71st St. in Miami Beach, there is one in Delray, and also in Gardners Market in Pinecrest.

Restaurant Tamarac Margate area

We are supposed to meet someone who is staying in Coral Springs, we live on west Pembroke Pines we would like to eat some where in the middle; any suggestions?

Buying a suckling pig in Miami/Broward

I would like to get a suckling pig for Christmas any idea where?


Beef Cheeks in South Florida

Hi! I live in the South Florida area and I am looking to buy beef cheeks, I used to buy them at the local Wal Mart but now they are trendy and harder to find, please help!!!!

Sep 19, 2008
lulydonikian in Florida