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Lafayette Restaurants

Two good ones if you're not wanting to eat local seafood. Zeus on Pinhook, which serves excellent Mediterranean food, and Pimon Thai on Johnston. Both are informal and below the price range you mention.

It's crawfish season. If you have a yen to partake of some boiled mudbugs, I'd say Crawfish Time on Verot School Rd., a type of establishment known here as a "crawfish patio." Read: informal, folksy, and full of serious eaters. Order yours mild if you're not up for SERIOUS seasoning.

If you want a nice meal in a nice setting: iMonelli on Johnston (Italian, but with local flavor) or Charlie G's on Ambassador Caffery.

Sushi: Tsunami, downtown on Jefferson, a happenin' place.

Tapas: Pamplona, also downtown on Jefferson, expensive but the word is that it's QUITE good.

For any of the last four, I'd recommend calling for reservations, especially on a Festival night. Hope you have a great time visiting us!

Apr 22, 2008
layne in New Orleans

Breakfast in NOLA

I like the Coffee Pot too, but can recommend two others: Elizabeth's, a funky neighborhood gathering place at the edge of the Bywater area (praline bacon: yum!) and the Bluebird on Prytania, which offers some southwest-style breakfast options as well as more mainstream ones.

Jan 16, 2008
layne in New Orleans

crawfish help needed

Don't cook those crawfish any longer than you absolutely must. They can get tough and rubbery, and they shrink. They've already been cooked once, to get them out of the shell. All they really need is a few short minutes in the etouffee.

Dec 27, 2007
layne in New Orleans

Grocery store souvenirs

Bruce's Sweet Potato Pancake Mix and a bottle of Steen's cane syrup. Abita Pecan Harvest Ale (or one of their other ones). Richard's or Savoie's hot smoked pork sausage. Chef John Folse's Creole Cream Cheese. Italian olive salad mix from Central Grocery, for making muffo's, of course.

Dec 15, 2007
layne in New Orleans

Looking to order authentic turduchen

Hebert's Specialty Meats
Highway 167
Maurice, LA 70555
(337) 893-5062

They claim to have invented the turducken. I don't know if it's true and don't care -- theirs are fabulous!

Dec 01, 2007
layne in New Orleans

Didee's Duck recipe

Many, many years ago I worked for an alternative newsweekly paper in Baton Rouge called GrisGris. Our editor, John Maginnis, interviewed Herman Perrodin and the subject of that duck recipe naturally came up. Herman agreed to reveal his recipe for publication and carefully recounted many lengthy steps to preparing the duck, as Maginnis furiously scribbled. Finally, Herman seemed to be done. But then, he leaned forward and said, "But there's one more step, and it's the most essential one." "What is it?" Maginnis asked, certain he was about to find out THE secret. Herman leaned back, paused a moment, and said, "Right before I serve it -- I stick my thumb in it!"

Nov 25, 2007
layne in New Orleans