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Wooster St. New Haven

If it isn't too late to add my $0.02... I heartily second Lucibello's for cannolis, or anything else there, for that matter.

New Haven, CT Top 5 Favorites

hey kooby. lupi's is at cedar and washington streets, down near the yale medical school.

xiao long bao in New Haven?

There is a chance that there may be some available at East Melange on Howe Street. The address is 142 Howe Street.

Frozen Summer Treats

I feel the need to second the It's-It mention. The best part is, it comes in multiple flavours: vanilla (classic), chocolate, strawberry, and mint.

Jul 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Features

New Haven Area - Zucchini Blossoms

Foster's Restaurant ( appears to serve some zucchini blossom concoction, described as "zucchini blossoms, shrimp salmon mousse, Meyer lemon glaze."

Roomba New Haven is closing

Sigh. This is what happens when I take a break from lurking on Chowhound. I get blind-sided by horrific news such as this! Well, I will take comfort in knowing that I have had my share of fabulous meals there, primarily my indulgence in their semi-freddo.

Almost sfogliatelle--Berkeley Farmer's Mkt

Well, I am currently living in New Haven, CT, but am going to be moving to the Bay Area in a couple months. Does this mean I should horde all the sfogliatelles I can before I leave? Now, New Haven is no New York City, but there are a few little bakeries in walking distance that I adore, and they more than amply feed my Italian pastry cravings...

Street Carts Near Yale?

On any given weekday afternoon, between about 11:00am until 2:00pm, there are no fewer than 20 carts, providing cheap food from local restaurants. Beyond the above mentioned, you can also find: lots of Chinese (of note is the in/famous "No Oily, No Greasy" cart), lots of Thai, Mexican, Indian, Korean, quasi-Italian, sushi, Vietnamese, and a spattering of others that come and go (I recently saw a car from Cafe Goodfellas). It can be an overwhelming sight upon your first visit.

Tea house/tea room in New Haven/Hartford area?

Actually, Oolong's has closed. It shut down in December 2006.

New Haven, CT Top 5 Favorites

-roomba is amazing for latin-inspired fusion. they have excellent drinks, fabulous appetizers (i recommend the chivita), and such great desserts (the semi-freddo might be my favourite dessert ever).
-bespoke is owned by the same people as roomba, and is supposed to be the best restaurant ever, although i've never tried.
-lupi legna's is this adorable bakery. they bake breads on site, sell various loaves (mostly italian) in addition to personal pizzas, stuffed breads, and 2 desserts (chocolate chunk cookie and Sfogliatelle), and pizza doughs.
-zaroka serves probably the best indian food in new haven, pricier than the others, but definitely worth it
-and now i'm stuck on a fifth. there are so many great options. barcelona is a new wine bar with great appetizers and desserts. mamoun's is delicious, cheap, and open all the time. kudeta has promise.

also for ethnic grocery stores, there is an awesome turkish/gourmet grocery store called limon in hamden, on state street. it's pretty well-priced and has tons of options for turkish items, and just general ethnic and gourmet items. and in new haven, there's the oriental pantry, which houses a million different asian items in this little little room. it is a pure wonder.

Savory Onion and Leek Tart

I tried making this a couple times. The pseudo creme fraiche recipe ( worked quite well. I liked that it was a savoury tart, but had this nice, sweet undertone to it.

In a foolish attempt to short-cut this recipe (mostly due to lack of ingredients), I once tried sour cream as a creme fraiche substitue. It wasn't awful, per se, but it was kind of chunky and eliminated the smooth continuity among the onions and leeks that the creme fraiche created. Having tried this alternative, making the creme fraiche is certainly worth the effort.

Apr 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Recipes

Smoked Duck Pizza with Hoisin

I tried making a pizza like this. It was mostly inspired by this recipe, but with a few added things. I used unbaked dough, marinated/grilled duck thigh, and added some sweet chili sauce. It was quite good, just make sure not to use too much sauce, because it tends to overpower the other flavours and make the pizza too sloppy.

Apr 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Recipes

Saffron Panna Cotta with Bitter Honey


This was the first time I had made panna cotta, so there were a couple blips...

When I flipped them out of the ramekins and served them... We discovered that some time during the setting process in the refrigerator, it had separated into two layers - gelatin and custard. Oops. Next time I will stir it longer, and pour after it has reached room temperature.

Apr 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Recipes

Saffron Panna Cotta with Bitter Honey

Oh my. I love panna cotta dearly. I tried making this once, and it was excellent. The saffron is subtle, but also very Present. And the honey lent extra sweetness, to a dessert that would otherwise have had only 1/16 cup sugar.

And now I am obsessed with saffron - not only because I have discovered the great flavour, but also because I have a little jar of saffron at my disposal. Btw, I bought my Spanish saffron from Trader Joe's (1 gram for $2.99). I'm not sure how reputable TJ's is as a saffron dealer, but I would trust TJ's for anything...

Apr 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Recipes

Chocolate Pudding

OH my goodness! Homemade pudding is now my new favourite thing to make. After being inspired by this recipes, I've tried various other flavourings. I gotta stick with the classics, as this chocolate and a vanilla bean pudding have turned out the best.

In an effort to use up some soymilk I had, I sacrificed good pudding consistency. It was good, just very runny. Never again.

Apr 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Recipes

Charles Chocolates Graham Crackers

I have tried making these a few times, and I always seem to burn them. Drat. Once, I accidentally overdid the salt, but that actually made created some salty-sweet graham cracker goodness.

Does anyone else find these be very butter-y? They're almost like shortbread grahams.

Apr 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Recipes

Upside-Down Banana-Coffee Tart

I made this for a very decadent brunch. Mine turned out very syrup-y, but in a good way. It went well with the crust. And I also found it to be a tad more lemon-y than ideal.

Apr 08, 2007
shoogirl49 in Recipes