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New to Toronto fare, student budget recs.

I have a friend coming from the hub of excellent food: the Basque country.
I love Toronto, and want to indulge with more than just decent eats, but also good - not necessarily fancy - atmospheres.
We are students though, with very student budgets! No more than $25 for dinner each please.

We're hitting the obvious areas of Queen Street, Chinatown, Bloor and are willing to travel. Does anyone have recs for dinner, interesting snacks along the way, and some really sexy coffee shops or tea houses.

All cuisines welcome! To get things rolling, I've had good times and a happy wallet in places like KaChi, Polonez, Java House, Chinatown bakeries and numerous sushi joints.

Simply: "Must try" places to drink

Those recommendations are great - I was asking for everyone's personal favourite.

I'm looking for a range of cocktails, for both girls and sweet-toothed guys. By chill, I mean a staff that isn't too uptight and a crowd of twenty-somethings. Price isn't particularly a problem, as long as the product is worth it. And preferably somwhere in the downtown core, although again, that isn't a big deal.

I have heard good things about Pravda Vodka Bar, but I see that someone has coined it as a "meat market".

Simply: "Must try" places to drink

Any and all tastes welcome, what is your favourite place to grab some friends and have a drink in Toronto?

I don't have any yet, but I'd love to find a place with offbeat drinks and a chill atmosphere.