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Delivery options in Woodley Park?

My wife will be holed up in Omni Shoreham for a few days, and I'd love to arm her with some good ethnic spots that deliver - ideally Thai, but Indian and Vietnamese also great. Any suggestions?

renting in Rye, NH (Portsmouth, Kittery ideas welcome too)

Have fun!

- Do try Black Birch. It's a world class restaurant. We went with our 5 year old and she enjoyed it - they make their own maraschino cherries! - and they were exceptionally friendly to her. (Those hipsters can be so kind...)

- Hearing great things about Napoli Market, but haven't been

- Lexie's Joint! Great, unusual burgers (and veggie burgers

- Henry's Market in Newcastle - will bring you into fun area. Go to the Newcastle Common

- Beach Pea. Mmm, chocolate croissant...

- Portsmouth Book & Bar - just what it sounds like. Gorgeous, unique, sweets, drinks, coffee, friendly.

Don't miss Seacoast Science Center near Rye!

Aug 26, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

East Boothbay General Store

Can it be? Has no one posted about East Boothbay General Store (EBGS) before?

Just finished our 3rd trip to BBH - we love it, even it it's not culinary paradise for a bunch of mostly vegetarian folks with infants and kindergardners and 6pm bedtimes. But EBGS - just 10-15 min drive from town - is what I always hoped to find on our past trips: homey, cultivated, gourmet without being snooty. Blueberry & Gorgonzola pizza was excellent, as was lobster roll (I said mostly vegetarian), arugula salad. Will be back a ton next year.

Aug 23, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

Sheraton NYC - locations for early weekend coffee & breakfast?

Staying at Sheraton NYC (near Times Square) on business, need early coffee/breakfast on Saturday. Usual suspects (Pret a Manger, Pain Quotidien) aren't open early enough - suggestions beyond Starbucks?

Aug 07, 2013
pilletsh in Manhattan

Maine Trip for Foodies w Toddler

Wow, sounds like a great trip. We've done a lot of those areas with our daughter when she was younger, though older than 16 months.

- Portland: don't miss MDI ice cream and/or Gelato Fiasco. And the myriad bakeries (esp. Two Fat Cats & Standard). If you like bagels, it's worth extra drive to One Fifty Ate (158) Pickett in South Portland. Pacarino is amazing, however - family run family friendly deeply authentic pasta restaurant = fantastic.
- Boothbay Harbor - we've stayed there going on 3 years. Love it...but if you not into shellfish that limits options. Baker's Way is a hoot - the combo vietnamese/bakery (with a view!). Mama D's (sadly not open for Dinner) is great. Bet's Fish Fry is classic, further out of town (though you'll come out smelling like fry oil). Loved the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (and I'm not a garden lover) which has great children's garden and excellent restaurant

In Portsmouth, Portsmouth Book & Bar and Portsmouth Brewery are both quite nice and flexible.

On drive up - is New Haven far enough for a stop - nothing beats Frank Pepe's and boy is it a wasteland (like, nothing) from there until MA.

Aug 07, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

Breakfast near Inn by the Sea-Cape Elizabeth

We've had good experiences at Good Table - very close. But if you go 10-12min north, Scratch baking (to bring back to hotel) is amazing.

Aug 07, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

Anything new in Boothbay Harbor since last year?

Heading back for a week in late August - a year since our last visit. Any new places this season to look out for?

Aug 05, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

Vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Portsmouth?


Portsmouth Brewery

Blue Moon Evolution in Exeter

Jul 24, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

Anniversary Dinner, Portsmouth

With little kids, we don't make it out to "nice" places very often, but I'd put in a pitch for Black Trumpet or Moxy. Both have a fresh ambiance - they don't feel like they're trying to be something (or somewhere) else. In particular, Black Trumpet seems to embrace it's unique Portsmouth location (and Moxy chef was up for a best young chef award in Food & Wine)

Jul 01, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

Ex-LA hound: need tips in Santa Monica, lunch catering in Culver City

Thanks everyone. In all, turned out very well with some great, great meals:
- Lukeshon delivery for lunch - very impressive; never set foot on property but reminded me in menu and flavor of Slanted Door
- Fig dinner 1 - farmers market family style dinner with 5 courses of 3 plates and wine pairings. (Absurd!)
- Whist breakfast - quinoa & egg, surprising & impressive
- Huckleberry lunch - reminded me of Flour bakery in Boston. Crazy loud, almost impossible to make decision. Passion Fruit Posset (eggless custard) was hauntingly good.
- Tar & Roses dinner 2 - snuck in at counter. Love this type of rustic elegant, friendly but smart restaurant; everything good but gnocchi with asparagus was most impressive because of how light & fluffy the gnocchi turned out. But the grilled asparagus with burrata and romesco was great. And so was the wood fired english peas with mint and salt. So, yeah, it rocked.

thanks to everyone for your guidance!

Jun 06, 2013
pilletsh in Los Angeles Area

Looking for best restaurant in Portland where we can bring along our toddler

Heartily second this recco - we did eat here with our overtired 3.5 year old a few years ago, and it went very well. Elegant in a casual way, superb, genuinely Italian pasta.

Jun 03, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

Ex-LA hound: need tips in Santa Monica, lunch catering in Culver City

Returning from exile in New England for business at Viceroy Hotel in SM.

Thoughts on...
- "Only in LA" great restaurants in SM area (walking preferred)
- Park yourself for hours and "work" on a laptop in SM area?
- Indian / Thai lunch places that deliver large orders in CC?


May 31, 2013
pilletsh in Los Angeles Area

Portland in April with kids--critique/advise away!

You've really done your homework! As someone who migrated to seacoast of NH and traveled to Portland dozen times with our daughter as she aged from 2.5 up to 5.5 now, here's thoughts:

- There's no way to keep up with all the great food - especially pastries/sweets - in this town.

- For activities, Lucky Catch lobster boat is a must. Ridiculously fun.

- Portland Children's Museum is nice - of course, compared to Boston, it's much smaller for better or worse.

- Hard to capture just how good the ice cream is at both Mount Desert Island IC and Gelato Fiasco. Both are world class.

- So glad to see you got Paciarino on your list - straddles the upscale & childfriendly line as few do.

- We adore Otto but it can get very crowded, especially with museum traffic.

- If you did have a car, you'd have to get out to One Fifty Ate in South Portland for Bagels, but that's not an option without...

- Green Elephant is asian vegetarian, again upscale & family friendly, very close to children's museum.

- Marcy's Diner is like a family friendly biker diner (yep) right by museum; food okay, but atmosphere is fun

- Micucci's & Rosemont (mentioned elsewhere) are great foodie destinations that transcend their could browse here forever.

- Two Fat Cats physical space is unlike any other bakery I've visited - it's like you descend into a kitchen the moment you enter, and feel closer to the baking than anywhere else. It's mesmerizing.

Have fun!

Apr 06, 2013
pilletsh in Northern New England

NH chowhound Q's: best deli for out of towners, dosa (and chow-worthy) near Times Square?

Thanks to everyone for your advice & suggestions! Here's the midtown spots our schedule allowed:

- Cafe Edison - an experience, and I'm glad we did it, but...just not great food. Nothing - not bagels, not egg cream, and certainly not eggs - really impressed us.
- John's Pizzeria - Yelper described wait as hell on earth. After that, who could even tell what the pizza tasted like. I think it was good. I'm not sure I cared.
- Ellen's Stardust Diner - okay, yes, pretty darn not great food, but that setting is perfect for a tired 5-year-old and her parents. Something about it made even cynical dad smile.
- Minar - good, not great, indian food. Nice dive-y setting.

Oct 16, 2012
pilletsh in Manhattan

NH chowhound Q's: best deli for out of towners, dosa (and chow-worthy) near Times Square?

Thanks - by "good-ish" I was just trying to recognize what I thought was the state of food in the area.

What' we'd love are:
- Good breakfast spots
- Crepes and/or blintzes
- Bagels
- Good places to get egg creams
- Bakeries & dessert spots
- Great, casual pizza locations

Oct 02, 2012
pilletsh in Manhattan

NH chowhound Q's: best deli for out of towners, dosa (and chow-worthy) near Times Square?

We're taking a totally touristy trip from NH with our 5-year-old, staying near Times Square, and going to see Annie (her first trip to the city). But we still like good food.

- Impossible question first: any good-ish restaurants near Times Square?
- What's the best deli to visit as a tourist, to deliver that stereotypical experience but with good food? Katz's or Carnegie, or something else?
- Would love to get an authentic dosa - best options near Times Square?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Sep 24, 2012
pilletsh in Manhattan

Portland/Rockland/Camden Recs (with 5 yr old)?

You're going to food paradise - We go up to Portland with our 5-year-old often. A few thoughts & recommendations:
- Fantastic ice cream/gelato - Gelato Fiasco & Mount Desert Island Ice Cream
- Lucky Catch
- Otto pizza is probably our favorite pizza anywhere. Period. (And Flatbread Pizza on waterfront is also very nice and extremely family friendly.
)- Pacarino is an Italian pasta restaurant owned by a family from Italy - think sunny Amalfi coast, not red checkered table clothes - and is ultra-family friendly. Just enjoyed it on Sat.
- We're not seafood fans but we hear great things about Lobster Shack at Two Lights
- Love bagels? One Fifty Ate in South Portland was raved about in NY Times as having better bagels than you can find in NYC. We adore it.
- For sweets/pastries, Standard Baking was top 20 bakery in US in Saveur, and Two Fat Cats has astonishing Whoopie Pies (and regular pies, including blueberry) and has been on many a TV show.

Jun 27, 2012
pilletsh in Northern New England

Malt shakes in seacoast?

We have a problem - whenever we're looking for a vanilla malt shake (which isn't really that often), we end up driving all the way down to Sonic (80 miles roundtrip). Any suggestions for great malt shakes in Seacoast region?

Jun 25, 2012
pilletsh in Northern New England

"Pink Squirrel" drink around Portsmouth?

My wife was remembering her mother drinking Pink Squirrels when she was growing up - and we were wondering if there is a place around Portsmouth/seacoast area where they might offer something like that? Ideas?

Jun 16, 2012
pilletsh in Northern New England

Business dinner in Portsmouth, NH

Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe really has their act together - I think with advanced warning they could accommodate 14 people. Great fish, sides, etc. - not overly loud or tacky, nor "too fancy." It's where I'd host a business dinner in Portsmouth.

As backup, I'd actually consider Portsmouth Brewery - great, highly renowned beer, and surprisingly good food. Vibrant setting and very large - again, seems like it could easily find a place to stash 14 people. Louder than Jumpin Jays.

Jumpin' Jays
150 Congress Street Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 766-3474

Portsmouth Brewery
56 Market St
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-1115

Apr 16, 2012
pilletsh in Northern New England

Chow-worthy veg friendly lunch spots in Manchester?

Besides Republic Cafe & the nepalese place, any off the beaten path Chow-worthy spots I'm missing (with vegetarian friendly options)?

Apr 16, 2012
pilletsh in Northern New England

Great bars, desserts or coffee spots around Courtyard Marriott Magnificent Mile?

Impossible question from a NH hound in Chicago for sales meeting - we'll be going to Gino's, Lucky Strike, eating at hotel most of the time. Any suggestions for early morning coffee nearby (Intelligentisa looks like a little too long of a shlep) or late night "real Chicago" bars or dessert spots?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Mar 21, 2012
pilletsh in Chicago Area

Ex-LA hound returning home - Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes & San Pedro for Kids?

We moved away from south bay area about 4.5 years ago - and now we're returning for first time with our kid. Any tips for family friendly restaurants, bakeries, breakfast places in Redondo Beach, RPV, San Pedro area, especially newer places?

Mar 01, 2012
pilletsh in Los Angeles Area

Beer - Best place to fill a growler in Portland ME

I know this is about 1h 15m south, but Throwback Brewery in North Hampton, NH does fill growlers...

Jan 18, 2012
pilletsh in Northern New England

Suggestions for Lyndonville, VT area between X-mas & New Years?

We'll be up in Lyndonville (first time between Christmas & New Years) - any suggestions for good (decent?) food - for any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner? Closer the better, obviously but open to 10-20 min drives.

Dec 15, 2011
pilletsh in Northern New England

NH hound seeks group-friendly, "affordable" restaurants walking distance from New Orleans Marriott?

Thanks for all the suggestions below. Three Muses looks idea. Any other suggestions for dinners spots that - gasp - include vegetarian (or more loosely-defined non-meat) options?

Three Muses
536 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Nov 09, 2011
pilletsh in New Orleans

NH hound seeks group-friendly, "affordable" restaurants walking distance from New Orleans Marriott?

My wife will be staying at New Orleans Marriott for several days as part of an academic convention. Would love to get recommendations for good (or great) sit-down restaurants decent walking distance from the hotel with main course prices in the $15 - $20 range. (We loved Bayona in the past and can certainly return on our own, but too pricy/challenging as part of a financially challenged group).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

430 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112

Nov 06, 2011
pilletsh in New Orleans

One vegetarian dinner in Portsmouth, NH

Have fun!
As a vegetarian in the area, I can say that while there's few real veg restaurants (save a few cafes like The Juicery & a deli in the back of the natural food store, almost every restaurant has many veg options. Case in point - the Portsmouth Brewery has some fantastic vegan options. (I can't speak to GF, however.)

A decent overview:

I'd also add Street restaurant - mixed reviews, but we've enjoyed it:
I'd also add Street

Portsmouth Brewery
56 Market St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

The Juicery
51 Hanover St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Sep 23, 2011
pilletsh in Northern New England

Chef's Honeymoon in Maine

Have a great time -- our family just took our first trip up to Boothbay last weekend, and while we live in NH now, we spent most of our life in Los Angeles.

One note: Not saying that you are, but don't imagine that food in this region is solely defined by lobster rolls anymore than Chicago is all deep dish pizza.

I defer to others fantastic recommendations, but a few thoughts from our experience:
- Lots of great locations in the Seacoast region around Portsmouth. HQ for Stonewall Kitchen (the jam company) in York is slightly kitchy but still surprisingly fun and well done and has nice cafe.
- Portland is a gourmet paradise. Fantastic NY Times article 18 mo ago confirmed it - you can find things here scarce in New York. One Fifty Ate for bagels, Miyake for Sushi & other Japanese food, Two Fat Cats for whoopie pies (each of which were on Best Thing I Ever Ate), etc, etc.
- Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick is right on the way up (5 min detour at most?) and has world-class gelato. Easily on par with Capogiro in Philadelphia. If you like ice cream or gelato, it's absurd to miss.
- Coastal Maine Botanical Garden has a superb cafe I've heard too few folks talk about. I'm not a garden person, but you could easily spend the whole day exploring (with trails right to the water).
- Bakers Way is the bakery/vietnamese restaurant. I loved the people & the place, but I have to be frank, nothing (bakery or Vietnamese food) blew me away.
- I haven't caught fish in 30 years, but we took a tour and easily caught tons of our own mackerel, which we then had our hotel (Spruce Point Inn) cook for us. Ridiculously good. Depending on where you're staying, you might even do it yourself -- now THAT'S experiencing Maine :) Here's the tour we took:

Finally, while I too had heard about the touristy warning, it's a type of "tourism" that manifests itself not in a crass or irritating way, but in an endearing way. Postcards at our hotel reminded me that folks have been tourists in Maine for more than a century -- it's "genuinely, authentically touristy".

The Gelato Fiasco
74 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME

Two Fat Cats
47 India St, D Portland, ME

Stonewall Kitchen
2 Stonewall Ln, York, ME 03909

Jul 01, 2011
pilletsh in Northern New England

From NY to Dover, NH to Portland, ME. What should I eat!?

Bummer - Silver Moon would have been clear #1 choice. As near-locals, I can tell you there's nothing that's going to stand out when stacked against Portland or NYC. Our personal highlights in the area are Dos Amigos (which does a very nice hippie-Mexican vibe) and Khaophum's Thai. I've heard neat Chow-worthy things about but never visited the Quick to Go middle-eastern restaurant in a gas station in nearby Somersworth.

Or, go south towards Portsmouth on your way up to Portland, and stop off at Fresh Local Bayside which opens this weekend.
Dos Amigos
286 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03820-4131
(603) 834-6494

555 Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820
(603) 749-9300

Quick to Go
196 Tri City Plz
Somersworth, NH 03878
(603) 740-9410

May 25, 2011
pilletsh in Northern New England