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Cinnamon Rolls Northend

My son is a cinnamon roll aficionado and he loves Patty's in Mukilteo. :)

Mukiteo Help Please

That charming brewery is the Diamond Knot. I live here in Mukilteo and I agree with all your recommendations, but would also add:

Best ambiance/view and food:
John's Grill and Wine Bar on 5th Ave.
Ivar's (more for the view than anything else. But you can get that at Arnies too, which is more local than Ivar's)

Strictly great food:
Hanami Sushi, across the street from QFC is outstanding (not much ambiance though.)
Tin Fish
Kosta's (wait... you said that one, but I second it!!!!)
Amici Bistro (a little pretentious and overpriced, considering they are in a little strip mall across from the post office. But the food is great)

Patty's Eggnest. That place is packed every single weekend. It's good!

Great Bar in Edmonds/Mukilteo area?

Diamond Knot down by the Mukilteo ferry is fun. Live music on Saturdays, little couches and lounges to hang out on. Peanut shells for a floor. (It's a brewery though... not sure if they are keen on mixed drinks. Ivar's next door is, and they have a great view and some great happy hour specials. Not much more than that.)

Rory's Pub down by the Edmonds ferry is fun too. Not sure if they have live music or not. They would be more likely to have mixed drinks. They have a great view.

Both are good times, casual, fun, nice crowd.

Mukilteo Chow

This post is 7 years old! I'm sure by now you found some good eating spots. ;)

I live here and here's where I go for lunch and/or dinner (some repeats of other replies):
Tin Fish
Grouchy Chef
Ivars in the bar (they have some great happy hour specials)
John's Grill (on 5th Avenue. I don't remember the exact name)
Z's Burgers
Kosta's (Greek steak is awesome.)