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Down river ice cream in Essex

It's a toss up for me between Down River and Benson"s when it comes to ice cream north of Boston. It generally depends on my final destination, though I'm more inclined to head to Down River.

Lump Charcoal West of Boston

I've found the Weekend Warrior blend to be the closest to my favorite, Nature's Own.....which I can never find retail anymore. Cowboy is the worst and I have to say that the Whole Foods version has improved significantly in the last couple of years. I get that one in a pinch. Never tried Royal Oak

Sei Bar: The other (somewhat) new Thai (and Japanese) restaurant in Wakefield

I really like the Sei Bar in Medford so was happy to see them open a 5 minute walk from the house. Went when they first opened and then a few months later. Underwhelmed both times, so haven't been back. Haven't been to Phuket yet but was disappointed to see the owner saying that they would be Americanizing the menu in an interview done with the Wakefield Patch. I've never been to the original Phuket, though I know CHers seem to like it. I will try it but haven't seen a reason to rush over and it's less than 5 minutes from the house

Wakefield, MA- Pizza black hole

I believe they are serving the ZaZa at Angelos in Stoneham. I have seen people in and out of the Carusos building over the last year when driving by but there has not been any indication something is happening with the space.

Lobster Downtown

Thanks mkfisher for reminding me of Yankee Lobster. Long walk on the Greenway, checked out the Os Gemos mural and ate way too much lobster, well probably not too much but a lot. My brother and sister-in-law loved it.

Lobster Downtown

My brother is in town for about 6 hours (the joys of working for an airline) and he wants Lobster. I cruised through the board and have my own thoughts when it comes to a lobster roll but He is thinking more along the lines of your classic steamed lobster (though something interesting in Chinatown involving lobster is possible) So where downtown would be good for a whole steamed lobster and I do understand it won't be as cheap as if I were to convince him to go North with me.


Your food truck favorites?

I am totally addicted to the Thai Basil Limeade at Bon Me

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Season 7 in Boston [old]

You know he could actually visit the Rat......Just stop by Eastern Standard. Garrett's office is where the old stage used to be and I'm sure there may even be some folks still hangin in the neighborhood who could tell a few tales

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Island Creek Oyster Bar taking over Great Bay Space

They are now open as of Friday night. The liqueur license came through Friday afternoon. We were there last night before heading over to Eastern Standard for our meal. some fun cocktails on the menu. Menu is nice and very seafood centric. Since we were having dinner at ES, we just opted for a couple of cocktails. Garrett and Jackson were both around making sure things went smoothly for the first weekend. After leaving ES we stopped by and ICOB was packed at 9PM. So the word is getting out quick they are open. We'll be back for dinner in the next couple of weeks.

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Artichokes in Wakefield

It was still there yesterday when I walked by.

The Clam Box, Woodman's or Farnham's - which one to choose?

Just wondered. I grew up near the corner of Broad and Parkview. I remember the Ho Jo's The clams out here will be so much better than those old HoJo's clam strips. My brother is still in the area in New Albany, in one of the Wexler developments. Looks like I'll be back in the fall for my 40th High School reunion

The Clam Box, Woodman's or Farnham's - which one to choose?

Diane is that Bexley as in the east side of Columbus suburb ? I would agree with the consensus that Clam Box is your best bet with Farnham's next and based on my experiences would not even suggest Woodman's

Clam Box
789 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170

Goslings Ginger Beer including Diet at Foodmaster

I've always liked the Ginger Beer from the Maine Root folks which is available at Whole Foods. Not too sweet with a nice ginger zing. Had dark and Stormy's with it a few nights ago

Best Onion Rings - Are these guys still around?

Ah the Rainbow Rib Room....In 1978 while at Emerson did some production work for Eddie Gorodesky and his Hi-Fi party on Saturday nights. The routine was to finish the show head over to the RRR and see Jim. Pick up bags of goodies and then head back to Eddie's (or Jack Woker's) and watch the then popular and innovative Saturday Night Live with a dozen or so friends. Then we'd hang out listening to music till all hours of the morning. Also spent many a night at the HooDoo before heading down for music at the Rat. I always remembered the BBQ and wings to be top notch but then again....could have been the extenuating circumstances

Middle eastern in Andover where Cassis used to be?

We were very disappointed when Cassis closed but Yella has been an fine replacement. Probably been 7 or 8 times since they opened. Almost everything on the menu we've tried has been well prepared and seasoned well. The only thing we haven't like has been the ground lamb on the combo plate. It has generally been very dry but the Chicken and beef kabobs were very flavorful and cooked perfectly. the same goes for the lamb rib chops which we find quite addictive. the chicken wing app is also rather addictive as well. They are very busy on weekend nights and late in the week at lunch or that has been our experience. We end up there for early dinner on Sunday's most of the time. The Meze plate is another favorite. We were there a week ago Sunday and it was a nice meal. The pricing on dinner is a tad high but not terrible. the lunch menu is priced well. I wouldn't say portions are huge but there's more than enough food on the plate for the price (unless you have to have a couple of extra meals worth of leftovers. I find too much food on the plate a real turnoff which you get a lot of in the suburbs) The owners a very nice and the wait staff while a bit inexperienced do a good job.

Abolutely Fabulous Melrose

Actually Absolutely Fabulous does have a Facebook page so there is some online presence. I would assume they will eventually have a Webpage. My only trip there was on a Tuesday when they are closed. My wife and best friend have been. The food is definitely a step up from the rest of the neighborhood (at least the salmon & Chicken Parm leftovers which I had later that evening were tasty) Portions were large which is normally the case here in the Burbs. Service was an issue but not a disaster the night they were there. Apparently the back bar area serves a tapas style menu in addition to the regular menu but they don't do the tapas in the front (I guess still trying to keep the bar feel from the old Blues Diner which had music back there) which does seem strange. In any event nice to have something else in town, especially one that is only a very short walk from home. I'm still waiting for that great little neighborhood bistro to appear in Melrose.

Salt-risen Bread

I grew up in Columbus Ohio and we had a wonderful bakery north of the city where my dad went every week to pick up fresh baked salt rising bread. the best toast period!!! I have for many years (decades actually) tried tracking it down in New England. Unless someone has any new info I have never found a place in New England

Wilmington NC local food sources

Thanks for the suggestions. These are great and give me what I need for the week. I've printed them so I can have them close by for the week. SB I know Blueberries are past but by the time I get back we'll be starting Blueberry season up north and just a week or two away from corn and tomotoes.

Dara we will definitely stop by Southpaws though it looks like the next Red Sox Nation gathering is the day we fly back North I think you mentioned they generally have the game on so I know my wife and son will need a Red Sox fix at some point during the week. Looks like Oakland and KC from Fenway next week.

Now if we can guarantee lots of sunshine and hot weather life will be good. I know everyone in Wilmington might be tired of it but it's been cold and rainy since Memorial Day in the Northeast and we need heat and sunshine.


Wilmington NC local food sources

I will be in the WIlmington area (Wrightsville Beach specifically) for a family reunion starting 4th of July weekend. As a resident of the Boston area I've become spoiled with the access we have here for locally sourced food. There will be 20 people so we'll be cooking in a lot. So I'd love people's suggestions for locally sourced food products. I grabbed a link for NC farmers markets and I love the seafood I've gotten at (I believe it's) Channel Seafood on the causeway. Is there another place near Wrightsville that is better ? What's your favorite farmer's market ? Is there a place for locally sourced meat products ? A good shop for Wine (preferably one with a good selection of Rose's, my summer addiction) and always like a good cheese shop. We have a professional chef amongst the family group and I spend a lot of time cooking, so I think everyone is expecting to be well fed while at the beach. I'd love to treat them to the best NC product I can source.

Thanks for all your help

Saturday brunch special at Masa in Woburn

Since I work Sunday's it's nice to have a Saturday brunch nearby. My wife and I have been a couple of times and found the food consistently good. I have a particular addiction to their Bloody Mary's which are nice and spicy and make for a nice start to wasting away the day

Morels for 2008

Whole Foods at Fresh Pond had plenty of them the other day

Best Onion Rings in Boston area?

Wow, The Rainbow Rib Room. Saturday nights in 78-79 hangin with Eddie G doing the Hi-Fi Party on WERS. Finish the show head to the Rainbow and see Jim, pick up a ton of food and head back to Central Sq where a dozen or so crazy folks would hang around to watch that hot new comedy show Saturday Night Live. More fun than humans are allowed. Always chuckle when I'm at Eastern Standard, knowing all the great times we had at the HooDoo and the Rat

Moulton's Restaurant & Seafood Market

Interesting, so far my wife and her friend Ann have tried to go on two occasions and both times were turned away. The first time was right after the Globe review and were told they were out of food. They were there again tonight and told they didn't have enough staff and would have to wait 45 minutes or more before they could be seated. I think we're about to give up on this place. Maybe we'll try lunch some day but so far dinner has been a bust

Weekend Eats: Cafe Azteca, New Jumbo Seafood, New Bridge Cafe, Mannion's

My wife and I have been going to Azteca for 4 or 5 years now. My in-laws found the place right after they opened. Still our favorite. One of the few places in the area with acceptable tamales. I'm addicted to their Tamales De Puerco. We've also come to love Mexico Lindo in Melrose which is conveniently only a two minute walk from home. Weekends Alex mixes a mean Ultimate Margarita.

Unpasteurized apple cider in area?

My experience is that the Cider at Smolack's is pasturized but I love their cider doughnuts