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2010 Thanksgiving Wins and Losses

I often use a ricer to make mashed potatoes and the only time this has happened to me was when my potatoes where undercooked. I'm pretty sure that's the key to your problem :) HTH

Nov 29, 2010
kuri856 in Home Cooking

Peanut Butter -- how do you eat it (and on what kinds of different foods)?

I don't think I've seen anyone post the weird things I do with my PB. I used to eat pickles with peanut butter. I haven't in a while, though. I also like peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. I thought other people ate those too.

Of course i love all of the other ways of eating PB too. Just in a spoon, melted on things, with chocolate, with cereal... Oh! I also like to put it on waffles, in place of butter, then either syrup or honey :)

Jun 26, 2009
kuri856 in General Topics

Bad Hosts: Invites you and, after you accept, asks you to bring dessert for everyone.

I gotta say something...

Those who said you shouldn't have asked are right. But you are right to feel the way you do about being asked to bring the dessert.

If you don't want to bring the dessert because it bothers you, I say don't do it. Just as much as they asked you to bring it, you can still say you are unable and suggest something else.

This is how I would have handled it: After asking if I can bring something and "the" dessert is dropped on me I would first ask questions.
1) "Oh!? *with shock and surprise* You didn't tell me it's a potluck and I would have to cook for EVERYONE at this party. What is everyone else bringing?" (Notice I haven't said yes to anything yet?) Add more investigative questioning if necessary like the reason why only a few are being asked to cook.
2) After learning that very few people are bringing food I would decide how I feel about cooking for this occasion.
- If I feel like it would be unfair to put it on myself to cook when not everyone is sharing this task, and it's being forced upon me, and I just plain don't feel like it, then that's totally ok. Kindly decline and say, "I can't cook anything this time, I guess I'll just be one of the GUESTS who didn't bring food. But let me know if you need some ice."
If you're me you'd also say, "If I knew it were a potluck I probably would have said no because I've been too stressed/busy to help throw a party and I don't think it would be polite to come to a potluck without bringing something. Maybe i shouldn't come." Then they'd probably insist you do and that you don't have to bring something or if they don't you just got out of even having to go ;)
- If I was in a good mood and felt like sharing my tasty goodies then I'd accept and add, "gee, you're so lucky you have such a gracious GUEST who's also a fabulous baker." *with a little chuckle*

Either way, I'd hope I got it through to them what they just did by taking advantage of what I offered. Ya likey? I hope so. I hope I made sense too :)

BTW, from what you've said you seem like a very kind, polite, and thoughtful person. Don't LET people be rude to you and don't do something if it's going you bring unnecessary stress in your life. This is the real reason why I wanted to add my say.

May 25, 2009
kuri856 in Not About Food

Does rice have to go in the fridge?

I've been lurking and I signed up just to add my 2 cents :) Sushi rice will keep longer because the vinegar in it has antibacterial properties. That's probably what the sushi chef was talking about. I'd guess he's probably right but three days seems like a stretch, I'd be ok with two.

What I really wanted to add was my suggestion for leftover rice (I'm used to shorter grain, stickier, japanese rice for everyday). Wrap up individual portions while the rice is still warm, let cool, and freeze. Reheat in the microwave. The rice comes out a lot better than if it were refrigerated. Also, the condensation from the warm rice in the packet will help keep the rice from drying out. HTH!

May 25, 2009
kuri856 in General Topics