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where to buy high gluten flour

Bread flour is higher gluten that regular all purpose. Store stuff is pretty much worthless if you're doing artisan breads. It's pretty well for sandwich bread only.

Hard flour is even higher than bread flour, typically. I use organic hard flour for most breads these days. Organic hard is usually about the same price as bread flour and worth it by a long shot.

Ambrosia on Doncaster sells an even higher "High Gluten Flour" in small quantities (1/2 Kg). I found that blending it with lower gluten flour works in a pinch. My yeast cultures also seem to love it.

GreenPan Thermolon cookware -- any experience with this?

A few points:

1. I'm cracking up laughing.
2. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely NOT go the GreenPan path after reading this stuff. I don't like purchasing for the short term - my cast irons will probably outlast me - and I'm very hard on my pans.
3. The Cuisinart Hard Anodized lasted about 2 years of daily use for me. The edges around the top have worn off and I was looking to replace with something else, but may go back. My Circulon has held up much better, but it's ridged and wouldn't work for omelettes. Toasting nuts and searing scallops - definite yes.
4. I'd love an oven that did 850 - 60 second pizza? YES!
5. You braise brontosaurus. Never fry - they're way too tough.



Mar 26, 2010
HeckRandy in Cookware