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Bourbon-Cream Gravy

Made this for christmas. YUMMY!

Dec 31, 2009
umtirigane in Recipes

Cardamom-Caramel Rolls

I have made these twice.... or tried to. Both times I add ~1/2 cup ground almonds to the filling, which is yummy! This second time though, I refrigerated the rolls covered in plastic, in the pan...and they rose beautifully for a while. Then in the morning when I took them out to sit at room temp before baking.. they had shriveled up and flattened. I let them sit at room temp for almost two hours hoping the yeast would reactivate and puff them back up again.. but alas no such luck. I have no idea what happened. I have refrigerated yeast doughs before and this has never happened before. Thoughts?
Other than that REALLY delish rolls. I use a rectangular springform pan and have had no leakage/spillage. Ground almonds really add to the flavour.

Dec 25, 2009
umtirigane in Recipes

Best Eggnog

srousseaux, it should think out after a few days.... we have had that happen too. Good luck!

Dec 21, 2009
umtirigane in Recipes

Best Eggnog

I love this recipe!
A few
things I do differently because I make around 2 gallons at a time is that - I use ~20 eggs instead of 24. Sometimes eggnog has a residual yolk flavor that I just don't like, and using a couple eggs less eliminates this.
- I use 2 cups of cream for 4 cups milk

- I have been known to add a hint of bourbon vanilla to the eggnog and also to use brown sugar. This recipe is very forgiving and it is hard to mess up. :)

MateoInJapan - yes it is totally normal for the eggnog to separate. Not a big deal, just tip your bottles upside down a few times to re-emulsify everything.

PalmBeach, you actually CAN add the egg whites in early, but that is best done if you are aging the entire batch in a large container. I normally make the eggnog ~2 months in advance and freeze the whites until I need them. I then thaw out the whites and whip them up really stiffly around 3 weeks (or less) before our party. I add them in the eggnog and stir gently with a wooden spoon and whisk. The eggwhites will float, so every day, you will get a frothy, thick egg-white layer on the top of your eggnog, but not to worry.... just stir gently.
On the day of serving, stirr well and voila!
Adding egg whites on the DAY OF makes the eggnog frothier, but I have found that adding them ahead of time still adds to the creaminess and smoothness. My mother always added the whites ahead of time so I just copied her - but she thinks this CHOW recipe is better than her own, tastewise.

May 23, 2009
umtirigane in Recipes