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Should I Cut My Steak Like a Brit?

People should be able to enjoy their dining experience if they want... there is no need to constantly guard one's plate with a weapon!

Oct 06, 2010
BrianShaw in Features

Pasta Carbonara with Peas

Peas don't belong! Black pepper does, thoguh.

Feb 27, 2010
BrianShaw in Recipes

Chili My Soul- Closed Indefinitely

Still gone, unfortunately.

Feb 19, 2010
BrianShaw in Los Angeles Area

Italian Bakery Item in Tampa-Zuppa Inglese

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I always got my cakes from Nicolosi and miss them terribly. It is the Zuppa Inglese that you describe, except it had no bananna. Here is the description from their menu:

Zuppa Ingelesa (their spelling) - Many thin layers of yellow sponge filled with chocolate and vanilla custard, cherries, pineapple, chocolate chips, toasted almonds, and is soaked in rum.

Dec 13, 2009
BrianShaw in Florida

Fab's Hot Dogs in Reseda

Thanks for the clarification. I am about 60% through my life and have totally been denied the "New Jersey experience"... my only visit to that state lasting for less than 1 hour.

The dog itself was tasty. Every topping I've had, though, was definitely not to my liking. As an "outsider" I suppose it would be best to confine myself to the more simple ingredients... like regular mustard and onions.

Sep 24, 2009
BrianShaw in Los Angeles Area

Fab's Hot Dogs in Reseda

I hate to be the one who sounds negative... but Fab's is just OK, not great. The chili has a weird bitter taste to it; the special mustard glop on the American Eagle Dog is simply disgusting -- gloppy-thick, and cabbage-stinky. After two visits and four of their specialities I'll be scarfing slices at Brooklyn. For hotdogs, it's Cupids for me! My apologies to anyone who may be offended by my honesty.

Sep 23, 2009
BrianShaw in Los Angeles Area

Does Anyone Know Why Nicolosi's in Encino is closing?

I must be on the "late freight".. I just saw the new storefront today. I'm devestated also. Two of our favorite things from Nicolosi was Sfinge (on St. Joseph Day) and Zuppe Inglese (any other significant occasion). Where now... or do I have to start baking more at home?

Aug 07, 2009
BrianShaw in Los Angeles Area

Brooklyn Pizzeria is a gem

I've been eating there for years now. It is the best; much better than D'Amores. These Brooklyn folks don't seem to have rested on their laurels and just keep making good pizza consistently. The place is a dump but if you ever want the best experience possible, EAT IN!

Jul 22, 2009
BrianShaw in Los Angeles Area

Brent's Deli in Westlake Village

Having never been to the WLV Brent's, I've witnessed the decline of quality at the Northridge deli. Perhaps Brent isn't spending enough time taking care of those, like me, who have been his customer since 1968. This morning's breakfast was dreadful - a normally great chicken liver omelete ended up being returned because the meat was a mix of undercooked, just right, and burnt. My dining friend had a side of potatos that could only be described as "way too well done". The good part was the kind and efficient attention from the busboy who kept our drinks and pickle plate filled. (Yes, we like pickles with our breakfast... it is a deli after all!)

Jun 05, 2009
BrianShaw in Los Angeles Area

Italian Beef at O'Hare Airport

I don't know if it is "authentic" or not (this was my first Chicago Italian Beef) but there is a place at the end of Terminal F that sells them. Near gate F-9, IIRC. I had mine hot and dipped. It was good and I wish I bought two.

There's a place in the Terminal C foodcourt that has them on the menu but nothing they were making looked very good.

May 22, 2009
BrianShaw in Chicago Area