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sxsw help please!

A note on Sam's BBQ:

I just have to say that I went here this week on a brief trip to Austin at 1am on a Tuesday night.

I love BBQ and have been to a bunch of places while visiting.
This place is gross.
-First of all the BBQ is not very good. It has a metallic funky taste to it like it's been sitting around all day in a chafing dish. I was not impressed.
-The place has crack whores hanging out in front and people coming in trying to sell fenced goods.
-The owner starting talking about circumcision to the regulars while I was eating and why all men should be circumcised.

I would not recommend this place to anyone unless they like really mediocre bbq and alot of atmosphere.

The owner was nice though I have to give him credit.
Am I missing something?

Jun 19, 2009
natinator in Austin

Territory BBQ ~ Silverlake ~ Short Review + Photos

I agree, they've got a great location, a good concept (the records), they just need to improve on the food. alot.

May 25, 2009
natinator in Los Angeles Area

Territory BBQ (and Records?)

so i'll qualify my mini-review by saying that i've been to austin about 9 times in the past year and had alot of good bbq there. i went tonight hoping that this might prove to be in some way a simulation of texas or southern bbq. it was pretty lame, the pulled pork was mushy and dull, the bbq sauce overly vinegary and the mac and cheese boring. these guys have a great location and they need to get somebody in there who knows what they are doing in terms of cooking, because its very uninspired. i would go back and try something else, but with very low expectations. also i was refused tap water which whether or not there's a law or whatever, is lame and seems very contrary to whatever laid back vibe they are going for. the guy literally said "if you have your own cup you can have some water" WTF? I'd much rather eat bbq at the salt lick airport than this place.

May 25, 2009
natinator in Los Angeles Area

Territory BBQ (and Records?)

In fairness though, the patio was nice.

May 24, 2009
natinator in Los Angeles Area