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Where to eat in Haverhill / Amesbury?

Phat Cat Bistro in Amesbury is very good. Make a reservation if you are going on the weekend.

Maine Shrimp 2012... Can't wait!

David's Seafood on route 1 in Salisbury carries them.

Recs for nice place in Amesbury/Newburyport area

10 Center Street in Newburyport. Good food in an old New England tavern setting.

Ten Center Street
10 Center Street, Newburyport, MA 01950

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Season 7 in Boston [old]

Why would Bourdain come to Boston to eat Portuguese, Cambodian or Brazilian? If he wanted that he would just go back to those countries.

IMHO he should try what Boston is known for, fish, lobster, clams, scallops etc...

For local street eats he can try Kelley's (Revere Beach location), Speed's, cherrystones @ Haymarket, and a sausage cart at 2 AM after drinking all night.

Blackstone St, Boston, MA

Poutine in Somerville

Cheese fries with brown gravy...

Poutine in Somerville

Mission Oak in Newburyport also offers poutine. They use cheddar in place of cheese curd.

Normally they are $7.00 but you can get them, and the rest of the bar menu, for half price Monday through Friday between 5:00 and 7:00 PM.

Best Ipswich area restaurant suggestions?

I don't think the Choate Bridge takes credit cards so make sure you have cash on hand if you go there. I'll second Ithaki. I had the best lamb of my life there.

Recommendations for purchasing good quality Andouille Sausage?

If you are up for a drive, Fowles market in Newburyport has great andouille. They make all their own sausage. Be sure to call ahead as their day to day selection varies.

Recommendations for Newburyport lunch/brunch this weekend?

David's Tavern in the Garrison Inn has brunch. I have never been to brunch there, but I have had dinner there several times and the food has always been good IMHO.

Charleston, SC - fine dining for birthday

My wife and I went to 82 Queen Wednesday night and had a very good dinner. The Shrimp in Tasso Gravy appetizer was excellent as was the Frogmore Stew. The Crab Cake appetizer and the Jambalaya, while not exceptional, were very good.

The only downside was that the Jambalaya and the Stew were both over twenty dollars.

Jul 24, 2009
NorthShoreFoodie in Southeast

Fuloon: Describe Wok Baked Beef

Beef, Cilantro, and a brown sauce is all I recall. It comes in a sizzling skillet not a wok.

6/14/09 Fuloon Update: Favs and Nays at Boston's Best Chinese Restnt.

Thanks for the explanation on the Tilapia. The Tilapia I have had in the past must have been non-farm raised frozen fillets.

Greek Food

I will second Ithaki. Best leg of lamb I ever had.

6/14/09 Fuloon Update: Favs and Nays at Boston's Best Chinese Restnt.

I dined at Fuloon last night for the first time. I found it to be an excellent Chinese restaurant. The staff was wonderful. The hostess taught my friend's son how to remove the bones from a whole fish without turning it over... quite interesting... now for the food report.

The Wok Baked Beef was great. If you don't like cilantro this dish is not for you as it came loaded with whole cilantro sprigs.

The Jing Du Pork Pancake was unique. It was a Scallion Pancake stuffed with pork that would usually be used in a Peking Dumpling. It also was very good.

One of my DCs considers herself a General Gau connoisseur and proclaimed Fuloon's one of the best she has ever had (she usually goes to Chilli Garden in Medford so I respect her opinion).

My wife ordered the Chicken with Dates and Chestnuts. It was very good as well as being unique (for me at least).

The Sizzling Beef was good but I did have one piece of green bell pepper that was almost raw.

The only disappointment was the Szechuan Style Whole fish. It tasted like dirt! I'm serious... it tasted like a mouth full of the Charles River. The hostess told us it was Tilapia and was alive yesterday morning. Since Tilapia is not native to New England I assume the taste came from the tank the fish was kept in. We didn't bother complaining as my DC's sixteen year old son thought it was delicious and the staff was so nice.

The Restaurant, Woburn


Ha, ha, ha...

Did you make up that last line yourself? I hope you don't mind if I steal it.

Great Cilantro Dishes?

Since you mentioned Fuloon... and we are talking about cilantro... I just went there for the first time tonight and the best dish was the Wok Baked Beef. It was loaded with cilantro.


I love the decor there. That's what makes the place different.

I always try to bring friends there who don't know about it. Its hilarious to watch them "Freak Out" when they step into the restaurant.

It also helps that the food is very good.

Hilltop Steakhouse Butcher Shop

Let the buyer beware... If the meat is not labeled Choice or Prime don't buy it. Always avoid no roll or Select as they lesser grades (very little marbling).

If you think they are mis-labeling lesser cuts of meat contact the USDA. They take it very seriously. An acquaintance of mine from my days working in New Market Square actually went to prison for doing it.

btw I worked in NMS in the early 80s when nobody knew who Speed was. At most there would be three to four people in line. I didn't know how good I had it.

Restaurants everyone seems to love but you don't

Pizzapalooza in Newton. It makes Domino's look like fine food.

Best mushroom dish in the city?

It may not be in Boston, but my wife just had fantastic wild mushroom gnocchi at Ten Center Street in Newburyport (of course I tried it). It came in a quasi mushroom cream sauce with wild mushrooms and broccoli rabbi. The broccoli rabbi was done to perfection... cooked but crisp... not mush.

Needham's Dining Scene

Masala Art has a great buffet for lunch.

Blue on Highland, went there once. Don't remember much about my meal so it couldn't have been too good or really bad.

I love Sweet Basils. Great calamari and mussels.

Gianni's used to make phenomenal sandwich's but has become average since it was sold. At least they still use Boar's Head cold cuts.

Lastly there is the Fuji steak house. I despise the place. Go there once to see the show and that's it. They massacre good meat on the grill. Why would anybody dice up tenderloin and cook it until its grey? The last time I was there I tried the sushi and it wasn't much better. Unfortunately I get dragged there for business lunch's once or twice a year.

$1 oysters at The Grog

You are wise to ask this question before trying them. The Grog is not a place I would eat raw oysters. I would stick to the burgers and booze there until you get a few good reports.

Malden Restaurants

Too bad about Artichokes. I always liked that the linen room was the old bank vault.

The Highland Cafe just closed this year.

Malden Restaurants

I have noticed quite a few postings on the board about good restaurants in Malden. Is it my imagination or are there more good restaurants there than you would expect for a city of its size?

When I grew up there in the 70s/80s there wasn't much to brag about

btw My personal favorite is Artichokes by the MBTA station.

Best / Favorite 5 restaurants on North Shore??

It was in the Herald last year. I could not find it in their archives. Sorry.

Aujourd'hui closing

Too bad. The food was worth the price. I ate there five years ago and still think about the lobster risotto with truffle oil I had.

The only down side was the room had all the atmosphere of a cafeteria. Large and vacant...

Best / Favorite 5 restaurants on North Shore??

The Grog is just a place to drink and eat burgers. Last year it was listed as being one of the top DUI bars in the state. Other north shore bars making the list were; Micheal's in Newburyport; Rock Fish in Newburyport; and Sylvan Street Grill in Danvers (I think they took the top honors as # 1 DUI bar in the state).

Lydia Shire's Blue Sky on York Beach, ME

I was very disappointed with Blue Sky. The only above average item was the crab cakes. The brussel spouts with hazelnut were good.

Unfortunately the buckwheat pasta squares came swimming in butter. There was at least a half inch of butter in the bottom of the bowl. I couldn't detect a taste of whiskey in the lobster au whiskey. The haddock and crab entree was mediocre.

The menu is confusing as all the appetizers are not listed under Starters. I ordered two different items off of the other sections of the menu only to be told they were not main courses.

The waitress was efficient and tried hard but was obviously not used to working in a high end restaurant. I don't blame her, its managements fault for not training their help.

The room was nice. A very large open space with two separate bars.

I would go back for a drink and an appetizer if I was in the area but I wouldn't order a full meal.

Atlantic Fish Co. Officially Terrible

MC Slim JB,

You hit the nail on the head. BBRG restaurants have always been mediocre. JC Hillaries was one of their original restaurants. It was terrible.

Best italian sub in the area

That's Broadway in Everett.