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Honeycrisps in T.O.?

I've gotten Honeycrisps the last few weekends at the Evergreen Farmer's Market and the one at Wychwood Barns as well. $8.00 for 7 or 8 big ones and they taste amazing!

Osogood = Osogone

She seemed tired of keeping up with the demand yet unwilling or uninterested to expand the business... or even hire one other person to help with the load. Maybe she wasn't netting enough given the amount of work she put in????

Osogood = Osogone

Walked by a couple of days ago and the place is being packed up with a "For Rent" sign on the door... So Sad! Anyone know the reason and if she is relocating?

Osogood Pastry
874 College St, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

produce store at Queen and Euclid closing

That is too bad. Its called Square Fruit Market, by the way.

Limited to 49 unread threads when getting unread posts

Yeah, I mean its not that hard to go to the second view you cite and just go back to where you left off... but its annoying to have to do that. And sometimes its hard to remember where you left off.

Nov 25, 2009
cimcanada in Site Talk

Limited to 49 unread threads when getting unread posts

Thanks, the funny thing is it only started recently. I agree with your logic. Thanks for the response, anyways.

Nov 15, 2009
cimcanada in Site Talk

Limited to 49 unread threads when getting unread posts

Every time I come into Chowhound and get my unread posts on a specific board, I'm limited to 49 threads, even though there should be alot more.

Is there a limit? Can you help with this?

Nov 05, 2009
cimcanada in Site Talk

ISO Finnish Mustard / Sinappi

Thanks. Looks promising, I'll have to get out there for lunch!

ISO Finnish Mustard / Sinappi

When I was in Finland, you could get this wonderful mustard that came in a tube and normally in a variety of "strengths" (mild, hot, whatever).

Does anyone know where this stuff can be found in Toronto?

Richtree Markets Oatmeal (moved from Ontario board)

Its called Birchermuesli. I think its Swiss. You can google and get various recipes. Note - I saw them making it once at Marche... they put an unholy amount of sugar in it.

Aug 29, 2009
cimcanada in Home Cooking

ISO: Rec for meeting place, 8-16 people, quiet conversation

Hi, I'm looking for a place to host an event for our group of 8-16 people, for quiet conversation . I'm looking for a coffee shop or restaurant, along / close to the subway line. Meeting would occur likely at night. Would just like to chill with quiet conversation, possibly off to the side / relatively secluded. Don't want to get too many evil eyes for not ordering / moving etc. Thanks for any thoughts.

The best make your own salad spots?

Haha, too true about your salad depending on who made it. The best was when it opened with the sort of eccentric server guy... he would pile it on with reckless abandon! On the other side of the coin, sometimes it got to the point where I'd actually look to see who was slinging and if it was the owner guy or one other guy I would skip it for lunch cause they were quite miserly.

You could always tell when they'd had a talking to about portion control.

What was your favourite restaurant that went downhill after they solidified their status

You might prefer Fast Fresh Foods in Commerce Court (haven't been down there in a few months though).

I have to eat dinner at Fran's - what should I order / avoid at all costs?

OP here. Thanks for all the feedback. Just got back from my outing to Fran's. Ordered the basic burger and fries. Didn't look particularly appetizing but what the heck. Put on the ketchup and lettuce (tomato looked ok but didn't put on). Assembled the burger but noticed the bun was somewhat stale. Very well. Proceed to eat the burger with knife and fork. Quality is poor, but marginally edible. Turn my attention to the fries. First few fries taste kinda funny (like the grease was old) but continue to eat because I"m hungry. Finish about half the fries.

So to sum up food was pretty bad, though I have to admit I was pre-conditioned to find fault haha.

I have to eat dinner at Fran's - what should I order / avoid at all costs?

Yes, I'm being roped into Fran's on the weekend for dinner; the one on College, if it matters. Any recommendations as to what to order / avoid. Personally, I've only ever been once, to the now-defunct Eglinton location - alcohol played a role in that decision, no doubt.

The best make your own salad spots?

Good topic. Used to go to Fast Fresh Foods (Commerce Court). Portion sizes got too small (not as bad as Freshii though) so started to bring my own to be honest - not been in six months. Acceptable quality to me. Can be a long wait if you go at 12:15 or so.

Freshii tastes ok to me but quantity is not acceptable.

I guess the one thing to keep in mind with these places is you are buying time and convenience at least as much as the product. I feel like I'm sounding cheap, but its not hard to get to 10.00 with extras at these places.

ISO: Ground coffee that won't break the bank

I bought some San Agustin at Second Cup... 850 per 1/2 pound incl tax... ridiculous... and the instruction is two tablespoons per 170 ml of water... probably cheaper just to buy it brewed!

ISO: Ground coffee that won't break the bank

Thanks everyone, I figured Kensington was a good place, and great to have overview on prices as well. Manic coffee is great, once get better with the press maybe I'll go for a treat once in a while.

ISO: Ground coffee that won't break the bank

I'm bit of a neophyte when it comes to coffee. Buying coffee out twice a day was becoming expensive so I recently bought a French press. I've found though that I'm not exactly saving a ton of money with the press, though the coffee is decent.

Could I ask that people recommend a good place to get coffee ground that tastes decent and isn't too expensive, ideally close to the College / Bathurst area? (Kensington?). I don't really want to pay much more than a dollar to brew coffee myself - otherwise may as well go back to doing it the easy way!

Osogood Sandwiches - actually good sandwiches!

Is it going somewhere?

I was there this week and got the chicken salad with cranberry and brie sandwich which I quite liked.

Sobeys - Why so expensive?

Metro at College and Crawford is a total rip off joint.

I've just moved from Spadina / St. Clair (Loblaws Forest Hill Market) to College and Bathurst (Metro College and Crawford). What a come down! Most items seem to be 20% more expensive and the produce (what I"ve bought of it) is not nearly as good either. And their specials aren't very special. I think once a week I will have to go back to my old stomping grounds!

I notice they are putting a Longo's near Dundas and University. When that goes in I will try that. Longo's at BCE place is quite good (even if a little on the expensive side).